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Trailblazer SS AWD. Joined Aug 11, 2007. ·. 3,858 Posts. #11 · Jan 20, 2015. My truck ran really well with the stock 243 heads ported and polished and a cam to match. Built trans definitely, and I ran a stock intake. If you're paying someone to do everything, trans, heads, cam, tuning, efans, headers/exhaust, intake and then labor and install. Alvin has many years of experience designing camshafts for street/strip vehicles. We hold a couple cam-only records including one for Trailblazer SS and the MPH cam-only record for LS1 F-bodies. We pride ourselves in examining the whole package to produce a camshaft that is well rounded but potent both on the street and at the track

Head and cam combo Chevy Trailblazer SS Foru

Our test mule is a two-wheel-drive 2008 Trailblazer SS in 100 percent stock form featuring free-flowing factory heads with 2.200-inch intake and 1.610-inch exhaust valves, a .525-inch lift. Texas Speed Beehive Spring Cam Package for Cathedral Port Heads (LS1/LS2/LS6) $ 619.99. TSP Low Lift Cathedral Cam Package with GM Performance Valve Springs $ 394.99. TSP Magic Stick 3 Camshaft $ 419.99. TSP Torquer V2 Camshaft Trailblazer SS, and SSR, Black $ 153.29. Suspension & Chassi Weight reduction has a part in that list as well as optimized gearing by either shorter tires, gear swap or both. For example. There is a full weight attitude cammed truck out here that runs 13.0 RWD. That same cam in another truck, in another part of the country holds the cam only rwd record or used too The Trailblazer SS wasn't so lucky. Kooks , American Racing Headers , Stainless Works , OBX , and Pacesetter all make headers that fit - some better than others. Prices start around $700 with the. Texas Speed Dual Spring Cam Package for Cathedral Port Heads (LS1/LS2/LS6) $ 719.99. Texas Speed Dual Spring Cam Package for Rectangular Port Heads (LS3/L92/LSA/L76) $ 719.99. TSP Low Lift Cathedral Cam Package with GM Performance Valve Springs $ 394.99

Trailblazer SS Modification Guide - PCM of NC, In

  1. 2006-2009 Chevrolet Trailblazer SS . Max Power: 1200HP . Max 0-60s. 3.7 se
  2. Description. Combine our products and save! Performance package four includes a PCM of NC Airbox Intake with Stock MAF, a 160 degree thermostat, an LS1 Electric Fan Kit (does not include fans, but can be added HERE!), a transmission cooler kit (front mount or brake duct mount), a powerbond underdrive pulley with new belts and bolt, and a three wire battery cable kit
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  4. A Trailblazer SS goes through a performance rebuild!-Vengeance Racing Heads/Cam Package for LS2-Vengeance Racing VRX4 Camshaft Kit-Trickflow 225cc CNC Cylind..
  5. g sprocket on the camshaft. For LS3 vehicles, you can either go back in with a single-bolt camshaft or convert to the three-bolt camshaft design that the 1997-2006 LS-based vehicles use
  6. ating race tracks, and taking 5th Gen Camaros & C6 Corvettes deep into the 10 second range for customers all over the country. Although these camshafts were designed with naturally aspirated motors in
  7. Precision Race Components Stg. 2.5 5.3L Heads & Cam Package. Precision Race Components 5.3L Stage 2.5 Cylinder Heads Fully CNC Ported & Assembled With Stainless Steel 2.02 Intake Valves, 1.575 Exhaust Valves, & TSP .660 Dual Valve Spring Kit with PAC Racing Springs & Titanium Retainers. Kit Also Includes TSP Hardened Pushrods & Your Choice.

