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Every disc plough has a particular width of cut ranging from 18-25 cm's depending on the diameter of the blade. However to suit various draft and penetrationrequirements the width of cut for the front disc can be adjusted with the help of drawbar. Width of cut also depends upon drawbar position. For adjustment of drawbar first loosen M16 nuts as shown below then rotate handle clockwise & anticlockwise according to requirements Start by raising and lowering the disc and folding it for four cycles to purge any air in the lines and make sure the phasing cylinders are in sync. Next, with the disc still in transport position, use the rockshaft height adjustment to level the wings. The gap between the blade and the ground should measure the same across the disc If the disc plow is operated on rocky land, maintenance will increase. Please follow these rules to get the best results: If the disc plow is new, after the first 2 hours of use, tighten all nuts and bolts. Check the plow adjustments if the steering is hard. Check the scraper adjustments frequently

Intake 74 This Disc Plough used to break the hardpan of new fields and to work in the stony areas. Plough can be used easily in rocky and rooted areas. It is especially useful in hard and dry trashy farmland conditions and in soils where scouring is a big issue. Plough is being produced with 2-3-4 and 5 bottoms with an option for an extra kit for furrow Demonstration of how to set a disc harrow, with a tractor at the Plowing Championship in Ireland. Nice Video on how to disc a field with a tractor. All you n.. Adjustments in disc plough To obtain proper degree of pulverization and depth of cut there are certain adjustments to be made n the disc plough as follows 1. Increase the tilt angle to increase penetration (depth of cut

There are some reversible ploughs which have single bottom with an arrangement that the plough bottom is changed from right hand to left hand or vice versa by rotating the bottom through approximately 180° about a longitudinal axis Then wind the leveling box right up to the top of it's adjustment, this has the effect of levering the plough even more to the right hand side, leave the left hand disc in the same position as for the opening, move the toplink (if possible) to the left of the headstock to stop it binding/running on an adverse angle for the ru 5 key factors for getting the perfect tillage depth. Disc cutting depth has a major impact on overall crop yield. Cutting too shallow may lead to weak root systems, varying soil temperatures, and uneven emergence. Cutting too deeply puts unnecessary strain on equipment. But setting and maintaining the ideal cutting depth is a delicate balance

Improper colter adjustment affects almost all other adjustments. Colters, therefore, have to be set before the plow is put in the ground, even though slight adjustments may have to be made afterward. The best pro­ cedure is to set the colters for aver­ age conditions. Fig. 1 shows the proper adjustment of the plain roll­ ing colter Disc Plough 1. Rockshaft Adjustment There are two adjustments that should be done on rock-shaft a) Lateral or positional adjustment b) Rotation of rockshaft Lateral or positional adjustment of the rock shaft is done by loosening 4 nuts marked B1 in figure 1 fixed on 'U' bolts on rockshaft clamps and two nuts marked B2 fixe The BALDAN AF Monted Disc Plough was designed to work in various types of land, providing high plowing quality and performance, which can also be used for the construction of contour lines. The BALDAN AF Mounted Disc Plough has multiple disc adjustments, such as height, swivel and inclination, ensuring the best adjustment for each soil type

angle. Provision is made in the plough standard for the adjustment of the horizontal disc angle and vertical tilt angle to obtain optimum disc operation in different soil conditions. a) Disc Angle is the angle which the plain of cutting edge makes with the line of travel. It is normally 42° - 47°. Reducing this angle increases the disc rotatio 3.8 width of cut - disc plow transverse distance between the cutting edges of the end discs at their depth of cut NOTE For measuring the width of cut, the tilt angle shall be set at 15 to 25°. For non- adjustable plow disc blades, the tilt angle shall be set at 18 to 20°

