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Go to that post on which you want to add a pic then after that go on edit. After going on edit add a photo or video that u like to that post. P.s - this won't work in basic version of facebook Suddenly I can't upload photos to Facebook On the FB page when I click upload photo, instead of opening one of my folders to find the photo, it simply hangs with the little twirling circle. I noticed this first on my laptop on a FB group I manage, so tried the same on my FB Home Page and everything worked OK To select more than one photo, tap as many photos as you'd like. On a computer: Click the photo you want to add, then click Open at the bottom right corner of the window. To select more than one photo, press Ctrl (Windows) or ⌘ Command (Mac) as you click. Tap or click Post. Your post and photo (s) will now appear A variety of problems can get in the way of you posting pictures to your Facebook account: a browser issue, a problem with the size or format of the photos, or even a technical fault with Facebook..

3 Answers3. You can delete the post and recreate it with pictures. Or you can add the pictures on the comment section. Cannot add Images, you can edit text. No, its not possible. You can however add photos to the post via the comments section underneath the post. Highly active question Go to your Facebook profile and select Photos under your cover photo. Select Create Album . Select photos or videos to add to your album. Once they have finished uploading, enter an Album name. Other options include: Add a description or location. Add contributors (they will be able to upload photos to this album) The best way to post a large number of photos to Facebook is to create a photo album, upload multiple photos to that album, and then publish the album cover image in the status update. Friends who click on the album link are taken to the photos. Go to the status update box as if you were going to write an update

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  1. in that window there is a website ending with fcbk or something like that and it shows as Blocked. Remove that website and add www.facebook.com as Allow. it is the issue that is why you can't view pictures on facebook.com, after you follow all these steps then go back to facebook and click on a picture and Boom there it is!!! I hope this helps!
  2. Why can't I post in a Facebook event? Ask a Question Can't post pictures in comments . Comments. Sharing & Connecting. Can't post pictures in comments . Asked about 2 years ago by Keith. 434 Votes · 749 Followers · Seen by 27,431. Good Question; Follow this Question · Share. Featured Answer
  3. The Facebook Open Graph Debugger can typically show you if your image is supposed to appear when Facebook retrieves the link. If you can see your image after debugging the link, your fix is simple: go back to your original post, and click into the timestamp so that a new page is opened with just the post

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It's easy, but a little bit different than uploading a photo to your personal Facebook page. You just need to set it up the first time and you will be set to add photos on the go! Go to the Facebook Business Page you want to add photos to and click on the Edit Page button (top right). 1. Click on the Mobile button on the left menu options. 2 Edit your post. You can add more photos by clicking the square with a + in it that's near the top of the post window, or you can add text to the post by typing in the Say something about this photo (or these photos) box.. If you want to make your post public, click the Friends or Friends of Friends box in the bottom-left corner of the post and then select Public For one, you can add new pictures to a picture post on your profile, group, or page, and replace the original photo. You can also delete and upload a new photo into the comment or status update. Finally, you can replace the embedded link of the image you included in a comment

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Publishing Your Post. Make sure only to upload one photo, as the multiple photo option might not be available. Also, the Facebook to Instagram posting function is not available for all pages Facebook is a fickle friend (pun intended sorry not sorry) when it comes to promoting your website or blog. Sharing a blog post on Facebook can create a lot of interaction and boost your website traffic, but Facebook doesn't make getting that traffic easy. Let's say you're a blogger In the Facebook app tap on your profile picture, select Upload Photo and choose the image you'd like to use. Now click the Make Temporary option and set how long you want the image to display Link to this Post; first Page 1 of 1 Page 1/1 last User profile for user: Janetfromtas Question: Q: Can't access my photos with Facebook app More Less. Apple Footer. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only..

