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I treated her as my slave Because of me, she is suffered and suffering so much. I made her to leave her home, I humiliated her in my office, and I threw all the brutal word at her. But she accepted everything with smile. I tried all the possible ways to kill her smile. Every time I broke her, she came back with new life One day khushi and arnav went for shopping. On the way back to home, they met with accident.. both got injured severely. The most one is Arnav.. The girl was afraid to lose her love, She know she can't live without him. He is her life and soul of her body. She was crying for her life FF: Recalling Arnav (Part 6-) Part 6 Section 1. Buaji said softly, Arnav babua, it is good that she lost her memory. He could kill himself and feel relief that the torture of having a Khushi who had lost everything including her memory because of his cruelty, prejudice and arrogance call him a good, kind man was finally over.. Khushi couldn't resist the temptation of wearing his shirt. It seemed just like how she always imagined. Also she was too tired to grab her bag and she doesn't like sleeping naked. A sudden chill ran down her spine as Khushi felt soft caresses on her skin below her stomach. She turned her head to the left immediately to check if he was awake

Rebirth Arnav and khushi ff new part on thread 2. well i m comming back here after a long time, i wish to complete my ff's , writing one of mine in ARHI version. Reborn to love, its going to be on ARNAV and KHUSHI, well as the name says its going to be based on rebirth. hope you will like reading my ff Section 1. Arnav woke up first, Khushi's name on his lips, his panicked eyes automatically searching for Khushi on the bed. She was asleep, drained by the events of the past few days, curled up in her white blanket with small pink roses spread on it. His eyes softened at the sight of her relaxed face Don't be silly Khushi, he reprimanded her, I didn't mean it that way and you know it. The EMI payment is for the 3 BHK apartment I bought. I want you to know that I am serious about our future. Rohan - Wait - let me finish. He took her hand in his. I lost you once because of my stupidity Before meeting him, Khushi had been reserved and timid, another quiet girl with her nose deep in a book and feet planted firmly on the ground. But all of that had changed one late winter night in Chicago, when he'd noticed her among the crowd. She still found it miraculous that he had ArShi - Secrets of a Happy Marriage. The memory of her baby had activated her 'let-down'. As Shyam looked on, he saw the centre of her blouse get wet. On further analysis, he realized that tiny droplets of a white fluid had actually formed inside her blouse and they were rushing to the floor below. Khushi moved her fingers over her.

Khushi is his child bride who still plays with her doll. It is a story about the nurturing of a relationship. The gradual growth - from just the abstract thought of family to a quiet friendship that culminates into a love against a dangerous backdrop of rebellion, and the threat of a war It's a story of memory loss start somewhere from the serial but it have no link with serial after t... Asterism Drabbles. Ongoing. Arnav who got married to khushi for taking revenge what will happens when he will find her innocent... Arshi One Shots. 18 parts

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  1. Smooth, sweet and oh so sultry. Arnav groaned at the sound of her voice, whispering, begging, pleading. Panting, he lowered his mouth to her perked up nipples, sucking them first. And then he grazed his teeth against them, softly at first, sighing to hear her moan. And then he bit hard, till she screamed
  2. Banner By Appy. Long Lost Memories & Love Ch 5 IF Link. Neha, Arnav's appointed nurse, took Arnav out for his usual outing. Arnav looked far off silently. The sun rays were burning his eyes. When it became intolerable he opened his mouth to tell Neha to take him back inside when a cool wind started blowing
  3. Smitar's tales captures the lighthearted fun of the early episodes of IPKKND. Her Khushi is spirited and her Arnav sweet, with hints of ASR. Unfortunately I've not had the chance to indulge in her recent works. However, if asked for a recommendation, I would not hesitate to urge you towards Keeping Khushi. Don't let th