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  1. implements include mould-board ploughs, disc ploughs, heavy duty disk harrows, subsoil ploughs, chisel ploughs and other similar implements. PLOUGH The main implement used for primary tillage is a plough. Operational adjustments a. Lowering or raising the free end of the beam with respect to the plough bod
  2. It has a frame, wheel arrangement, depth adjusting devices same as regular disc plough, but the discs are fitted on a single shaft and turn as one unit like a gang of disc harrow. The spacing between the discs may be 20 to 25 cm for regular tractor drawn harrow plough. The size of the disc varies from 50 to 65 cm, and the disc angle varies from.
  3. The Disc Plow is equipped with a spring loaded, steering furrow wheel which automatically keeps the plow in alignment behind the tractor, and permits it to ride over obstruc- tions and adjust itself for proper height. The furrow wheel is also equipped with tapered roller bearings. The design Of the three disc plow incorporates a gaug
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The proper functioning of the disc plow is achieved by combining two or more simple adjustments. It has two angles of attack for more or less aggressiveness of the implement. A very versatile disc plow, as it adapts to different conditions and types of existing agricultural soil for a uniform fallow at the required depth This is the operator's manual for the Massey Ferguson 64 disc plow. This manual contains information on operating, adjusting, maintaining and troubleshooting for your Massey Ferguson disc plow FMP 211 :: Lecture 06 :: PRIMARY TILLAGE - OBJECTIVES, MOULD BOARD PLOUGH , DISC PLOUGH, CHISEL PLOUGH, SUBSOILER , COMPONENTS AND FUNCTIONS, TYPES, ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES PRIMARY TILLAGE The initial major soil working operation designed to plough the soil deeply to reduce soil strength, cover plant materials and rearrange aggregates is called primary tillage disc Mobility mounted Number of shanks 1-10 shank Other characteristic with hydraulic adjustment, with gauge wheel, depth control Width. Min.: 112 cm (44.09 in) Max.: 339 cm (133.46 in) Tractor power. Min.: 70 ch (70 hp) Max.: 200 ch (200 hp

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While the disc harrow is working in the dirt and dust of a hot spring or summer, the bearings in the disc hub can begin to dry out. Make sure to check these before using the harrow and apply bearing grease as needed. Harrows Dig Too Deep. Adjustments must be made to the harrow as you are cultivating a garden or field l^~~~ t ft WAR DEPARTMENT TECHNICAL MANUAL PLOW, BOTTOM AND DISC TOWED-TYPE FOUR 14-INCH BOTTOMS DEERE MODEL 7 This is a reprint of TM 5-1088, Maintenance Manual and Parts Catalog, Plow, Tractor 18,472 Posts. #2 · Oct 15, 2014. Depends on soil type and amount of sod. Heavy soil and or sod will turn into fist size chunks of sod clods. If your plowed field looks like a disc-torn field, you need to adjust your plow. A plow should turn sod over, allowing the disc to settle the dirt. F


A Disc Harrow with 22 diameter pans is usually heavy enough to cut sod with moist soil below without previous plowing. Weight per pan with 22 diameter pans is 75 pounds to 80 pounds per disc. You will have to make two passes with the 18 diameter pans and 36 pounds per pan, when chopping clods and smoothing plow furrows in medium or heavy dirt The disc harrow, like the plow, must have a range of varied depths, or it would be of little value. The disc blade is to the harrow what the plow bottom is to the moldboard plow — it is the business or working end of the tool. Frames, bolts, spools, hitch and proper weight are needed and they do their share to cause good cutting Thus, a disc harrow with 24-inch blades should be set to till no more than 6 inches deep. What is the difference between a disc and a harrow? The disc plough is designed to work in all types of soil for functions such as soil breaking, soil raising, soil turning and soil mixing Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:10 pm Post subject: Re: Plow Adjustments. I think that is a 16 Dearborn Plow. Easy way to make adjustment is to put the left side wheels up on 8 blocks then adjust the plow so it is level front to back with the toplink and left to right with the leveling crank on the lift arm

(3)Drive around until you see an old farmhouse with an 8N, 9N, or 600 Ford parked out back, and go beg the old guy to come help you adjust your plow. Even better if the tractor is a MF-135. If the tractor doesn't have draft control, trade the moldboard plow in for a good disc harrow or spring tooth cultivator Here are some key points to keep in mind when shopping for a new disc harrow. 1. Buy a USA made harrow. The quality in a USA made attachment can greatly exceed a chinese made implement. The quality of the welds, the materials used in construction, and the pride in the workmanship are all keys to a great attachment, and a reputable USA based. Step 2. Adjust the cutting depth of the disc harrow. Raise or lower the disc harrow from front to back to make it level by adjusting the center link attachment that connects the disc harrow to the tractor. Adjust the disc harrow from side to side by adjusting the lift stops on either side of the disc harrow THE trailed disc plough is the most commonly used tillage implement in Australian broad-acre farming, yet it is considered in some areas to be difficult to set and to operate. These notes provide information resulting from C.S.I.R.O. research to assist operators in the control and operation of trailed disc ploughs cutting edge of the plow bottom. Coulter Mounting Mount the Coulter stem on the plow frame using the U-bolt ( P-62 ) and welded Seat Clamp ( P-61 ) as shown in the pictures below. Tighten only until snug. Coulter Adjustment To adjust the Coulter, twist the stem to get the lateral adjustment, and raise or lower it to get the proper height