Chevrolet SS 2014-2017 /. Chevrolet SS LS3 Heads & Cam 525 HP Engine Package 2014-15. Chevrolet SS LS3 Heads & Cam 525 HP Engine Package 2014-15. Part Number: L010796714. $9,995.00. Product availability: Call Sales @260-724-2552 CNC Ported LS3 Cylinder Heads Dart Pro 1 LS3 Heads ($700.00) Select an option... Heads & Cam Package - 2010-15 Camaro quantity. Add to cart. Categories: Camaro SS '10-15 LS3/L99, Chevrolet Tags: cam kit, ls3 cam kit, ls3 cam package, vms 1.5, vms 2.5, vms cam package. Description. Your Choice of Camshaft. VMS 1.5 M&M Engineering Billet SB2 heads for a wicked proc. Helping NMRA racers get ready for thr Super Bowl i. Procharged Big Block!!! - - #procharged #proc. Happy #frontendfriday !!! Another 6th Gen Camaro with our VMS Flex Fuel Pack. Happy #427 day!!! - #427ci #. Beautiful ruby red S197 Mustang is pushing its cus PRC 15-Degree 220cc As-Cast Cathedral Heads & Cam Package. 64cc is standard. Heads are milled to reach specific chamber size. If you are unsure of having enough PTV clearance, call in so we can help you make the correct choice. Precision Race Components all new cylinder head castings completed with 220cc runners Here we go! I've got a 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer SS in the garage with the dreaded knocking engine. This is a common problem generally due to the inadequate..

Package Includes: • Black Label 5.3L Heads assembled with PAC Dual springs and Stainless Valves. • Custom Grid Camshaft based on your driving style and application. • Mast Hardened Pushrods. • Mast Plug Wires. We will reach out to you within 24 hours to confirm your order and gather information on your driving style and application Lingenfelter Performance Engineering was founded over 44 years ago and is a globally recognized brand in the performance engineering industry. The company offers engine building, engine and chassis tuning components and installation for vehicle owners; component product development; services to manufacturers, aftermarket and original equipment suppliers; prototype and preparation of product. Lingenfelter C6 Corvette LS3 Cylinder Heads & GT11 Cam Package 2008-13. Part Number: L280036708. $4,069.00. Quick View Not Yet Rated. Lingenfelter CNC Ported Aluminum Cylinder Head Corvette LS2 2005-07. Part Number: LS6LS2CNC. $1,095.00. Quick View Not Yet Rated. Lingenfelter CNC Ported LS3 L92 Cylinder Heads - Pair 2016+ Heads and Cam Kit. Custom Ground Cam and all supporting parts necessary for proper installation. In house ported head service Custom Dyno Tune Includes Transmission Control Module Unlock Service for 2017+ Automatic Cars High Performance Lifters, Pushrods, and Valve Springs New Timing Chain New Head Bolts And Mor

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2016-2019 Camaro SS; 2017-2019 Camaro ZL1; 2015-2019 Corvette Z06; 2009-2013 Corvette ZR1; GM SUV 1991-2014 Heads & Cam Package. Price: $7,995.00. Trailblazer SS LS2 2005 - 2007 525 Horsepower. Price: $8,450.00. 5.3L 475 Horsepower Supercharged GM SUV package 2014-2017 Chevrolet SS Sedan . Max Power: 2000HP . Max 0-60s. 2.6 se M&M Engineering Billet SB2 heads for a wicked proc. Helping NMRA racers get ready for thr Super Bowl i. Procharged Big Block!!! - - #procharged #proc. Happy #frontendfriday !!! Another 6th Gen Camaro with our VMS Flex Fuel Pack. Happy #427 day!!! - #427ci #. Beautiful ruby red S197 Mustang is pushing its cus The Max 3 camshaft is a 3-bolt camshaft, and is designed to work work with optimum piston-valve clearance on a 65cc chamber on our Max Package cylinder head. If you desire a more aggressive cam (would require flycutting) select Custom Grind, and shoot us an email (support@gwatneyperformance.com). Select an option.. HAWKS 450rwhp Heads, Cam, Intake Kit - FREE SHIPPING IN THE US 48 STATES. We based this kit on years of testing, tuning, and using different camshafts, cylinder heads, and intake combos. This is by far the best bang for your buck when it comes to cheap HP. We have installed this kits on multiple LS1/LS6/LS2 engines and it is very repeatable 450.

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Cold Air Inductions Chevy Trailblazer SS - 5.7L & 6.0L Cold Air Intake System (Black Powder Coated); 2005-2009. Cold Air Inductions. CATALOG # 0011619 The LQ4 and LQ9 are Gen. III, 6.0L, iron block, truck engines. The LQ4 served in anything from bread-vans and boats to SUV's between 1999 and '07. It started off life like any normal truck engine. Iron heads, small cam and the old SBC crank rear flange thickness. That changed in 2001 when GM threw in the bigger cam and aluminum heads.