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ArShi-ShraMan FF: No Reason to Love YouStill I Love you( Chapter 1-And the Story Begins) Coming out after changing her dress, Khushi quickly went to the dressing table, then looking at herself into the mirror, she made a sad faceShe was wearing a simple yellow Anarkali suit, though the suit was simple with minimum work, yet Khushi. Khushi wove in an out of sleep. She felt her head throb and her body was in pain. The sedatives were wearing off. Payal lay asleep on the couch by her side. The room was lit in an eerie blue glow of the hospital corridor lighting. She looked at the bandage on her hands and legs and felt the one on her forehead The thought of jalabis cheered Khushi immensely and she quickly made her way to the cafe where Lavanya ji was sitting a cup of coffee in her hand. Spying Khushi in her bright yellow suit, Lavanya got up and wrapped her in a warm hug. Chamkili! I have missed you much. Me too Lavanya ji! said Khushi hugging her tighter Tearing his hair, he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. Her eyes flashed first, then her quivering lips, and finally her splendid smooth breasts came back all over again. And thus his nightmare began. She was trapped, perhaps running, her breath was heavy, now she was panting suddenly

See more of Arshi Fan Fiction on Facebook. Log In. o Hamesha ~ A heartbeat away : Chapter 4. Posted on July 16, 2015. INDEX. Chapter 4. Khushi Kumari Gupta blinked as she placed a tiny golden stone bindi between her lovely arched eyebrows. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. A thin fair girl in a pink and golden exquisite crepe saree stared back at her. Her hair was left open and cascaded.

Khushi closed her eys, breathed deeply and fired one more time, the man looked straight at her as his last breath left his body. Khushi closed her eyes and let out a stifled sob in guilt, but then heard painful groans coming from her husband on the ground. She rushed to him and pushed him to the tree right behind him so he was sitting up Hamesha ~ A heartbeat away : Chapter 10. Posted on May 16, 2015. INDEX. Chapter 10. The sun was high in the sky, a time of familiar post-lunch inactivity. In a high backed armchair, covered in golden silk upholstery, sat a smiling women. On her lap was a single sheet of paper that she was writing on. The paper rested on an intricately carved. Arnav's anger started rising, his intoxication, Mami's accusations on Khushi, his Di suffering in the hospital. He shouted, YES, everything happened because of you.. Khushi was in a state of shock. Before she could say a word, Arnav continued, You're the reason Shyam left my Di and now she even lost her baby

Arranged Marriage 2. April 1, 2019. April 20, 2019. VijiArshi89. Vivah Sampan Hua!!! With priest words, the newlywed couple stood up and moved towards their family. Khushi Kumari Gupta now Singh Raizada had tied down to Arnav Singh Raizada. Done with all the post rituals marriage, Khushi is sat in the middle of the decorated bed waiting. Preeta travels back to her house near Vadhapur and gets scared after the incident with Ruby. Her father is out of town and is all alone in the big house. Late at night there is noise of bird on the roof of house. Preeta wakes up hearing a noise of an anklet and sees somebody's shadow running outside the room He hold her Hands and kissed it and khushi looked at him with love filled Eyes, her heart is again melting after seeing him taking stand for her but her mind is saying to her, to Tease her husband while showing her anger, her anger melt at the time when he take stand for her but still her heart is hurt with the awful words he said to her last. Posts about ARSHI ff written by simisanju25. It might be less if someone thought that Arnav Sen could commit a murder. He felt like killing Shyam once again, even after his death. After a thorough discussion on Khushi 's recent reports & condition with Akash, he reached to the conclusion that he should kill Akash too, along with that dead bustard

arshi CManniversary celebration (must read) Winning my boss -Rotten.tomato. Beautiful disaster -Aniee. Pawn -Appy. Judaas Kiss -Areeba blossom. Footprints on sand -Areeba blossom. The Raizada Chronicles -Areeba blossom. Revenge -Lazyleaves. The beast and the bleeding roses -Aquiline When asking about Khushi, He has straightly declare. She has loses her Mental Stability. Arnav : All matters to me was my son's safety.And What punishment should I give to the Woman who already lost her Mental Balance.I am coming. while Admitting her to the Asylum. I will pray for her Good Health.. khushi closed her eyes and prayed, hey devi maiyya raksha karna keep anjali ji safe, keep di safe she kept her thoughts targeted on her prayer. e-27 in greater kailash part one was a simple three storey house, it looked freshly painted, the garden however was not well maintained, the grass was overgrown and the plants looked wild. Blog arshi, arshi ff, ficverse hunt, ipkknd, iss pyaar ko kya naam doon He is shocked to meet herKhushi , who is now suffering from a partial memory loss, after her accident and soon Arnav realizes, that she's returned being the same fiery, loving and passionate girl with whom ,he had once dreamed of sharing his whole life time.