Tap on the photo — or photos! — that you want to share, then tap on Done on the top right. You'll move to the next step, where you can add a comment or caption: But let's not. Instead, swipe right-to-left over the photo to move into the photo editing system Computer Help. Share Article. You may not see some of your Facebook friends in an app because they may have: Edited the privacy settings for the app. Turned off Facebook's integration with the app. Blocked the app On my other facebook I didn't have a problem with the pop till somewhere after October of this year 2011. I was putting alot of photos on my facebook and then one day i couldn't create no more albums on my facebook because the pop up popped up. I just want it gone. I do not want to make another facebook just because i can't create an album

If the image isn't showing up in your Facebook post, start by visiting the Open Graph Debugger, inserting the URL of your content, and click Show Existing Scrape Information. The Facebook Open Graph Debugger can typically show you if your image is supposed to appear when Facebook retrieves the link. If you can see your image after debugging. To add more photos to the post, select the box with the plus sign. Hover the mouse cursor over a thumbnail to either delete or edit a photo before posting it. Review the other available options: tag friends, apply stickers, add your feelings or an activity, or check-in Why can I not post pictures to Facebook from the Pictures Gallery on my Windows 8 PC or my Surface tablet? I can go into Picture gallery and select and photo from the SkyDrive, and I can post it on Facebook. It can only be done with the SkyDrive photos. If I take a picture I cannot post it onto Facebook unless I upload it to the SkyDrive and. this only explains 1 thing, facebook servers automatically convert all uploaded images to a specific format they choose, and for some reason their servers having issues converting their jpeg images to whatever format they require, however uploading png images of the exact same image uploads fine without a problem Check your notification settings or your notifications. You may have done what I chose to do and not realized it. If someone tags you in anything you have to essentially 'approve' of the content so then it goes onto your profile once you have. Che..

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Group management for admins. Join and interact with groups. Resources for Page Admins. Fix a problem. Events. Create and Manage an Event. View and Respond to Events. Fundraisers and donations. Creating a Fundraiser When you actually post on facebook, you can only upload one photo or video. What your friends have done is uploaded a bunch of photos in an album, and after the upload was successful, facebook asked them to post about the photos that just uploaded - only in this post there can be more than one photo, not in your ordinary post

Hi Ryan! Most likely well no. You have been blocked from posting and commenting in groups for 7 days. A notification should of appeared, if not. go to settings top right arrow pointing down click on it now on the left click on the one before last.. 1. Find the content that you want to repost to your feed. If you want to maintain a post or picture's Likes and comments when you repost it, you'll need to comment on it. You can comment on someone's post or picture. You can also use this method to repost an old post made by you or a friend Highways England/Flickr Facebook has added a new picture polling feature that you can add to your posts, including wacky pictures or hilarious GIFs, so all your followers can join in on the fun. Mouse over the photo and click on the arrow at the top right side. Click Move to Other Album. Note: If the photo you want to move in Facebook is part of a post, you'll get a notification popup. Under the photo you want to move, click the drop-down list, and select the destination album. Click Move Photo

Step #1. Launch the Facebook app → Tap on Photo. Step #2. Facebook will ask your permission to access your Photos app if you are going to upload photos or videos for the first time. Step #3. Now, Facebook will have access to your Camera Roll. Select the video you want to upload and tap on Done from the top right corner If you are wondering how to post multiple pictures in one frame on Facebook, this guide will help you out. The social networking giant - Facebook enables its users to optimize their Facebook photo layouts via a new option called 'Choose a layout'.See how to use this Facebook Choose a layout feature!. How to use Facebook Choose a layout feature to post multiple photos simultaneousl Facebook Tests New Photo Layout Options for Multi-Image Posts Published Oct. 10, 2019 You could choose to highlight certain feature images, or give your post a more dynamic style, or even a colored background, dependent on how you wanted them to look. Instagram add a new option called templates a) If I go into Facebook and click the photos icon to add photos to my post, it just dumps me into a view of the entire camera roll (where it could take hours to scroll through and find the photos I want). I don't see any way to get to a view just of this one specific Google Photos album