660 mm (26 inches) furrow disc made from boron steel (6mm thick). Heavy-duty bearing to support the discs. Available in 2 furrow and 3 furrow versions. Adjustable cross shaft supports in adjusting the cutting width and centralizing the implement. Possibility of upgrading 2 furrow and 3 furrow to 3 furrow and 4 furrow versions respectively Disc Plough is used for intial soil preparation for sowing seed or planting. Generally used for deep tillage of land, to help turn over the upper layer of the soil, bringing fresh nutrients to the surface, while buying weeds and remains of previous crop. It also aerates the soil, allows it to hold moisture better and is tough to withstand heavy. Learning to Plough. The plough halted mid-furrow. The knife coulter has cut the vertical cut of the furrow slice, which has been lifted and turned by the share and the mouldboard. The chain to the horses is in a central position on the hake, and just behind it you can see the pin which fixes the lateral adjustment of the hake The base and plow support members provide maximum rigidity, while simultaneously allowing rapid disc angle adjustment, without the need for separate plow adjustment. Individually mounted vane-type plows easily control and maintain the product layer over the disc's entire surface Gessner Offset Disc Plough. OFFSET DISC PLOUGH FEATURES -Heavy duty welded tubular steel frames for durability in the field. - Stabilizer bar which assists in front and rear disc gang levelling. - Mechanically adjustable disc gang angle. - Perforated offset bar to allow lateral drawbar adjustments under varying draft conditions

The Everything Attachments Deluxe Box Frame Disc Harrow features all of the best hardware from custom bearing hangers, roller bearings, and two crank adjustments, to easily set the angle of the front and rear gangs to your preference. This model disc harrow can be ordered with 16 or 20 discs, measuring in 16, 18, and 20 diameters Figure 3 - Tractor-mounted Disc Plow 4.2 Reversible Disc Plow 4.2.1 Tractor-mounted Reversible Disc Plow This plow is attached to the three-point hitch and is fully carried by the tractor in transport. This type is usually limited in size (2-4 discs) due to tractor front-end stability and hydraulic- lift capacity. (see Figure 4 The reversible disc plough can be mounted to 15-120 HP tractors with 2 ways, that is, reverse-mechanical way (J), and hydraulic way (Y). Hydraulic reversible plough can be adjusted for the different width and different tractors. Its system is automatic and its operation is smooth without any troubles. The working speed is 8-10 kilometers per hour

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  1. Disc Plough. 20-30 % fuel economy in comparison with mouldboard ploughs. Standard 660 mm or 710 mm optional discs made from Boron Steel with special concavity. 5 level disc penetration angle and 3 level disc position adjustment (for DIP). Excellent solution for rooty,sticky or abrasive soil
  2. g resistance and is easy to adjust, etc of agricultural production
  3. Disc plough specifications Parameter Specifications Make Baldan Country Brazil No. of discs 3 Hitching Fully tractor mounted on the three poinlinkage Disc 3 each of 60cm in diameter and 70cm cutting Width 75 cm Model AF 85 Current Research in Agricultural Sciences, 2014, 1(3): 83-94 Standard disk plough was pulled by Massey Ferguson (440) tractor

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  1. > 20-30 % fuel economy in comparison with mouldboard ploughs. > Standard 660 mm or 710 mm optional discs made from Boron Steel with special concavity. > 5 level disc penetration angle and 3 level disc position adjustment
  2. BHEEM DISC PLOUGH. Strong Frame Structure for toughest operations. Individual or combined cutting angle adjustment of the discs. Adjustable disc angle for soil penetration. Furrow wheel adjustable in height and angular position. Height adjustable independent disc scrapers. Support stand for attachment
  3. By using an offset disc plough, virgin and undisturbed land is much easier to break and chop into a smoother surface that seedlings can easily penetrate. For operations facing the largest, heavy-duty applications, hardware such as a Bonel offset disc is essential. allowing for easy adjustments between different ground conditions.