GPI - LT1 Cam (Gen 5) Works well with the stock torque converter, offers stable idle, excellent low end torque, and smooth lobe design for quiet valve train operation and longevity. We designed this cam for use in cars with minimal modifications. Idles stable around 675 RPM, and is very strong off idle to 6600 RPM Was interested in a cam package for my 02 z28. Was throwing around the idea of a ms4 from tsp, did my research, called both companies and Tick answered all my questions in a polite positive manner. Talked about my future build and what would work best for me and my car. Ordered the polluter cam package. And in 2 days it was at my house

3/20. In base tune, the LS2 is truly a supercar's engine. The 364 cubes (6.0 liters) are topped with the C5 Z06's cylinder heads and camshaft, while a 4.00-inch bore and 3.622-inch stroke try to. This is our Camaro D.O.D. Delete Head/Cam kit this kit includes the following and will gain you 100+RWHP and a great sound. NGK Plugs,High Performance Lifters,LS Lifter Tray,front crank seal, timing cover gasket,custom ground cam,head gasket,dampener timing chain,water pump gasket,cam gear,lifter tray bolt,valve cover gasket,lifter valley cover,arp head bolts,manley pushrods,head port,mill heads The LS3 heads from ProComp Motorsports featured 274cc intake ports, 70cc combustion chambers and a 2.20/1.60 stainless steel valve package. As with the GMPP CNC heads, the ProComp heads were run. 2015+ C7 Z06 Performer P800 Stg3 Package +150hp. $ 11,499. View. Total Performance Racing. 2015+ C7 Z06 Performer Stg4 P850 Package +200hp. $ 16,499. View. Total Performance Racing. 2015+ C7 Z06 Performer Stg5 P1000 ProCharged Package

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  1. um small block engine that came in both cars and trucks. The engine specs and information we're sharing here are for the LS 2 that was used in GM trucks and SUVs between 2005 and 2009. The information listed here is for a.
  3. From a heads cam LS build to a moderate power adder car. We have truly worked toward optimizing the total cylinder head package all in one set of heads.Big flow numbers are not what makes a combo exceed all expectations. It's the complete system and how it works. We first started with the structure of the head
  4. imum 4.000 in. bore. However, the LS3 had a 4.065 in. bore. This means that the valves will be closer to the cylinder walls. Less space around the valve can limit the air flow. A 4-Corner Steam Kit can reduce hot spots that can cause #7 ring end gaps to butt. Camshaft and Valvetrai

Performance Packages for the Chevrolet Trailblazer S

  1. In the TrailBlazer SS, the LS2 makes 395 horsepower (up from numbers generated for our July cover story) and 400 pound-feet of torque. Our rear-drive test truck's 5.6-second -to-60-mph time is 1.
  2. Boost District Combined forces with GM Performance to bring you this 750HP or 860HP LSX based B15 paired with our BoostDistrict TVS2650 with ~13psi Boost for your Classic Car/Hotrod, Gen 4 LS project. This Package includes: LSX B15 Crate Engine BoostDistrict TVS2650 Supercharger kit Fuel Injectors With Billet AN rail
  3. The Chevy Trailblazer SS truck intake was the best factory cathedral-port intake. The 87mm throttle body is adequate for most power levels. The LS2 cathedral-port cylinder heads can be CNC ported to flow close to the aftermarket heads. With a bigger cam you can mill the heads for compression, but 11.25:1 is about the limit. If you are going.

04-06 PONTIAC GTO LSA Supercharger Kits. BoostDistrict is proud to offer a retrofit LSA supercharger kit in the 2004-2006 GTOs. Using the stock 2.45 pulley, this kit is capable of up to 550RWHP out the box with a completely factory car.. Full exhaust and cam will get you to 590-640 Wheel Horsepower through the ls2 The base engine is a 285 horsepower, 4.2-liter inline-6, Vortec 4200, which comes standard with a four-speed automatic transmission. The TrailBlazer SS features GM's LS2 6.0-liter V8 engine, which. GTO BELT DRIVE ADAPTER KIT. 1/2 HEAD ADAPTER KIT (FROM SQUARE PORT TO STOCK GTO HEADS) Stock AC works and no modifications necessary. Coolant 3/4 coolant hoses and Vacuum lines not included. Any auto parts store will carry them. Note: included CTS-V Lid is used, upgrade ZL1 Lid is new. Base injectors will be a 53-55lb injectors depending on. Find the best Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS for sale near you. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. We have 13 Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 2 1-Owner cars, and 15 personal use cars