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The camera app on Samsung phones only has photos actually on the phone, to include the photos backed up to Google Photos, Facebook would have to use the default photo picker in Android and Facebook haven't chosen to use this. Unfortunately this is out of the Photos Team control Adding Photos to Existing Facebook Album via Android. Step 1: Open the Facebook Android app and tap the upload photo option at the top bar between Status and Check-in. Just make sure you are. Why doesn't Facebook appear as a Share option in Photos? I think I've found the issue. If I select too many photos to upload (50 seems to be the limit), then my sharing options are limited to iCloud, Mail and AirDrop. When I select fewer photos, then all my social media extensions appear as options Add a new name and description to your new Facebook album and add any captions to your photos, if you'd like. Just before you click the Post Photos button in the lower-right corner, be sure to set your privacy settings by clicking the gear icon and choose who can see the photos in the album. Remember, this privacy setting will be set for all the photos you are uploading Facebook hides not-so-popular posts from your Timeline. This gives an illusion that some of your FB posts have either been deleted or disappeared! NOTE: However, mind you, sometimes this may not be a matter of illusion. If you post anything that several people find offensive and if they mark it as spam -Facebook will really remove your post

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  1. Here's how: Step 1. In the Facebook mobile app, go to your profile and head to the Photos tab. Tap to select the album where you'd like to place the photo. Step 2. In the upper right, tap the.
  2. Glad the post helped. As for tagging a photo from your mobile Facebook application, I got the same results as you. Facebook doesn't seem to allow page tagging from the mobile device. I tried both the app and Facebook through the Chrome browser. If I find out why I'll post an answer here
  3. 3. Photos with geotagging. Each time you post new photos on Instagram or other platform, make sure you don't expose your location. It is an important measure you should take to keep yourself secure from identity theft and hide your location whenever you add new photos on this popular social network. Here are two options
  4. Apparently, there are a variety of reasons why this is happening. Sometimes, without your knowledge, a person will completely disable comments and likes on something that they post. There is an option on anything that you post on Facebook that allows you to make the post private or limit comments. If you limit comments or only allow for certain.
  5. Deleting photos from Facebook can be done in just a few seconds, and it will ensure that the photos you want hidden are removed from the social network forever, so no one will be able to see them.
  6. Step 1: Launch the Facebook app on your phone. Step 2: Tap on the camera icon at the top-left corner. Then hit the settings icon at the top. Step 3: Tap on Add Camera Shortcut. A popup will appear.

Video is the king of content on Facebook. It averages 8 billion views every single day and has a 135% greater organic reach than photos.. If you're struggling with the algorithm, video is the easiest way to get around Facebook's pay-to-play model. But I don't know how to use Adobe Premiere and creating videos takes up way too much of my time!, you say 3. Increases the reach of your posts - Polls usually engage more people. So, the Facebook algorithm favors posts with polls and allows you to reach more people. 4. Attracts Attention - Images, Memes, and Videos are shared by almost everybody on social media platforms. They are usually scrolled away or get a glance for a few seconds Add more content to your post. If you want to add more to your post, click one of the options located below the post box: Photo/Video - Allows you to select a photo or video from your computer to upload to the post.; Tag Friends - Allows you to select a friend or group of friends to tag in the post. Tagged friends will receive the post on their own pages To make your Page more interesting, you should allow people to post content, photos and videos to your Page. The Post Visibility section enables you to put posts by others at the top of the right column on the timeline. That is what you see in the image above for MH Paint Works - my post in the right column Lots of photos you see on Facebook are added when people are nowhere near a computer. Instead, they're sent from an iPhone and are the photos of things that happen while you're out and about. Things that are beautiful (spring blossoms!), or weird (how did this person lose only one high heel?), or just emblematic [

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  1. I need to edit a post I scheduled before Creative Studio kicked in, but once I select Scheduled Posts from the sidebar, a window opens on which I can make NO selections at all. Adding business.facebook.com to my facebook url simply runs me through the Creator Studio loop. I can't even delete a scheduled post so I could upload an edited version
  2. Click on the camera icon in the additional options. A small window where you can choose the photos you want to share will appear. Navigate to the photos you want. You'll need to find the file in your finder/computer. Select your photos. Use Ctrl + Select (left mouse click) to select multiple pictures at the same time
  3. Future Posts is where you set your default audience for your regular posts, including text posts, photos, and videos. These are the normal Facebook options for Friends, Friends of Friends.

