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i had a bad car accident 5 days ago.i have a strong back pain and now my stomach is very bloated. xray and scan were fine. what can be? Answered by Dr. Eric Goodman: Back contusion: A negative xray and scan (was is a ct scan) can confid.. #3: Abdominal Pain or Swollen Stomach/Abdomen Abdominal pain or swelling is never a normal sign. While not highly common after a car accident, when it does occur it often means that there is internal bleeding or damage to one or more organs Swollen stomach after car accident Swollen stomach after eating Swollen stomach after lithotripsy Aftercar accident swollen stomach Swollen stomach after pregnancy Download Here Free HealthCareMagic App to Ask a Doctor. All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a.

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Abdominal or stomach pain is pretty normal after a car accident because of how the seatbelt hits you and keeps you in your seat. But, long-lasting abdominal pain could signify a much more serious concern she was in car accident when she was 19.ended her dancing career. I have bad stomach pains been sick every day for a week my stomach is very swollen and pain in my lower back Free Consultation (314) 361-4242. Abdominal Trauma - Common Car Accident Injury. Abdominal injuries may include internal tears, bruising or bleeding, and the condition can be life threatening if left untreated. Abdominal trauma, or Blunt Abdominal Trauma (BAT) occurs when the person's abdomen collides with another object causing compression.

stomach bloat after motor vehicle accident A 35-year-old male asked: i had a bad car accident 5 days ago.i have a strong back pain and now my stomach is very bloated. xray and scan were fine. what can be After the accident, I had noticed that I was very sore and very bloated in my lower stomach area (right where my seat beat was, so maybe it was just from the bruising from the belt?). The first couple days I was very bloated and tender in that area. Then I started passing a lot of gas, but still constipated and not able to have a bowel movement

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One symptom you don't want to ignore after a traffic collision is stomach pain. In some cases, it could be a symptom of internal injuries or internal bleeding. Internal soft-tissue injuries can cause stomach pain hours or days after an accident and require emergency treatment After a traumatic experience like a car accident, excess fluid can leak and become trapped inside your body. You will notice unusual swelling in places like your hands, feet, face, and legs. The swelling is known as edema. Symptoms of edema include Abdominal Hematoma Following a Car Accident A variety of traumatic injuries can occur in a car accident. Some of these injuries can result from another vehicle, damage to the driver's car, or even from improper use of a seat belt. Numerous organs in the abdomen, such as the liver, spleen, and stomach, might be injured in a car accident If you or a loved one sustained abdominal injuries after a collision, do get in touch with a lawyer who can help you understand why diarrhea, swollen stomach, as well as seatbelt bruise could develop after an accident or what the common late-appearing car accident injuries are

Swelling and stiffness are common symptoms after a motor vehicle accident. It may take a few hours or even days before you feel the full effect of an injury. As sprains, pulled muscles and damaged tissue tried to heal it will often swell. This swelling can add to stiffness and reduce your range of motion for the affected area Bloated stomach after car accident Feeling bloated after hysterectomy Car accident bloated stomach Download Here Free HealthCareMagic App to Ask a Doctor. All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice..

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Dear sjhook, Thank you for the information, As the lump developed after the car accident so it is very likely to be the haematoma collected under the skin after the injury.This is not a serious condition and resolves by time.You should not worry about it and it may take some weeks to resolve completely. You may have the MRI scan done of the breasts and abdomen done after consulting your doctor. After a car accident, some injuries take a few days to become noticeable. One type of pain that commonly appears sometime after an accident is stomach pain. Stomach or lower abdominal pain after a car accident can be caused by the seat belt pressing against your abdomen Distasio Law Firm can help you seek compensation for injuries after a car accident that have caused you stomach pain, medical bills, and time missed at work due to having to recover from your accident. We want to help you get the compensation that meets your needs. Give our legal team a call today to discuss your case during a free consultation