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Pontiac G8 2008-09 & Chevrolet SS 2014+ Chevrolet Camaro 1967-2002; Pontiac Firebird 1967-2002; Corvette Performance; Pontiac GTO 2004-2006; Cadillac CTS-V 2004-2007 (Gen I) Cadillac CTS-V 2009-2015 (Gen 2) Cadillac CTS-V 2016 - (Gen 3) LS4 Performance; Holden Performance; Special Edition Vehicles; Convertible Vehicles; RACING DEPARTMENT. Drag. 2010-2015 Camaro SS Packages. CSP470 Package - $875: Roto Fab Cold Air Intake. Professional Installation. CSP500 Package $2725: Stainless Power 1 7/8 Longtube Headers. High Flow Catted Connection Pipes. NGK Spark Plugs and MSD Spark Plug Wires. Roto Fab Cold Air Intake The LS based small-block engine is the primary V-8 used in General Motors' line of rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. Introduced in January 1995, it is a clean sheet design with only rod bearings, lifters, and bore spacing in common with the longstanding Chevrolet small-block V-8 that preceded it as the basis for GM small-block V-8s. The basic LS variations use cast iron blocks, while. LS3 Heads/Cam Package PRC Stage 2.5 L92 Cylinder Heads, Camaro/Firebird 98-02, GTO 04-06 NOTE: THESE ARE SQUARE PORT HEADS MUST USE SQUARE PORT INTAKE MANIFOLD Precision Race Components L92/LS3 64-72cc Stage 2.5 Cylinder Heads Fully CNC Ported & Assembled With Factory GM 2.165 Intake Valves and 1.59 Exhaust Valves, & PRC Dual Valve Spring Kit. Awesome package for the guy who doesn't want to get too radical, but wants the sound and a little extra horse. Converted my SS from L99 to LS3 with this cam package. What a difference! Combined with headers and 3 exhaust, car turned 405HP to the rear wheels. Up from 363HP before cam upgrade. Martin is awesome and knows his stuff

LS3/L92 Conversion Packages - PCM of N

The Texas Speed & Performance Gen 5 DOD delete kit will allow you to remove DOD/AFM from your gen 5 6.2L LT1, LT4, L86, and 5.3L L83 engine. This is a perfect modification to install when you are installing our cylinder heads & camshaft package NEW! The Livernois Motorsports & Engineering L92 Race Series Head and Camshaft Package! Special LIMITED Time Pricing! With the decade plus of race winning experience, along with side by side development and engineering for racing teams, we are proud to offer a Race Series Head and Camshaft package for the L92 Series

2007 Trailblazer SS AWD Performance Rebuild - Vengeance

It seems that in the 2015 GM Performance catalog they have put together a Cam and Head package for the Camaro SS. It says guaranteed 40HP and I looked up the part number it appears they are using the LS7 cam and the heads look like they are ported and not new part numbers. Looks like it runs about $1800.00 bucks Description. Chevrolet Performance has engineered a new cylinder head and camshaft package for LS3-powered Camaros and Corvettes that pumps up the engine output an additional 40 horsepower! That's a 9% gain over stock! We've done that with our CNC -ported LS3 cylinder head that flows more than 350cfm (intake side), with 276cc intake runners and.

Edelbrock 2027 - Edelbrock Total Power Package 321 HP Small Block Ford Top-End Engine Kits. Top End Engine Kit, Power Package, Intake, Heads, Cam, Timing Chain, Head Bolts, SB Ford, 321 HP-337 TQ, Kit. Part Number: EDL-2027. ( 17 ) Estimated Ship Date: 7/16/2021 (if ordered today) Oversize $9.99 Save cash and take the guesswork out of building a winning engine combination with Trick Flow's Twisted Wedge 11R top-end engine kits. Tuned by Trick Flow engineers to deliver optimum horsepower and torque on a small block Ford, these kits are built around a set of dyno-proven Twisted Wedge 11R 170 cylinder heads (TFS-52515301-C00). Also included is a Track Max® hydraulic roller camshaft. At this point I am really considering doing a cam/head package. I have a L99 so I have to take the heads off, and while I am at it I might as well just upgrade the heads to something better. For now the car is a DD so I would like a package that could support DD usage and be reliable Matched Edelbrock Parts for Proven Power Except for pushrods and rocker arms, these Power Packages include the genuine Edelbrock components you need to gain up to 480 HP from BB-Chryslers, up to 400 HP from SB-Fords, up to 460 HP from SB-Chevys, and up to 540 HP from BB-Chevys. While you're at it, enhance a Top End Kit with the best Edelbrock carb for your vehicle