2. Update Instagram. Secondly, if your Instagram is out of date, you might want to update it on your device. A common reason why the Add Post to Your Story feature is missing is because your Instagram is outdated.. Here's how you can update Instagram on an Android device:. Open Google Play Store, tap on the menu, and tap on My apps & games Nothing happened. I deleted the Windows phone app from my PC and then went to my phone and entered my password again to re-link my phone with facebook and once again nothing happened. Then I checked the settings under my Windows phone app it told me the last time I accessed the photos uploaded by my was January 29 Since upgrading my Win 8 to Win 8.1 I'm nolonger able to upload multiple photos to my Facebook account. I am told to upgrade flash player. I have the latest version of flash player according to Adobe To add photos from your mobile phone to a Portal album: Open the Portal app on your mobile device. Tap Photos, then tap the photo plus icon in the top right corner. Tap the photos your would like to add, then tap Add Photos. Tap New Album or an exsisting album. If you are creating a new album, type your album name and tap Create Album One day I could see her pictures the next I couldn't. No one else is having trouble seeing them, just me. And just her personal pictures that she post. I can see all comments & all the shared posts. Also, I just went back on her page. I can see her videos, but I can't see any of her pictures even from further back when I could see them

Facebook photos don't have to be fuzzy. A huge problem with Facebook is that you upload a beautiful photo for your profile picture or a cover photo on your page to represent the awesomeness that. How to upload a PDF to a Facebook Group. 1. Open a group page on Facebook in your preferred web browser. 2. At the top of the group page, there's a box where you can write a post My FB spacing is messed up. I can't post anything because I cannot get my cursor to the POST button. I cannot send on Messenger because the space that allows input is below where I can get my. If I have to start saving them to my computer I will just close my shop. I simply can't do that. That's just way too much trouble. Thanks so much for your help. I have over 200 drafts that I need to add photos to and upload. Very dissappointed in Etsy lately and just when I was starting to get a lot of interest and some decent orders

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  1. Fix Can't Send Photos on Facebook Messenger. We have listed down a few hacks that can help you fix can't send photos on Facebook Messenger issue and get you out of this anxiety. Method 1: Check for Permissions. Facebook messenger not working can be frustrating because it is the next best thing after the Facebook App
  2. Instead, you need to get to your existing photo album. I've found the fastest way to do that is to click on your name on the top left. Then on the left side click on Photos. Now you'll see all the albums / galleries you've created: To add a photo to an existing Facebook photo album, click on the album. Notice on the top right.
  3. Facebook is a means by which you can connect with people who matter to you. Facebook is a social media site that allows you to post photos, videos, articles while it doesn't give a button for audio uploading directly. Hence, How can I upload audio to Facebook? becomes a problem. Here are four reliable ways to help you out
  4. How to Add Backgrounds to Facebook Post on Android. The steps for smartphone users will differ a little as they are touched-based devices. Step 1: Open the Facebook app and tap on the empty area.

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  1. Ask to have the photo removed from Facebook: If you think this photo is inappropriate in any way, you can report it to Facebook so they can decide if it needs to be removed. Removing a Post Tag If you want to remove a tag from a post or from a post's comment that you left on it, you can simply do so by editing it
  2. Not sure why your FB post shows a small one. As far as the web pages that have videos, any images will be ignored. You'll just get a small preview of the video that does NOT link to your site. Can't do anything about that, it's just the way Facebook does it. Whenever you have a problem on a non-video page, try the debug tool
  3. Steps Download Article. Log into Facebook. Go to Account on the top right. Go to Account Settings. Set up your phone to receive SMS messages from Facebook. Now you can send a picture to 32665 and it will be on your wall. You can also do the steps above, then go back to account, account settings, mobile
  4. Step 3. Click the Comment link on the status update you want to respond to in Facebook. Then, right-click and select Paste to copy the URL to the comment field. This will automatically display the image underneath the URL in the comment when you post. References. Facebook: Why Do I See Link Previews, Images, and Videos Embedded in Comments
  5. Facebook's Help Community is a place where you can connect with others to find and share answers to questions about Facebook
  6. Answer: A: This issue can be caused by a weak cellular signal. The connection should be strong and fast enough to support the uploading of images. Apparently there are others having the same issue. See this recent thread on the same topic, particularly the last post. iPhone 6s Plus photos app won't share pictures to facebook
  7. g/Interval the Same. Deleting One or More Posts on the Manage Posts Page. Batch Posting from a Saved Folder. Copying / Moving a Saved Post to a Different Folder using Drag and Drop