Novocur pain specialist can help with delayed injuries after a car accident. Abdominal pain or swelling These signs could indicate internal bleeding. Other symptoms include large areas of deep. What causes abdominal bloating after an accident? I was in a car accident on Monday August 10th and was hit on the drivers side and the side airbags deployed. I have lacerations on my arm from the airbag and bruising from the seatbelt etc. my question is about the bloating in my stomach, is this a normal reaction or should I be concerned Your abdomen houses critical organs such as your liver, spleen, kidney, stomach and intestines, and it is one of the most vulnerable body parts to receive injuries shortly after a Northwest Indiana car accident. Delayed Injuries After An Indiana Car Accident. For the most part, abdominal injuries are what we call delayed injuries Stomach pain following an accident can be the symptom that a serious injury has occurred and one you do not want to ignore. Whether being ejected from a vehicle and landing hard on your stomach or being thrown into the steering wheel, swelling and pain afterward can be a sign that something is wrong When you think of common ailments caused by car accidents, things like whiplash and broken bones often come to mind. While these injuries are common, bodies can react to the trauma of an accident in many unexpected ways and you may begin to notice symptoms days or weeks after the accident has occurred

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Apply ice to decrease swelling and pain. Ice may also help prevent tissue damage. Use an ice pack, or put crushed ice in a plastic bag. Cover it with a towel before you apply it to your skin 1. Stomach pain. Experiencing stomach pain after a car accident usually means that you have an internal injury or bleeding. The internal soft tissue injuries are the main cause of stomach pain, the pain can last for hours or days after the accident. Therefore, it requires immediate medical treatment If you feel any pain or discomfort in the pelvis or abdomen after a car accident, it is imperative that you see a specialist as soon as possible. The doctor may perform diagnostic tests, X-rays, or even exploratory surgery to assess the extent of the damages. Hard pelvic injuries, such as fractured and broken bones, will require X-rays Examples are car accidents, physical assaults, and falls. Abdominal pain and/or swelling can be caused by Internal bleeding from trauma in the liver or spleen. These symptoms get worse as the. Posted in Personal Injury on September 5, 2017. Car accidents and other dangerous situations can cause severe or even fatal wounds, but not every injury is immediately apparent. Certain injuries take time to manifest symptoms, and abdominal trauma is one such injury. Any blunt force trauma to the abdomen can damage internal organs, cause internal bleeding that pools in the abdominal cavities.

Child With Abdominal Pain and Swelling After Car Accident. The child is alert and able to speak. Physical examination reveals abdominal contusions and inguinal lacerations. The abdomen is distended and painful to the touch. Watch the video, review the history, and make your diagnosis. A 4-year-old girl is brought to the ED after the car she and. Even car accidents that cause little damage or injury can still affect the victim's body. The stress and anxiety that is increased after car accidents can leave you with an unsettling feeling in your stomach. However, there is a difference between unnerving stomach pain and chronic stomach pain. Persistent stomach pain following a car crash. If you are experiencing abdominal pain, you may have a seatbelt bruise. If your stomach is swollen, you should seek medical attention. The swelling may be a sign of internal bleeding or damage to your internal organs. 13. Dizziness or Vertigo. You should never ignore dizziness or vertigo after a car accident The former NVQ assessor visited doctors six times after the accident, complaining of a bad back and swollen stomach. However, each time the medics put her symptoms down to the bump she had on a. People involved in the majority of car accidents walk away relatively unharmed. However, just because you're able to walk away from the accident doesn't mean you've escaped unharmed. Some injuries take a while to develop. Inside is a list of 7 symptoms to be aware of after a car accident

Why has my stomach swollen a day after a car accident

  1. al injury is a direct blow to the abdomen without an open wound. Organs such as your pancreas, liver, spleen, or bladder may be injured. Your intestines may also be injured. These injuries may cause internal bleeding. What are the signs and symptoms of a blunt abdo
  2. al trauma, which can occur as a result of car accidents, pedestrian injuries, or other accidents. Symptoms.
  3. After trauma to your body from an accident, swelling is very common. You may experience swelling from tissue damage, pulled muscles, sprains (such as whiplash), and more. Swelling can be tricky because it may not reach full effect until hours or days later. When the area swells, it can cause a lot of stiffness or pain
  4. al pain after a car accident, so if you're having abdo
  5. al area is typically caused by: direct blows to your abdomen; a fall in which you injure or land on your stomach; accidents, such as a car.