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  1. d. Arnav opened his eyes in a state of slight disorientation. Khushi had her back to him. He rose on his elbow to draw back the curtain of her hair and peer into her face, as if to confirm that last night had been real. She slept herein his arms
  2. Nothing, she replied, pulling both her legs closer, and moved her chair close to her mother's to increase the space between their chairs. And as her actions brought awareness in him, Arnav rolled his eyes and did the same by moving his chair in the opposite direction, to increase the gap further
  3. Mythical Island Chapter 8. On December 19, 2020 By Charlotte74. A week later, she still didn't know what had happened that night. Arun the nightshift receptionist had enlightened her about how Arnav had cleverly managed to get her out. He had typed a message to Arun and had thrown the phone out of the window. The phone had caught the signal.
  4. not cut out for love: chapter 20. Posted on June 26, 2015. INDEX. khushi sat, distracted, at the dining table. buaji huddled on the sofa, fanning herself with a palm leaf fan and looking at sanka devi with an arch look. behind the visible and familiar exaggerated air of impatience lurked a worry, a concern. something was not alright with her.
  5. Arshi FF : Without You; Arshi FF : Not Cut Out For Love; Arshi FF : Hamesha ~ A heartbeat Away Arnav gently put Khushi down and asked her if she remembered the place. She looked around and nodded with a shy smile. That was the day you had entered my life and my thoughts. That moment became the biggest memory of my life. And I will never.
  6. khushi let her lips linger she had, she knew, never been able to deny him in her heart. from that very first time, when she had felt strong arms hold her, hard fingers grip her in the water, haul her up and when she had looked up and seen a piercing gaze in the bright sun in the dark room she started as the memory of that light dazzled.
  7. Posts about FF- CROSS CONNECTION written by Crystal Flames. PART- 39 Khushi! Khushi! Don't behave like a child, he said running behind her trying to catch her but Khushi started running around the pool giggling and soon she slipped and landed directly in the pool with a sound of splash while Arnav did a face-palm

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pain wracked the air. it stretched, it pulled, it mauled and scratched. it wanted to gouge out something. two people lay helpless in its violent rout of all things beautiful and sacred, of all innocence. khushi's mother was the woman who was there that night, the night it happened, she was the woman asr's mother had seen and lost all. Nikitaescortsdelhi company is providing Delhi Escorts and Gurgaon Escorts Services from last 10 years with full of Safety and Enjoyment. You don't need to arrange the room for your Dream Girl, Just call us and get your selected girl. I have already booked so many room in hotels of Delhi She unhooked her braletting her breasts fall freedraping her her bra over the chair, Khushi leaned back on the bench and started running her fingers along her arms Knowing that Arnav could see her movementshe let her hands run down her to her thighs and slowly back up to her midrif For Khushi.. Her life is living hell Spending a minute with her husband is such a rarity for her. Khushi felt alone in this world even if she has a husband and a family. Her son in laws, are busy with their works.. For sake, they will ask her join in their discussion. She most of the time spent her day in her room Always Together. Posted on May 20, 2015. Coming home early from office, Arnav started searching for his wife, Khushi. It didn't take him long to find her. There she was at the poolside, dressed in yellow and red salwar kameez adorned with gotas, with matching bangles, hair loose, looking as angelic as ever. She was watering the plants at the.

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Khushi looked at her sister as she asked this question. It was bedtime. Payal lay twirling her long tresses. Her eyes looked distant and she seemed lost in thought. Khushi's question pierced her thoughts and she jerked her head up. Her eyes narrowed. Khushi! I thought we had agreed not to talk about that. No jiji! I am just asking. Payal and Di heard a crash and came rushing out to find Khushi in a heap in the landing. Payal reached her first and cradled her. Anjali fetched water and they sprinkled some on her face. Khushi opened her eyes and remembered what had happened. Her eyes floated up to the picture above her and shock and grief assailed her

