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If all else fails and your Samsung ice maker is still not dumping ice, reset or test it. Do this by pressing the button on the side or front of the ice maker and holding it for a few seconds. A chime will let you know when to release it as the test to reset it starts. A chime will also let you know when it ends and if the test is successful It is the third main reason why Samsung refrigerator is dumping the Ice. Keep the glass or ice bucket in the fridge for 10 minutes if the buckets are not filled 2 to 3 cups it's mean that there is a problem with water pressure I have a 2.5 yo Samsung RF261BEAEBC/AA french door refrigerator. The icemaker has suddenly stopped dumping ice. The temperature is set to 2 degrees and the icemaker button is 'On'. When the reset button is pressed, the motor kicks in, the perfectly formed ice drops and the tray refills

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  2. utes to attempt to reset the ice maker control board/main control board. Removing power to the refrigerator can reset the ice maker if an unknown error has occurred
  3. Samsung Fridge Freezer not dumping the ice from the tray to the holder. It makes the ice but will not dump unless i press the test button then it will turn, dump and refill. The ice making unit is new. I had removed the old one due to a broken tray about 3 months ago so the freezer has been sitting with no ice maker and switched to ice maker lock

I have a model LMXC23746S refrigerator. The icemaker is not dumping ice into the storage bin. Water is flowing into the ice tray, the water freezes, but the is not dumped into the storage bin. I tried the test button and it operates properly - the ice is dumped in test mode If your ice maker is making ice but not dumping it, it is likely a bad connection (on the end of the ice maker once you get it removed, under a panel) or a bad heating element. The heating element warms up to allow the ice to dump. If this is broken your cubes will form but will stay in the ice tray. Click to see full answe This video confirms Samsung ice maker fix is for real.I know, it took a while, but it looks like the ice maker fix is really a fix!Thanks for watching!Stay t.. Samsung LG Fridge / Refrigerator ice maker not working, Ice stuck together. No ice. Solution, easy fix. Ice bucket. DIY. Samsung Ice Maker troubleshooting How to Fix an Ice Maker in a Samsung Refrigerator. My parts were from Appliance Parts Pros http://www.appliancepartspros.com . I am sure there are other gre..

Visit us at http://www.appliancevideo.comDo-it-yourself diagnostic and repair videos brought to you by ApplianceVideo.comApplianceVideo.com shows you how to. My Samsung refrigerator rf267aers will not drop ice to bucket unless I press test button. after I press test button it will drop ice and refill tray with water. Replaced ice maker . till have the same read mor Common solutions for: My Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker is not Making Ice 01 - Freezer Temperature is Above 10 Degrees F (-12C) If the freezer temperature is above 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12C), the ice maker will not produce ice cubes efficiently

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  1. If your freezer is producing 50 to 90 cubes per day try the following: Set the freezer temperature display to a lower setting. Freezer temperature must be 0°C for the ice maker to work properly. Make sure that the water valve on the refrigerator water supply line is completely open
  2. Samsung refrigerator rs261mdrs ice maker not working. After pressing reset and dumping the ice out, the ice maker filled with water. However; once the ice is frozen solid, it won't dump and start a new batch
  3. Visit us at http://www.appliancevideo.comRF28HMEDBSRDo-it-yourself diagnostic and repair videos brought to you by ApplianceVideo.com WA456DRHDSApplianceVideo..
  4. 1) Checked to make sure the ice maker is indeed on. 2) Water pressure: it's good. 3) Hit the reset button. It chimed, made 7 tiny ice cubes, and then stopped

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  1. Every few days, the ice maker stops an I have to fix it by pulling the frig from the wall, unplug, wait 30 seconds, plug back in, open the freezer and push the end of a paper clip into the cycle hole. The motor runs, the water fills and from there, ice will produce for approx 3 days and than stops working again.
  2. My grandparents have a 5 month old Samsung fridge that stopped dispensing ice about 2 days ago. It still makes a whirring sound but doesn't dump anything. We checked to make sure the trap door was opening, that's not the problem. The ice maker compartment won't open either
  3. Samsung Ice Maker Does Not Fill with Water - Quick Fix. The following are possible reasons why a Samsung ice maker does not fill with water, or gets water but not enough, and how to fix them: 1. Ice Maker Is Off. Take a look at the On/Off button of the ice maker if it has one. Be sure it is in the On position otherwise, the ice maker won't.
  4. or electrical malfunction caused it to stop making ice, ice production should return shortly after the ice maker is reset. Dump and Clean the Ice Bin The next common possibility for why you're not seeing ice down the chute is that it's stuck in the bin