PX and PX-O SERIES OF PLOUGHS. The New Holland PX series extra heavy duty mounted reversible ploughs is available in three different ranges, PX F - with mechanical working width adjustment, PX V - with hydraulic adjustable working width, and the PX O - on-land version The precise plough adjustment is an important factor to minimise material wear and reduce fuel consumption. This is why LEMKEN has developed its unique Optiquick adjustment system. Optiquick allows for easy and efficient adjustment of front furrow width, and tractor/plough pull line, independently of each other Disc Structure. A+GROW Disc Structure is a quality disc structure that is made of strong and durable material. It provides high performance and durability with lighter weight. Saving you energy and time, it is convenient to adjust for any soil conditions using the spring adjustment A plough or plow (US; both / p l aʊ /) is a farm tool for loosening or turning the soil before sowing seed or planting. Ploughs were traditionally drawn by oxen and horses, but in modern farms are drawn by tractors. A plough may have a wooden, iron or steel frame, with a blade attached to cut and loosen the soil

Most Disc Harrows have perfect round disc shape. in some cases, there is heavy residue left on the field and heavy trash cutting is required. The notched discs are an answer to such a requirement. These Disks are available in the range of 16″-24″ diameter. Most of the modern ploughs use diameter range of 1″-24″. Disc Gan BRAUN disc plough with hole pattern adjustment The disc plough can be operated without tools be adjusted in the angle of attack. completely encapsulated storage; extremely slim design; toothed disc diameter; 400 or 460 mm with wiper for; Stones and vine wood; With the tiltable universal holder; horizontal angle adjustable without tools; The. Store Information. OLD 20, Field Farm, Aston Lane, Shardlow, Derby, DE72 2GX Call us now (Mon-Fri | 9am-5pm): 01332 792698 Email: sales@old20.co There are 8 Plough for sale in Australia from which to choose. Overall 52% of Plough buyers enquire on only used listings, 48% on new and 3.70% on both new and used Plough items. Buyers usually enquire on 1.13 different Plough classifieds before organising finance for Plough. Plough are listed between $11,220 and $193,200, averaging at $73,750 4. Disc plough for dry & paddy field This agricultural tractor disc plow for sale is designed specifically for paddy field.The machine can also fit for dry-land. When it works in paddy-field it turns up soil to make soil upturned, in lines and level. Wheat and rice stubble and Chinese milk vetch are turned down and buried in the field; they are easy to rotten and increasing the organic.

There are 7 Plough for sale in Australia from which to choose. Overall 52% of Plough buyers enquire on only used listings, 48% on new and 3.70% on both new and used Plough items. Buyers usually enquire on 1.13 different Plough classifieds before organising finance for Plough. Plough are listed between $11,220 and $193,200, averaging at $73,750 Welcome To Greenking. Established in the year 2012, Shri KS Farm Implements Private Limited is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Agricultural Machines under GreenKing India. We are having a vast experience of manufacturing that gives best quality agricultural farm equipment at the most competitive prices Massey Ferguson 400, 450, 460, and 470 Disc Harrow Manual. $14.99 $19.99. This is the operator's manual for the Massey Ferguson 400, 450, 460, and 470 disc harrow. This manual contains information on operating, adjusting, maintaining and troubleshooting for your Massey Ferguson disc harrow. View more Disc Plough. We are manufacturing a high quality range of Mounted Disc Plough. Mounted Disc Plough is ideal for work in lands of preparation of soils cultivated with grains in general; its robust structure allows various adjustments for better performance in any soil type. Related Product

dowdeswell plough 1093099 disc arm dp10 20lh (export only) 1 in stock. get quote. dowdeswell plough 109403 dp7 12 tie beam plate 1 in stock. dowdeswell plough 1094300 dp5j adjusting collar (spares) 1 in stock. get quote. dowdeswell plough 1094500 dp5j handle International 24 plate offset plough and seabrook seeder. Prefer to sell as a complete unit, but would consider separating. Offsets have hydraulic cut adjust and a cut width of 2.5m. Seeder box is 2.7m. Both in excellent working condition The Pitch of the machine needs adjusting to level the machine front to back. May need to adjust the speed and/or depth. Common Issues and Solutions. 1. Lack of penetration into the ground. If you are experiencing a lack of penetration with your disc plough and need to go deeper, you may need to adjust cutting angles to the most aggressive setting Fig. 24. Vertical disc plough. 61 The following adjustments that are done on the disk ploughs to control the depth or width of ploughing or to increase the pulverization: (i) by increasing the tilt angle, penetration is improved. (ii) by increasing the disk angle, penetration is improved but the width of cut is reduced