After a car accident, many people do realize that they are injured because of the obvious signs and symptoms. However, there are others, who do not experience or feel the initial signs of injury right after an auto accident. Pain or Swelling in the Abdomen. If you experience abdominal swelling or pain, you may be experiencing internal. Glass is one of the leading causes of penetrating trauma in car crashes. Symptoms of Internal Bleeding. Signs of internal bleeding are generally easy to identify, but it's not always straightforward. Here are some symptoms of internal bleeding: Abdominal pain/Swelling after trauma to the liver or spleen. Light-headedness, dizziness or fainting Experiencing stomach pain after a car accident usually means that you have an internal injury or bleeding. The internal soft tissue injuries are the main cause of stomach pain , the pain can last for hours or days after the accident . The pain in the abdominal area may also cause dizziness and large bruises

Abdominal Pain After Car Acciden

Some abdominal soreness is common after a car accident. Severe accidents, however, may cause injuries like internal bleeding or organ damage. If your upset stomach is accompanied by abdominal bruising, rigidity, or swelling, it's important to get checked out by your doctor. Head Injurie Whiplash is also one of the MOST common injuries associated with car accidents, particularly rear-end crashes. Between 25 and 40 percent of whiplash patients never recover, which is why it's so important to seek medical attention immediately after an accident. Abdominal Swelling or Pai Any changes in physical function or in someone's personality after a car accident could be a sign of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Symptoms can show up as fatigue, insomnia, memory problems, changes to vision and/or hearing, mood changes such as irritability or depression, headaches, paralysis, numbness in limbs, inability to speak, and more Abdominal Pain and Swelling. After a car accident, you should note for abdominal pain and swelling because these are indicative of internal bleeding. Internal bleeding has a delay in symptom onset, and it may take time before the condition progresses. When there is internal bleeding, it can lead to a multitude of complications such as. 4: Abdomen Soft Tissue. While not always in the immediate area of the seat belt impact, the pressure from the accident can also affect your abdominal region and surrounding organs. Even if you don't feel pain right after the accident itself, you may have abdominal pain later

Abdominal Pain. Blunt or penetrating trauma in a car accident can cause a person to suffer damage to vital organs and lead to internal bleeding. Without medical attention, the bleeding could result in organ failure and become fatal. One of the most common signs of internal bleeding is pain or swelling in the abdomen It's not uncommon for abdominal pain or swelling to develop in the aftermath of a car accident. If you experience this symptom after an incident, then you should seek medical attention immediately. Stiffness or Pain in the Shoulders or Neck. After an accident, you may also experience stiffness or pain in your shoulders, neck, and back Abdominal injuries often fly under the radar for a while after a car accident. Because the blunt-force trauma of the car accident is so shocking to your entire body, you may immediately realize that you have a neck, back or head injury. However, your abdominal injuries can take time to develop. And that's a serious problem

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  1. Seat Belt Injury - Bruising After a Car Accident. Wearing a seat belt can lower the risk of serious injuries or fatalities in an accident. However, the seat belt itself can cause bruising, also called contusions, that can affect the chest, neck, back or abdomen. This can cause discoloration of the skin, pain and swelling
  2. al hernia, where part of the intestines go through the abdo
  3. al pain, paleness, fatigue, thirst, feeling cold, lightheadedness. Injury of Bones and Joints. Broken arms and legs, and injured shoulders, knees and ankles are common car accident injuries. Foot or ankle is often injured by break pedals. Prevention of Car Accident Injurie
  4. There are many different factors that can trigger rib swelling. One is a broken rib. When a person breaks a rib, they will experience severe pain and swelling. Such a rib fracture is usually caused by trauma, especially injuries incurred while playing sports or injuries from a serious accident, such as a car crash
  5. After a car accident, victims often think it is normal to be sore. Therefore, rib injuries are not always treated in the first hours after an accident. However, the longer rid injuries go untreated, the higher the risk of complications or mortality. This is particularly true with elderly victims, whose bones are brittle and more prone to breakage
  6. al trauma after a road traffic accident and describe the circumstances and technique of repair. The patient suffered multiple upper limb fractures and developed acute swelling of the right groin and scrotum. CT scan confirmed the acute formation of a traumatic inguinal hernia. Surgical repair was deferred until resolution of.