Glenn, If the ice maker in your Samsung French Door Refrigerator stops producing ice, the lever of the ice maker may have gotten stuck. Check to see that it can move freely and nothing is blocking it. Here is a Samsung page that may assist you with your ice maker issues. Samsung refrigerator french door ice maker reset. If nothing solves your. RSH1DBRS - Ice tray does not fill with water. 26-02-2017 10:15 AM in. I have a Samsung RSH1FBRS american style fridge. All is working fine except that the ice maker has stopped making ice. The water dispenser is working fine and i have tried the test button in the ice maker unit and it all works ok except for the ice tray which is not being. How to Troubleshoot the Icemaker on a Samsung Refrigerator RF267AARS. Samsung's RF267AARS French-door refrigerator is a feature-heavy model, with perks such as a twin cooling system, a two-minute.

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  1. Kenmore Appliances Repair - Sears Home Services Mar 06, 2019 · Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice. If the ice maker itself is jammed. You can try and thaw it out. The ice maker may not be allowing the auger to dump ice. Unplug the refrigerator and carefully use a hair dryer to thaw it out. After thawed, plug back in and see if the ice maker will cycle
  2. Samsung refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice is a common issue experienced by many Samsung refrigerator owners. Usually, the Samsung refrigerators with French doors have this issue of the ice makers not dumping ice. The problem is so common that there was even a class-action lawsuit against Samsung regarding this issue
  3. Samsung refrigerator ice dispenser issues. If your Samsung refrigerator stops dumping ice, accidentally dispenses crushed ice, or makes ice that tastes bad, there is usually a simple solution. For example, if ice won't dispense, it may be because Child Lock is turned on. Or, if your ice tastes funny, you may need to change the water filter
  4. If the ice maker in your Samsung refrigerator gives only water and no ice, do the following: 1. Be Sure There Is Ice. It is possible the ice maker has no ice to dump in the ice bucket. That means the ice maker is not making any ice. 2. Make Sure to Select Ice

Samsung refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice Ice makers have a way of malfunctioning just when you need them the most, whether it's a hot summer day or right before a gathering. Fortunately, most reasons for a Samsung refrigerator ice maker not working don't have to be addressed by a professional You'll hear the motor running, and a small amount of water will dispense at the end. Models, sequences, error codes or settings will vary depending on location and. Samsung ice maker is Off: if you samsung refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice. Then, check the simplest factors first. The ice maker may not function if it's off. When the ice maker is off, a dark icon will appear on external ice dispensers. You need to click and hold the icon for 3 seconds in order for the ice maker to run Samsung refrigerator ice maker does not discharge ice, It makes ice OK, but does not discharge out the door. It is a model RF4287HARS, serial # I02043BC800516W read mor Alright so here is the problem that iam having i have had with samsung RS2530BBP ive had this fridge since '09 about a month ago i started noticing a decrese in the amount of ice the ice maker provided. At this point it still was working i could hear it fill the tray, and at times hear it dump the ice

If the ice maker is in good working condition, ice should dump into the ice bucket during the test cycle. So if ice does not drop and water does not enter the ice maker, it is likely to be defective. After the test, there should a second chime, indicating that the test was successful and the ice maker is working fine I have a Samsung RF217 refrigerator and the ice maker has ice in it but will not dump the ice and go through its cycle. Pushing the reset button causes the sensing arm to move down and then up, but the ice does not dump

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No ice comes out of the ice maker. The ice is in there, but your fridge is not ejecting the ice. And when you really wanted an iced drink, this can be a real bummer. Ice is one of the greatest luxuries of the modern world and we go through a lot of trouble to have fridges with built-in ice makers for the convenience of ice cubes on the go Samsung Refrigerator RH22H9010SR/AA-0000 Ice maker not making ice Ice maker not making ice is the most common symptom for Samsung RH22H9010SR/AA-0000. The instructions below from DIYers like you make the repair simple and easy. Many parts also have a video showing step-by-step how to fix the Ice maker not making ice problem for Samsung. Common solutions for: My Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker is not Making Ice. 01 - Freezer Temperature is Above 10 Degrees F (-12C) If the freezer temperature is above 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12C), the ice maker will not produce ice cubes efficiently. The freezer temperature should be set between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to -15C) for the. I have a Samsung RS261MDBP that is not making ice. I had a ref. guy suggest replacing the ice maker so I did and still not making ice. I can hold the reset button inside the freezer and the tray will spin and drop ice than rotate back and fill with water but after all is frozen it will not drop the ice My samsung refrigerator model rf217acrs ice maker won't dump without pressing the reset button. Water pressure is very good (sprayed all over kitchen when tested), temp at 0 F, no filter inline. Samsu read mor