He was doing the same thing today, when suddenly a long lost voice whispered in his memory, 'even today, I am scared of fast cars' Just as soon as the unbidden memory flashed through his mind, Arnav instinctively slowed the car. It took him a moment to register and recall that Khushi was not even in the car. He let out few colorful curses Khushi laughing. Khushi smiling. Khushi talking animatedly. Khushi's hair flying past her majestically. Khushi breast feeding his daughter. Khushi under him when he made love to her. Khushi crying out his name in pleasure. Khushi crying. Khushi getting hurt from his accusations. Khushi shouting at him

Khushi watched her friend take an auto and she took one. An hour later, Khushi pushed open the door to her home and noticed the atmosphere was subdued. Her parents and Bua looked concerned about Lavanya. They had grown to like her as one of the family. Khushi made straight for her room and saw that Lavanya was sitting on the bed Khushi would be upset if he hadn't come . Crap if any of the kids didn't turn up today Khushi would be upset. He had given strict orders for everyone to be here . They had all better listen to him no one but no one was going to cause her any tears today. Khushi had started to chew her lip and bite her nails. The smile in her eyes was slowly. Devyani Raizada was sitting in the living room, her favorite Lakshmi was in her arms and though her hands smoothed her fur, it was more out of habit than love at the moment for her thoughts were far far away. Things seemed unnaturally calm around Shantivann and she felt slight shivers thinking about what might follow She is mine said Arnav, his voice shows honesty and sincerity.. Shashi kept his hands on him, indirectly telling him that he trust him. Khushi and Arnav smiled at him.. Arnav went towards and stood beside her, entwining his hands again, telling in her ears, YOU ARE MINE. THE END. Posted by Unknown at 23:45

When the past haunts - ArShi FF. Chapter 3 : Change for yourself, not for anyone else. Arnav awoke from sleep suddenly, his right arm instinctively reaching for Khushi , discovering her side of the bed empty. Startled, he sat up abruptly. Then he spotted her, seated cross-legged by the poolside doors, hands holding a container of channe but. Khushi sat near Garima. The rituals were mostly completed and soon they would take the body to cremate it. Khushi tried her best to ignore that leech but she was getting uncomfortable. After what he did he still got guts to eye me like this!!! Finally having enough of him, khushi went to her room, closed the door and locked it safely Both Asr and Khushi leave from that place in opposite directions. Khushi then takes her scooty and reaches to the place where her interview was to take place. Khushi:DM, pls my interview should go well. I should get this job. Plzz. Khushi does the interview very good and gets the job. CEO:Grt. Ur selected for the job. Khushi:Thank so much.

Hi everyone.. Loved the arshi collection.. Thanks to all.. Actually I read a arshi long back on some arshi ff blog but can't remember the name now.. If any one could help n name it. Hints.. Arshi meet for arrange marriage. Arnav falls for khushi.. He gives her nickname Bachcha.. Some issues.. Khushi leaves n moves to some city. We loved eachother from college. She lost her memory. Ok guys. So I don't want u to take this topic again. Ok . all proceed to their work Arshi reaches the cabin. Arnav: khushi this is ur cabin. Khushi: thank u so much arnav. Khushi had tears. Arnav: hey its ur brother's wish to be the md of this company. Khushi: really Posts about ARSHI ff written by simisanju25. Friday evening, as Shyam finished packing his weekend bag, Khushi slowly entered into their bedroom.For the last two days Shyam had avoided her. In fact, he had not spent the nights with her since that incident

FF- Arshi- True Love Is Eternal- Part 1 to 10. True Love Is Eternal. Arnav-Khushi. This story is about pure and true love and we all know True Love Is Eternal. Happy birthday sweetheart he said while pecking on her forehead. Both were on their bed and covered with a sheet Kyun gai tum? I had warned you not to go! Why did you go Khushi? her Amma had lost control. She slapped Khushi again and again. Her babuji tried to shield Khushi but her Amma had gripped Khushi tightly. Khushi had no answer. The memory of grip of the person with brown piercing eyes made her wince. u know..the 1st FF i read on MED was. Khushi closed her eyes but there was still no pain. He wasn't going to hurt her. She needed to believe. And as if her sixteen year old self had heard her, the younger Khushi stepped forward. Wish me too. There was confusion in eyes that weren't drugged with coke anymore. It was not a memory. It was a wish. It was hope. You mea Part 5. Arnav left for Delhi early in the morning, long before Khushi woke up from her exhausted sleep. Would you like to return with me? he asked Nani, Mami and Anjali. No, not when Khussi bitiyaa needs us, Nani replied. Our family has taken too much away from her, Chotey. Arnav nodded. I will return in a week