About 10 feet should do it. Next, to use a plow correctly, make sure it is level with the ground, side-to-side and front-to-back. Adjust the top link and lift arm as necessary. Plow your first furrow down the center of your garden area. Raise the plow, turn around, and put the right rear tractor tire in that furrow 1.The disc plough provides quality and higher yield in plowing services in general and in the construction of contour lines. 2.Tubular structure of greater strength. 3.Adjustments simplified ensure the best fit for the job in any types of soil. 4.The discs produced to rigorous standards have high wear resistance and impact

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Adjusting the blade attack angle can provide a better scrape when plowing and reduces chatter. Fine-tuning the attack angle of the BOSS V-plow is done by adjusting the Bumper Stop, which is located where the Pushframe enters the back of the Center Section. There are two reasons you would need to adjust your Cutting Edge. 1 (See Regular Maintenance and Adjustments.) The blade also features large, adjustable disc-type skid shoes. These rotate 360 for longer wear and better blade flotation over all surfaces. For severe service, heavy duty disc shoes are available from your local Western distributor Vertical disc angle adjustments 15°to 22°. The horizontal disc angle adjustable is between 39.5° and 45.5°. Cutting width per disc is adjustable from 137 mm to 409 mm. The plough is equipped with a stand for easy attachment to tractor

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  1. DASMESH is known for building agricultural equipment that are easy to Service and Maintain and the DASMESH 351 lives up to that reputation. The simplicity and accessibility of DASMESH 351 Disc Plough allows operators to quickly perform daily maintenance tasks and adjustments
  2. Land Pride's DH2572 & DH2596 Disc Harrows breakup and redistribute the soil surface in preparation of seedbed and field planting operations. Disc gangs can be ordered with smooth or notched disc gang arrays for lighter or more aggressive applications and this series does offer 20 diameter or larger 22 diameter discs to meet specific customer needs
  3. Case IH Heavy-Offset disk harrows perform an array of soil-conditioning tasks with tough, long-lasting components. Our offset disk harrows can be custom equipped with three disk blade sizes and spacing configurations to easily deep-till stalks and stubble, bury brush and level irrigated fields
  4. Bush Hog's new Pull Disc Harrows, the DHP Series, are designed for pulverizing soil, seed bed preparation and general tillage. Solid built units available in widths of 8', 10' and 12', the DHP line of disc harrows are ideally suited for use by small farmers, food plot managers, ranchers, construction crews and nursery operators
  5. Armstrong Ag - Tillage & Pasture Management. CHISEL PLOW. ArmstrongAg's chisel plow is constructed of 4 inch square tubing. Adjustable spring steel shanks. 22 in clearence. Avaliable chisel points or 8 inch chisel sweeps. 1 inch u-bolts on shank clamp. Gauge wheels optional. Customize your own by choosing 60,90,120 or 150 inch wide frames
  6. 11. Next, slide on the final Disc. Then place the final Large Diameter Spindle on the Disc so that the flange is touching the Disc as shown. 12. The final step is to secure the whole disc together. Place the ¾ Washer and Nut onto the end and tighten the disc securely. NOTE: After the first use check the tightness of the system

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Brand New 385 Massey Ferguson Tractor 2wd With 3 Disc Plough. KSh 2,100,000. Brand new massey ferguson tractor plus 3 disc plough, front weights, drawber and tool box, transportation arranged but not included in the price. This unit is also available on higher purchase They have the characteristics of high ridging distance, convenient angle adjustment, wide supporting range and strong adaptability. High quality 65 manganese spring steel plate is used in disc plough. After heat treatment, the hardness is 38-46 HRC, good elasticity and toughness, good soil entry performance, soil turning, covering quality can.