Samsung Refrigerator RS261MDWP/XAA Ice maker not making ice Ice maker not making ice is the most common symptom for Samsung RS261MDWP/XAA. The instructions below from DIYers like you make the repair simple and easy. Many parts also have a video showing step-by-step how to fix the Ice maker not making ice problem for Samsung RS261MDWP/XAA Samsung Refrigerator RF266ABPN/XAA Ice maker not making ice Ice maker not making ice is the most common symptom for Samsung RF266ABPN/XAA. The instructions below from DIYers like you make the repair simple and easy. Many parts also have a video showing step-by-step how to fix the Ice maker not making ice problem for Samsung RF266ABPN/XAA Reset the Ice Maker. Sometimes, a Samsung ice maker not working properly requires a reset to resume ice production. Refer to your user manual for the exact steps to reset the ice maker on your model refrigerator. Performing a Samsung ice maker reset generally includes the following steps: Remove the ice bucket 2. Ice Maker Isn't On Or Receiving Power. Another reason why your Samsung fridge might not be making or dispensing ice could be that the ice maker isn't on in the first place. Alternatively, it could be that the ice maker isn't receiving power for whatever reason.. As you might expect, a fridge with an ice maker that's off will not be able to produce or dispense any ice at all, even.

4 year old Samsung refrigerator. It has the ice maker IN THE DOOR. about a year ago, there was a clicking for about 10-20 seconds before it would dump the ice. Repeated clicking, like a solenoid. I replaced the main board, but the clicking continued, and the ice making continued...for awhile. About 6 months ago, it quit dumping ice Best Answer. There is usually an arm attached to the ice maker that raises as the ice fill the bucket below. If this arm is in the raised position, it will not make or dump additional ice. Advertisement. Some ice makers heat a little so they can release the ice to dump. This heating element may be burnt out Samsung Ice Maker Making a Clicking Noise - Quick Fix. If a Samsung ice maker is making a clicking noise, it means the ice maker is not functioning properly. There is probably an internal wiring failure or the ice maker just does not work anymore. The noise comes from the machine trying to run but is unable to do so I have a Samsung RS2555SW fridge/freezer that developed a problem with the ice maker. I started finding frozen water on the things in my freezer, and after some troubleshooting, found that what is happening is this: - Fridge fills ice tray with water - takes a while to freeze it - ice does not actually dump out of the tra

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Samsung RS model fridge ice maker not filling with ice. QUESTION: I reset the ice maker on my Samsung RS Refrigerator as it was not working properly. I am not getting any ice cubes. The ice maker tray does not fill with water. I used a blow dryer on it to apply heat to the water line. This was to melt any ice that may have formed in the water line Every freezer comes with a way to reset the ice maker. This technique can be used to fix an ice maker that won't make ice, but it can also be a way to stop an ice maker from making excess ice in some cases. The issue, however, is that the way for resetting the ice maker often differs from model to model

An ice maker could suffer from various problems that would prevent it from ejecting ice. Ice Cube Ejector Gear. Read your refrigerator's instruction manual for directions on how to locate the ice cube ejector gear. The ejector gear controls when the ice is released. This is made out of two plastic cogs that must mesh together Refrigerator ice makers can sometimes get stuck or stop working, requiring maintenance. This has tips if your Samsung refrigerator ice maker will not dispense ice. Menu Ask a Question Share a Post Account Searc

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  1. Samsung refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice is a common issue experienced by many Samsung refrigerator owners. Usually, the Samsung refrigerators with French doors have this issue o
  2. Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice - Canada - Popular Search Terms. Full-size refrigerators allow for maximum cubic-foot storage space for foods that need to be kept cold
  3. Samsung appliances are crap in my experience. The ice maker on my 2 year old fridge was freezing over and leaking on the floor. After about 12 back on forth calls and emails between Samsung and their horrible local repair shop it was able to be repaired under the class action lawsuit claim Samsung has about the issue
  4. Empty the ice tray and let the unit run for 24 hours. If fewer than 50 cubes are produced during the 24-hour test, then your refrigerator requires service. Close the Ice maker flap. Click to Expand. If your freezer has an ice maker, it may be possible for warm air to enter each time you open the door of the freezer