The use of seatbelts has increased significantly in the last twenty years, leading to a decrease in mortality from road traffic accidents (RTA). However, this increase in seatbelt use has also led to a change in the spectrum of injuries from RTA; abdominal injuries, particularly intestinal injuries have dramatically increased with the routine use of seatbelts Other post car accident symptoms that might occur after days of a road accident are dizziness and blurred vision. Whether caused by PTSD, concussions, or whiplash, dizziness still requires lab testing to properly determine the cause and how to treat the illness properly. Final Thoughts. Getting involved in road accidents is a terrible experience Car accidents can do a lot of damage to your abdominal area. One of the most injured organs in that area, second only to the liver, is the spleen. Though it doesn't get much attention, the spleen is an important organ that helps fight infections and filters old blood cells from your bloodstream

Nausea (upset stomach) or vomiting. Increase in bladder spasms. Decrease in your urine output. Pain in your back around your waist (if you have feeling there). You have signs and symptoms of bowel problems, such as: Abdominal pain or a distended (swollen) abdomen that is worse than normal and is not better after performing bowel care Some people become bloated after eating certain foods. a physical injury, such as a punch to the stomach or a car accident; rapid swelling of the abdomen or anywhere else in the body Damage to the digestive system: During a car crash, your abdominal region could be hit and cause damage to those organs. A hematoma or internal bleeding could cause stomach bloating, swelling, nausea, and vomiting. Whiplash: The force from a car accident can lead to whiplash, which can cause varying levels of pain depending on its severity

Whiplash is the most common neck injury from a car accident. The head being forced back into the seat of the car after a rear-ended crash can lead to stiffness, soreness, limited range of motion, pain, swelling, or even headaches and blurred vision. If the pain isn't related to whiplash, it could be a sign of a spinal cord injury Muscle Ache and Pain Treatment after a Car Accident. Muscle aches and pains are one of the first symptoms to appear after a car accident. The pain can start immediately after an accident, or even a occur a few days later. Why do muscles ache after a car accident? There are two main reasons why you have muscle pain after a car accident

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  1. Read on to understand more about chest contusions, how they occur in car accidents, and what you should do after being injured in a car accident. Understanding Chest Contusions A chest contusion is an injury caused by a blow or external force that doesn't break the skin but injures the blood vessels or tissues beneath the skin
  2. al pain, but you may also experience swelling of the abdo
  3. Car accident, car crashed totally,and doctor told me to walk off. I feel there is more damage done car accident pain, right side of my chest is still hurting sternum pain from seatbelt injury/car wreck Chest Pain after accident!! Chest pains that emanates from the heart and spread within the chest after a car accident 8 months left sided pain.
  4. al pain can be a symptom of internal bleeding or even organ damage, especially when the pain is accompanied by dizziness, lightheadedness or fainting, swelling, or purple bruising. Abdo
  5. Although they can often be treated without surgery, after a car accident these fractures most likely will require ORIF surgery. Call or text (813) 259-0022 or complete a Free Case Evaluation form. Foot Injuries from a Car Accident. Hindfoot Fractures The hindfoot, also called the rear foot, is made up of the calcaneus and the talus
  6. al wall, has had 21 surgeries, and.
  7. Don't Ignore Feeling Sore After Car Accident. While feeling sore after car accident is often normal, don't ignore any sudden onsets of pain. Your body could be alerting you to an internal injury that you don't know about. It's always good to get checked by a medical professional after an auto accident