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DHRUV a girl shouted who was standing in the door. She was wearing black shorts and a white low neck T-shirt. Her curly hair were freely playing on her shoulder. Her jewellery was helping her to look more hippie. Dhruv was stunned by her look. At her every step was showing her boldness. She came near him and hold him by neck Awesome episode . . . . .waiting to see what Raman going to do and today I feel ishu got her memory back.your story line just superb.and your writing skill made me fall for your ff very much And succeeding too. At least I think so. But there is one area where I seem to be stuck. No prizes for guessing! Over the past decade or so, several times mere dil mein khayal aaya ki kuch aur karte hain. But somehow, ghoom phirke, ghadi ki sui wahin aakar atak jaati thi - IPK

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  1. e and I request the readers to adhere to the norms of copyright, respecting the authors creativity. Guys, I take my writing.
  2. Note:This story is my first FF and I'm the only one who hold all rights over it so don't copy or claim my hard work in any platform . Note:This is an ArShi FF based on the lovely adorable Jodi ArShi from #IPKKND but except for ArShi and Aman all charecters will be new and different from the show A real love story is what I'm willing to give so I hope each and every feeling willl be truly.
  3. Arshi FF :Dark Side _Chapter 7. Φ Φ . Sometimes the weight of tribulations burdens your heart and soul inexorably, sometimes you have no one to embrace your tired self and so you hold your being with your own familiar hands to prevent another excessive amount of pains , to stop missing your once old self while re_visiting a distant memory
  4. Arshi ff arnav betrays khushi for sheetal. Arshi ff arnav betrays khushi for sheetal Arshi ff arnav betrays khushi for sheetal.
  5. Khushi knew what that was like - to be alone, truly alone. Having lost her own parents at the age of twelve, she knew what it was to not only bear losses, but also to be left behind. This is probably the first ArShi FF where I am more intrigued about the extended relations than Arnav & Khushi What an emotional memory lane Khushi.
  6. Khushi looked around, she was kept under eyes in this farm house. The same farm house where he proposed her, same place where he asked for marriage and they got married as he wanted. She think about the day how her heart was restless that day, how there was a fear amidst of all the happiness she was getting or so she have thought

Khushi comes out of her thoughts after hearing Aman's voice and gets tensed. In the meantime one of the model walks upto khushi and asks her to walk with her to the ramp. Model : You are still here LA. Aman has asked to be ready and walk the ramp since you are the next after nisha. Khushi : See i am not the La. My name is Khushi Khushi exclaimed waving her hands in front of his face. Earth to Raizada! letting a night of too much booze and lost memory completely wash off of her body she stepped out and changed into her comfy harems and a peach top then began brushing her teeth. Anyway hope you enjoy the Arshi fanfics I send your way :). View my complete. Khushi tongue tied looked at Arnav, Arnav raised his eye brows at her, Khushi shaking her head 'voh Divoh hum dono ke cell ka battery down hogaya' Anjali teased 'at the same time' Khushi pressed her lips, Arnav smirked at her lame excuse.Anjali 'let it go Khushi.ask Chotte to come on Skype' Khushi 'Ji Di!!!