25-LS3Camkit660 Texas Speed Dual Spring Cam Package for

3,774 Posts. #9 · Nov 22, 2013. Lloyd will have you covered on the springs, since you DID say heads cam Package. Right, with a X/H pipe as far forward as possible, catback becomes less important. With a 6000 rpm limit on an NA motor, your exhaust gas volume won't tax the system too much. K 2006-2009 Trailblazer SS Performance Packages Sort by Featured Best Selling Name: A-Z Name: Z-A Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Oldest to Newest Newest to Oldest There are no products in this view

GPI - LS3 Cam Kit for 5th Gen Camaro SS / C6 Corvette

  1. Cam & Head Packages. Whether you're upgrading to deliver exhilarating power and acceleration or to achieve that amazing idle sound, our camshafts offer excellent performance, drive-ability and daily manners. StreetFighter engineer all our camshaft packages to the highest levels of accuracy to perfectly suit your 2019-Onwards Camaro 2SS 6.2L LT1
  2. Looking to upgrade the camshaft in your 5th Gen Chevrolet Camaro SS or C6 Corvette, and want all the essential components to complete the install? Vehicle Applications: 2017-2020 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2015-2019 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 All Positive Displacement Blower Gen 5 LT Powered Cars and Truck
  3. g Chain, Head Bolts, BB Chevy, 676 HP-649 TQ, Kit Part Number: EDL-207

Precision Race Components Stg

PHASE 3-SS (Manual Trans) Gains up to 100 HP! Redline PHASE 3 SS Hydraulic Roller Camshaft. Redline Dual Valve Spring Kit with Titanium Retainers. Redline .080 Chromoly Pushrods. Trunnion Upgrade to replace factory needle bearing rockers. 1 7/8 Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers. Off-road mid-section with 3 X pipe GM 6.2L LS3 short block with 10.43:1 compression, Trick Flow GenX 255 square port cylinder heads (TFS-3261T002-C01), Trick Flow Track Max hydraulic roller cam (TFS-32603001), stock L92 intake manifold with 90mm throttle body, Kooks headers with 1 7⁄8 primaries, and dual exhaust with 3 Flowmaster mufflers

2006 AWD TBSS Rob Cam Install - PCM of NC, Inc2006-09 Trailblazer SS TVS2650 Supercharger kitVehicles | KatechSupercharged Chevrolet Trailblazer SS AWD | ProCharger

The Trailblazer SS competed most closely with the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8, which debuted for the 2007 model year. The Vortec 4200's Racing Career The Vortec 4200 actually had a short-lived. 100/110, 124/128 Power Package 131 Cylinder & Piston Kits Lower End Flywheels for M8 Models Engines Cam Chest Kits for 2017-Up Touring Models & 2018-Up Softail® Models Product Overview - Stainless Steel SuperStreet 2:1 for HD. 02 35th LE Camaro SS. If you are an auto, get a stall in the range of 3400-3800. Best bang for your buck for an auto. If you're a M6, like mentioned, your cam/head selection will highly depend on what your budget is. Least expensive route is P&P your stock 241 heads. Next would be to buy 243 heads and get them P&P Give your CNC ported heads all the air they want with an S&S performance carburetor or throttle body. Carburetors depend on air velocity to deliver fuel, so while you want something bigger, too large a carb will hurt low rpm response. We generally recommend the 17/8 S&S Super E Carb for 97 engines. However, on the drag strip, the 21/16 S&S. Chevrolet claimed a -to-60-mph time of just 5.7 seconds with the 2009 TrailBlazer SS and a 62-to--mph stopping distance of 135 feet. In independent testing, the 2006 TrailBlazer -- with five more horsepower than the 2009 model, but otherwise the same vehicle -- sprinted to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds, ran the quarter-mile in 14.1 seconds at 98 mph, topped out at 130 mph, stopped from 70 mph in 180.

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