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For example, if my contact has established that all their photos are public, my photograph in which he is labeled will become public. That is why we should worry, not only for our settings, but also those of our friends. Gradually we will properly configure our privacy settings on Facebook, and avoid unpleasant surprises. To help, always be. Remember, adding a post to your timeline inserts it into the news feed of your friends, places it on your wall, and otherwise integrates it into your Facebook footprint. Hiding the post from your timeline stops those things from happening, but it doesn't delete the post or remove the tag Now, for me, a post averages between 250 and 600ish views. Less than 100 was not good! I was curious as to why this was, so I started to do some research, and sure enough, it turns out that Facebook will penalize you by burying your post if you post it via a third-party app. Check out these articles Step 1: Go to your Facebook profile and tap on the Music card, as shown above. Step 2: A blank screen will open since you are using it for the first time. Tap on the add (+) icon at the top. The.

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Your iPad offers Facebook integration, which means you can seamlessly transfer photos from your device to your Facebook page. This feature enables you to bypass the. Now let us know how to post a photo on a facebook app in mobile : 2. How to upload photos to Facebook from Mobile. There are certain steps to Post a Photo from mobile let us discuss them. The following steps to be followed to post a photo to the facebook from mobile. Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your mobile by clicking on the facebook icon Select Custom alt text radio button. Add your own descriptive alt text in the box. Select Save. Select Done. On iOS and Android, use the following steps to add alternative text: Add the photo to your post (alternative text is added) Visit the post on Facebook. Tap the three-dot option in the top right. Tap Edit Alt Text

Sarah writes: OK, something weird is going on with Facebook, and I only noticed because today is my birthday and no one posted anything to my Facebook timeline. Instead, they all wished me happy birthday through individual Facebook messages. Turns out there's no way to for any of my friends to post anything to my timeline wall Instead of deleting a post from Facebook, hiding the content is often a better choice. Learn how to hide a Facebook post from your timeline. (And why you may want to.) As a Facebook user, you have tons of control over the updates you share with your friends and followers. You can easily set privacy levels for your personal page, and you can make some or all of your content visible to friends. I'm a technological idiot. :-) I think it has to do with facebook's recent update. My business page is suddenly lacking the spot to type in status. If I go to the left side, I find a share button. When I hit that, I get a spot to type my status, but when I hit the button to post the status I just wrote, I never see those words again

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Launch Facebook from your Home screen. Tap Photo. Choose the Live Photo (s) you want to share (sadly, there's no indicator, so you'll need to remember or double-check in advance.) Tap Done. Tap on Live at the bottom right (if you don't, Facebook will only take the still photo). Edit, add a caption, and when you're ready, tap Post at the top right How do I mention people, Pages or groups in a post or comment on Facebook? | Facebook Help Centre. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Press alt + / to open this menu I'd like to know this too. Every so often, fb cuts off the newsfeed after a few posts, and you can't see any old posts from like 5 min ago. At the bottom it says: Welcome to Facebook. Find your friends on Facebook. When you've done so you can see their posts and photos here. No problem with internet or being logged out 2) After you finish creating the design, go to the Frame Studio. Click on Create Frame and Get started.. 3) An editor will open up to upload an image file in PNG format. You can choose to create a frame for profile pictures or a Facebook camera. Drag and drop your PNGs or use the Upload Art button to place your design on the page

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From Android App. Open the Facebook app, then tap the Menu box in the upper-right corner. Select See More > Photos . Select Albums or Uploads at the top of the screen. Navigate to the photo or video you wish to delete, then tap it to view it full screen. With the photo displayed, tap the three dots at the. From Website. 1. Log in to your Facebook account and click on the Create Post section and write your status or upload photos, whatever you want to post.. 2. After the above step, below the area where you have written the post, you will see the News Feed option. And in front of it, you will have the section for controlling the privacy of the post

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