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Also, how much ice does a refrigerator make? Typical refrigerator ice maker will produce from 3.5 to 6.6 lbs per day. Typical refrigerator ice makers will hold from 4-11 lbs per day.. One may also ask, why won't my Samsung fridge make ice? If the ice maker appears to not be making any or enough ice, low water pressure or a faulty water filter may be to blame I have this same refrigerator and ice maker. The ice maker will work fine for a while. Then it will get stuck during the rotation of the ice tray. There are ice cubes in the tray and the machine will rotate the tray to dump the ice but, the ice doesn't drop and the motor will click After learning the ice maker to my Samsung refrigerator stopped working, I began the search of finding a replacement. There were many sites that had the part needed but the prices were a bit steep. I ran across AppliancePartsPros.com and found their prices way below the other sites. I was a bit hesitant at first but decided to go for it

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1 Open the freezer door. 2 Lift up the front of the ice bucket and pull it towards you. 3 Once the ice bucket is removed, locate the test switch beneath the front of the ice maker. There are three different styles of test switches used in Samsung Flex Tray Ice Makers: • Raised, square-shaped, white plastic button Icemaker Not Dumping Ice Before you call the repair service, you may be able to troubleshoot and repair an in-freezer ice maker that makes, but doesn't dump the ice cubes. This is a page about icemaker not dumping ice. Refrigerator's Ice Maker Leaking Water If your refrigerator ice maker is leaking water, the first step is to locate the source No the problem was that even though the ice maker would make ice to the tray it would not cycle (meaning it wouldn't even try to dump the ice from the tray) So the actual process of making ice and dumping works fine it just won't even try to dump the ice once it is made The way I know this is bc when I hit the reset button (basically forces. Why samsung fridge not making ice In line with manufacturer specifications, Samsung refrigerators should make about 120 ice cubes per day. If your beloved Samsung refrigerator ice maker is not dumping this amount of ice cubes per day, then it needs some technical servicing

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I have an RFG237 refrigerator, and recently, the ice maker will not dump ice. samsung refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice. If you buy an item through the links on this site, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. You'll hear a response tone when you press the button and another tone at the end to indicate the ice maker is. Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice. June 9, 2021. Kenmore Refrigerator Reset Button. June 1, 2021. Where Is The Defrost Timer Located On A Frigidaire Refrigerator? May 29, 2021. 2 Comments . Sheila 9 months ago Reply. I love ya this site very good imput I found it very easy thanks a lot. Sheila mccarth

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Currently, Samsung does not have a recall in place for any of its refrigerator models when it comes to the ice maker issue. However, there is a Facebook group of more than 6,400 members calling. Unfortunately, Samsung allegedly did not offer to repair and replace the ice makers or fridges and instead left it up to consumers to remedy any problems they experienced. The suit claims that Samsung knew of the ice maker issues - because the company itself sent out a technical service bulletin - but neglected its responsibility to fix the. Replacement ice makers and parts. If all the above did not work to fix your problem, you may need to replace the complete ice maker or other parts that go to the icemaker. Ice makers can range from $40 to $200 US dollars. There are many different new and OEM ice makers and ice maker parts for your refrigerator freezer above To reset the ice maker using this switch, remove the ice tray and the cover plate from the front of the ice maker, which you should be able to do by simply pulling it. Turn the switch off; then unplug the refrigerator and leave it unplugged for 5 minutes. Turn the switch back on when you plug the refrigerator back in, and the ice maker should.

Samsung provided tech with new ice maker, install fee came under tech's first repair. Worked for about 6 months and failed. Work around has been to have ice maker fill bin then cut ice maker off until it's empty. Helps reduce the leaking water and the somewhat frosty ice cubes Ice Maker Not Making Enough Ice. If you are still getting ice cubes but it's not as much as before, your line may be in the beginning stages of freezing up. Check for a frozen line. Ice Maker Leaking. Perhaps your ice maker is making ice but it's leaking water in the freezer or leaking onto the floor The ice maker is making ice and there is water being dispensed it hasn't failed, but yesterday a rhythmic knocking sound started in the ice maker area. It went on for hours. In researching this I found it's a common issue for Samsung and French Door refrigerators with the ice thru the door, but it seems that no one has narrowed down the fix Refrigerator Icemaker Not Dispensing Due To Clumping Ice. Your dispenser may not be dispensing due to clumping ice cubes. The ice cubes in your icemaker may be clumping for a couple of reasons: Low food load: The defrost cycle radiates heat into the freezer. The ice in the freezer will naturally absorb the heat