Even khushi and karan warning won't affect her. Many times khushi made an attempt to alerted her in past about his ill behavior toward her but Lavanya denied saying it could be her misunderstanding as she trust him more than her best friend. However, khushi had no proper evidence against him to prove him wrong so she give up at last FF- Arshi- FAIW- Chapter1 to Chapter 9. For All It's Worth. Arnav Khushi. Chapter 1. At two different corners of the world, two persons with complete different personalities blossom, only to meet later on. Either their meeting bind them forever or hatred seeps in them Khushi cringed at the cold, crude words, but before she could pull her hand away, a sudden image flashed in her mind. A woman stepped out, tall, with long hair, from the passenger side as a man got out from the other side. The man came around to her side and bent towards her face, holding the woman's hand

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She said that and then dragged Khushi out with her. Khushi gave a pleasing smile to Arnav showing him how happy she was for him not being able to corner her all alone in the kitchen and he had a wide smirk on his face clearly indicating that you wont be able to resist me for long Khushi.. Khushi and Anjali entered Nani's room After few hours, khushi regained consciousness. As she opened her eyes, she noticed two pairs of eyes staring at her. And they belonged to the father and son duo. Muskaan, who was looking at khushi's chart, saw how khushi was becoming a bit uncomfortable

So when Khushi took another step forward, she lost her footing and ended up twisting her ankle. Ow! she exclaimed in pain, as she lost her balance. Khushi shut her eyes tight waiting for the ground to hit her, but it never came. Instead she felt a pair of arms wrapping themselves around her back and waist, breaking her fall just in time His hands held Khushi's delicate wrists in a bruising grip as he leaned in towards her cowering form. Khushi was struggling but her fragile attempts to free herself were no match for his brute strength. Tears flowed freely down her face as she screamed for help, the club's loud music drowning out her cries

Arshi FF:Judaa by Sk arshi lover ( (part 3)) part 3: Arnav:ur a ford di ur cheating with ar industries ur cheating with me di. Anjali and all family members r shocked to hear dis. Anjali:no chotte why r u talking lyk dis. Khushi:arnav ji stop it hv u lost ur mind u think di can do di. Arnav:she has done it khushi Look at me, Khushi. She shook her head against his shoulder, and he thrust into her once, before pulling out until he was just barely lodged in her. Khushi. He could feel her writhing against him, the throbbing ache torturing her. She raised her eyes to meet his, her eyes glassy and swirling with a desire reserved for him Khushi could feel his hot breath on her chest and this sensation ticklish her and moreall this situation is making her arousedfirst, being with this strong man who is her husband, second, they are making this naughtiness in his respectful office and finally, the fact that she can't see what he's doing to hershe wants to see but now this became so sensual to just feelfeel deeply. Smiling faintly, Arnav holds her hand in the darkness. Khushi looks at him, her attention diverted from the darkness to the lingering hold of his hand over hers. He brings it up to his lips and plants a tender kiss on the back of the her hand. Khushi looks at Arnav's lips on her hand and a wave of thrill sweeps her Khushi gripped his shoulders and whispered his name in urgency. She tugged at the edge of his sweatpants with jerky, desperate movements and heard the low rumbling of laughter from him. Then he pulled briefly away pull them off and tossed the material on the floor. Her eyes adored the muscled planes of his chest

Chapter 12. 3:55 AM. It had been three days since he had heard that loathsome conversation featuring her and that fucker on the phone. Ooooh I miss you NK! I hate Mumbai! Come make me happy NK! I am soooo helpless in Mumbai! OOOH NK! He thought, almost snarling Character Sketch The main LEADS Khushi Kumari Gupta: or (Khushi Thakraal) She is 18. Lives In London. She belongs to an upper-middle class family. She is an adopted child of Garima and Shashi gupta. Her real parents were neighbors of the gupta's. Her real mother, Tejaswini Thakraal, died after giving birth to her, that i Khushi mumbled and looked at a thoroughly confused Arnav. My sister misbehaving with Shyam... impossible. Arnav refused while Khushi shrugged her shoulders. It's true. God knows what he must have told Di to make her shout at him. Khushi sank on the couch and looked at a silent Arnav. Chuckling slightly, she added Anyways I never thought I. khushi is so heartbroken tat her mother is qlso thinking like others.good tat arnav's mom supported her n encouraged her..hope arnav n khushi's path ll cross soonbut I think this separation is needed for them to know each other's importance in life n move forward. .hope they both together ll prove khushi's families ideology.