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  1. Every year, millions of people are injured in car accidents. The most common injuries affect the neck and back, especially the lower back. Some of the most common conditions that could be causing your pain include: Disc Damage. Often, lower back pain after a car accident occurs because the discs of the spine have sustained damage
  2. Head trauma is a common injury seen in animals struck by moving vehicles. Signs of head trauma may include swelling of the nose or around the eyes, bleeding from the ears, mouth or nose, bleeding into the eye, unequal pupil size or fractures of the skull. A cat may be knocked unconscious or may be completely responsive following the injury
  3. What Type of Car Accidents are Most Likely to Injure Your Feet? A study by the National Center for Biotechnology found that 76% of all foot and ankle car accident injuries are caused by head-on collisions. This is because the lower extremities are first to absorb the impact of such an accident

Arm/Leg Injuries, Edema, and Swelling After a Car Acciden

Abdominal Hematoma Following a Car Acciden

Dizziness. Pain and stiffness. Neck and back pain. Numbness. Swelling and or bruising. Abdominal pain or swelling. Any other worrisome symptom that causes you concern. When it comes to accidents, it is better to be safe than sorry. And, while it may be true that accidents happen, getting checked out afterwards just makes sense Muscle Weakness. Many people suffer from herniated discs after a car accident, which can cause muscle weakness, numbness and tingling sensations, as well as arm and leg pain.As mentioned, not all injuries are immediately evident after a car accident. Some may take days, weeks (and in some cases even months) before injuries become evident Car accidents account for an astounding amount of injuries on a yearly basis. In fact, according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, there are around 2.35 million people injured or disabled due to auto accidents throughout a typical year.. What to expect physically after a car accident: Herniated Discs. Everyone knows that neck and back strains are common in car accidents.

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Severe pain, pressure, and stiffness in the back. Numbness. Loss of bladder and bowel control. Headaches. Shock/unconsciousness. There are many other physical consequences of a car accident, including: Stomach/abdominal pain. Swelling Car Accident Injuries Statistics and Facts. Here are a few statistics and facts that you should know about car accident injuries: The yearly report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA) shows that over 3 million individuals are injured each year in vehicle accidents across the United States Headaches after a car crash can be completely benign due to the stress of the accident, but should still warrant a fair amount of caution. If you are injured in a crash and begin to experience regular headaches afterward, seek medical care. It could be something serious like a blood clot in the brain, an injury to the neck, or even a concussion

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Overview of Abdominal Injuries. The abdomen can be injured in many ways. The abdomen alone may be injured or injuries elsewhere in the body may also occur. Injuries can be relatively mild or very severe. Doctors often classify abdomen injuries by the type of structure that is damaged and how the injury occurred Pain or swelling in the abdomen. Any swelling or ongoing pain in the abdominal area warrants a visit to the doctor. If you also suffer from dizziness, bruising, nausea, and fainting, you may be suffering from internal bleeding, a serious medical condition. Numbness. Numbness in the days after a car accident is another potentially serious. That is exactly how it goes with internal bleeding after a car accident. Swelling or pain in the abdomen, especially if it gets worse over time. Severe fatigue. Blood in the urine or stools. Vomiting blood. A deep purple, flat bruise called an ecchymosis. It occurs when blood escapes into the tissues from ruptured blood vessels Immobilization. 8. Changes in Vision. Blurred vision, dizziness, or double vision all point to severe trouble and must be addressed in a quick manner. It can take weeks for these symptoms to show up after a car accident. Whiplash, concussions, and post-traumatic stress tends to be the underlying cause Pain after car accident incidents is a common issue. Keep reading to learn more about what could be wrong. Here are the top five injuries with delayed symptoms. 1. Neck Pain. Neck pain after car accident injuries is one of the most common problems. Whiplash is from the jolt of impact stretching, straining, and damaging tendons in your shoulders. If you've sustained any of the common injuries after a car accident, don't hesitate to call Belt & Bruner, P.C. at (205) 933-1500 for a free consult. We can help you pursue compensation for your injuries. We have offices in Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, and Montgomery in order to best serve you

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