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The Gessner Offset Disc Plough has been designed to provide heavy duty ploughing capabilities for improved sugarcane stubble management. The plough is available in a range of disc number configurations, spacings and weights to cater for all of your sugarcane tillage requirements in even the harshest conditions Disc Harrow 18 Plate. Our Disc Harrow 18 Plate is a heavy duty (9 front discs and 9 rear discs 660mm diameter cuts 1900 wide track. Fitted with hydraulic wheel lift and suitable for tractors from 70hp to 100hp. This series of 18/20/24/28/32 heavy duty dragging disc offset harrow are designed for field work. From breaking hardened and impervious. (2) Coulters and jointers out of adjustment or dull. (3) Front plow cutting too wide or too narrow. (4) Plow not level. (5) Loose bolts and nuts. PLOW SHARES By far the largest percentage of all plow trouble can be traced directly ta dull or worn out shares. Trying to plow with dull or worn out shares, especially in har

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The disc plough works well in soils free from stones. No harrowing is necessary to break the clods of the upturned soil as in a mouldboard plough. 7. Wooden plough 7/27/20187 Indigenous plough is an implement whichis made of wood with an iron share point. It cuts a V shaped furrow and opens the soil but there is no inversion ADJUSTING TUBE WELDMENT (DISC PLOW, 2 BLADE) More Info $ Parts - TDP2 Series Disc Plow quantity. Add to cart: Add to Quote 65: 11200: ADJUSTING SCREW, TDP2-2 More Info $ Parts - TDP2 Series Disc Plow quantity. Add to cart: Add to Quote 66: T18A: LOCK NUT 1 1/8 More Info $ Parts - TDP2 Series Disc Plow quantity.

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Dongfeng is China disc plough manufacturer since 1952. Our S220Y type disc plough is a farming tool that is fit to 6-12 horsepower walking tractors. It can be used to turn up soil, either in water or thrown down gully AgKing's Disc Plough 24 Disc Trailing Plough is a heavy duty (12 front discs and 12 rear discs) 660mm diameter cuts 1900 wide track. Fitted with hydraulic wheel lift and suitable for tractors from 70hp to 100hp I. This series of 18/20/24/28/32 heavy duty dragging disc offset harrow are designed for field work. From breaking hardened and impervious solid surface, crushing and spreading straw. An adjustment apparatus for a disc plow has a frame and disc assembly. A tongue on the frame is pivotal to change the position of the disc assembly relative the ground. Telescopic adjustment apparatus is mounted on the tongue and the disc assembly. Powering means is mounted with the telescopic member to in use vary the length to in turn change. Foreword 4 Cayros BAG0172.8 03.20 Foreword Dear Customer, You have chosen one of the quality products from the wide product range of AMAZONEN-WERKE, H. DREYER GmbH & Co. KG

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1YT disc plough mounted in any type of four wheel tractor, 3 point mounted,P.T.O driven, easy to adjust, simple to use, durable Round Tubular Disc Plough The Heavy Duty Disc Plough manufactured by us is a solid steel frame wit Three Angle Adjustments: Steel discs can be adjusted to deliver the proper force based on size of clods and soil conditions. A 15° angle is recommended for general use, 10° for less aggressive discing, and 20° for more aggressive discing. MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Disc Plow/Harrow for ATV/UTV with 2 Receivers. MotoAlliance. Adjustable disk blade scrapers. Heavy duty bearing wear plates. New industrial tires - 2 each. TAW-16 thru TAW-24: 12.5L x 15. TAW-28 and TAW-32: 21.5L x 16.1. Hydraulic control group includes cylinders, hose holders, and hoses with fittings to reach rear of tractor. Drawbar jack stand and safety chain The Groundhog MAX works by using the weight of the ATV and the driver. This achieves direct down pressure on the plow. The plow is setup of an inner 10-9-8 notched disc with high speed bearings. This allows you to cut hard ground, grass, and ground clutter with ease. Easy In, Easy Out I / RAIMONDO MACCHINE AGRICOLE - AGRICULTURAL MACHINES - MACHINES AGRICOLES Modello Largh. Lavoro ARATRI/COLTIVATORI A DISCHI IDROPNEUMATICI - HYDRO-PNEUMATIC DISC PLOUGHS - CHARRUES/CULTIVATEURS IDROPNEUMATIQUES SILVER-66/7 Ribaltamento idraul : Technical data and models shown into this catalogue are notbinding Disc Harrow has absorbed the advantages of foreign advanced products of the same kind. According to standard design, the whole machine adopts combined structure, with Integral Rigid Harrow frame as the main body It is equipped with sealed rolling bearing with outer spherical surface and inner square hole for hydraulic lifting and transporting rubber wheel, spring leveling mechanism and disc.