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& This is khushi to me, since her pyaar ka saagar changed its course, she too changed her course.. jo jaha ek ka wohi jaha dusre ka bhi. Khushi lost the love of her life. You managed to bring forth her grief and sense of loss without making it morbid. The list of Arshi FF s was bang on Thanks BM, forq&a session , i got to know a little. For a moment, Arnav was tempted to go back to his walking along isolated alleyways. The sight in front was an unknown memory, a familiar ache and longing pierced his heart as he stared Khushi pleading her brother while the boy hovering over her, his face stern, the boyish looks of sharp features promising an attractive man few years down the lane Night #5. Fifth Ave, New York. Hair damp, body tingling from the heady memory of Arnav's touch, Khushi halted mid stride as her shocked gaze encountered Aman's open appraisal, NK's discreet wink, and Arnav's carefully blanked face. Ummm she cleared her throat, What are you guys doing here? And suddenly she felt her own arms tighten against him, going up to his neck, cradling him against her - supporting him just as he had been supporting her as his sobs heaved her body now and Khushi felt his pain drench her, her own joining in as Mr and Mrs. Raizada spent the night in each other's arms - giving the other solace and seeking. Chapter Thirty Nine. The first thing Khushi did the next day was prepare for Arnav's return. It was important to her that everything went perfectly. She called up caterers and decorators, having them come to the house stat to discuss and prepare. Khushi also called the family and invited them to come over the day after

If I could get ybe access to see a glimpse of my most favourite ff , to relive through the moments.it would be a great . Eagerly waiting for your positive reply . Mail id: aymernair06@gmail.com. Ram said this on May 16, 2020 at 6:02 pm | Reply. Hi Aditi, most of Arshi fans cant get enough of Arnav and Khushi A new FF on Arshi - MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 36) Recap: Arshi in shimla for honeymoon. Kushi trouble arnav a lot by staying away. Kushi wakeup holding her head.. Arnav : finally. A growl ripped through his chest as he hauled her closer, binding her flesh against his hard body, grinding his erection into her pelvis, seeking aching relief for the fire that he always had burning for her. Khushi licked her way into his mouth, her tongue tasting him enthusiastically, and it was like pouring lighter fluid on embers episode 110 drink to me. what more could a man do to show he loved a woman, what more could a woman do to show that's all she wanted. the second episode of diwali and a story takes careful, mesmerised steps to the heart of it all, where the light burns brightest. yet in the same scene that takes your breath to another star, and you watch. He hold her Hands and kissed it and khushi looked at him with love filled Eyes, her heart is again melting after seeing him taking stand for her but her mind is saying to her, to Tease her husband while showing her anger, her anger melt at the time when he take stand for her but still her heart is hurt with the awful words he said to her last.

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light, crisp yet layered episode. the khushi off to office on first day with bua ji and payal scene pretty classic. lots of humour, bua ji's bent love, khushi's complex emotions of fear, excitement, nervousness, just plain nuttiness, and payal's love and concern finally eyes brimming over for her little sister. three really talented actors there Heart's A Mess: Chapter Twenty Three Part I. Three Years Later. Stop. The command came out, barely a whisper. Desperate, devastated and disbelieving all at once. This was a conversation that she had prayed would never transpire. She had stared out the wall of windows for the past hour, the voices filtering in and out in muted waves Borra Caves are one million year-old limestone caves and the deepest caves in the country. Situated in Anantagiri hills of Andhra Pradesh, the caves are situated at an altitude of 1400 m and occupy an area of 2 sq.km. Borra Caves is one of the best places to visit in Araku Valley Chapter 30. 11:11 AM. She had a sense of humor, that one, he'd thought somewhat sourly while straightening the cuff links she had left for him on the dresser. They were white gold Frankenstein's Monster heads. He had blanched when he had first seen them, and would perhaps never have worn them at all if not for her taunting him FF Let Me Love You - Part 33. Arnav's eyes met her's , a smile on his face as he watched her, every movement from the time she opened her eyes seemed heightened, her senses were sharper, and it was perceptive to every emotion that played out on her husband's face, his care seemed to have increased manifold in intensity as he treated her like a. FF Let Me Love You - Part 7. They broke apart from the hug, their foreheads touching each other, they stood there in the serenity of the moment, Khushi felt a strange sense of peace, something that she had never felt in all these years , she felt Arnav slowly pull apart, her heart protesting as she felt the warmth leaving her, she looked at.