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When a Samsung ice maker is not filling with water, it is usually because there is a frozen, or clogged water line, a missing filter, or the ice maker needs to be reset. When you are troubleshooting your ice maker, you will need to consider these common problems first, and then move on to more advanced problems If you did not connect the water line to the refrigerator, then you should not experience any leaks. Samsung does recommend turning the ice maker off if there is no water line connection. This is to ensure there is no internal damage from the ice maker trying pull water from a disconnected line. ^Jecca If the refrigerator still makes a sound while the door is open then you should call a technician to track the problem for you. Fixed Samsung refrigerator noise stops when door open. Check out Samsung refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice Ice Maker Does Not Make Ice 1 Make sure the bail wire above the ice tray is in the down position. 2 Check the water supply line. 3 Check the tap valve. 4 Check the solenoid. 1 Lift the bail wire to shut off the ice maker, and remove the ice bin. 2 If the problem persists, consider replacing the ice maker and valve Dump the clumped ice into your sink, and check the bin periodically if you don't use the ice maker regularly. If the ice bin is full for long periods, the ice on top weighs down on the bottom.

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Why did my Samsung refrigerator stop making ice? Shut off the water valve that feeds that water-dispenser and ice-maker lines. Remove the ice bin and dump the ice out in the sink. Pour 3 to 4 cups of white distilled vinegar into the ice-maker and dispenser lines with a small funnel and allow it to soak for five to 10 minutes to break down. Unplug your refrigerator to turn off the power to the ice maker.You do not have to remove the contents of the refrigerator or freezer because it should remain cold for the short length of time you'll have it off.Lay a towel beneath the ice maker.Remove the ice bin and dump out any ice inside Wait a while and then press the crushed ice button on the refrigerator, followed by the ice cube option. This resets the unit. In some cases, there may not be enough water flow to the ice-making.

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Samsung Refrigerator RF238070 and ice maker. Close. 2. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Samsung Refrigerator RF238070 and ice maker. Water will dispense but ice will not. It feels like there is ice in the tray. I cannot remove the ice tray at all. There is kind of a handle in the front and I lift the tray up but it will not pull out Reference DRS30DSMB, Doris,Thoroughly check the ice maker to be sure there are no blockages or similar. â Dane O. I have a Samsung R237 French door, just over the warranty, 14 months, go figure. How do i check to see if the ice dispenser is getting water? The ice maker has a small solenoid valve that controls water flow. So I checked and the ice was getting stuck on top of the ice maker. What. Samsung Refrigerator Model RF266AASH Parts. Samsung Refrigerator Model RF266AASH Parts are easily labeled on this page to help you find the correct component for your repair. Filter results by category, title and symptom. You can also view diagrams and manuals, review common problems that may help answer your questions, watch related videos, read insightful articles or use our repair help. It's an unfortunate reality of owning a refrigerator with an ice maker. On the bright side, ice makers are also relatively simple machines that, for the most part, all operate the same way How to Test the Ice Mold Heater. T here are two types of ice makers, those in which all of the parts can be individually replaced and those in which some of the parts are clustered together into a control module. To determine which model you have remove the outer face plate. If there is knob, pull it off first, then pry off the face plate with a small screwdriver

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If your Samsung refrigerator stops dumping ice accidentally dispenses crushed ice or makes ice that tastes bad. Refrigerator ice maker not working? Refrigerator Ice Machine Not Working Refrigerator With Built In Ice Maker. Learn how to use update maintain and troubleshoot your LG devices and. If the door switch fails. FAIRBANKS Alaska Workers. The ice maker's water filter is located inside the refrigerator at a height higher than the ice sink. For you to exchange the filter, you must disconnect the water supply or preferably completely disconnect the fridge. We hope that now you are not facing the LG Ice Maker Tray Not Turning problem. Please do comment with your questions or. LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working: Possible Causes Choosing an LG bottom freezer refrigerator is not far-fetched. Being one of the most reputable brands in the world, it has become a norm to see some of the best productions in the appliances industry from the brand

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The ice hopper isn't that big either. On my other other refrigerators, I could use the ice maker to fill an ice chest in the morning and then it would replenish itself by the afternoon. I even pondered not fixing the ice maker, because it is so worthless even when it is working correctly. I really like my Samsung refrigerator and the design of it Oled 4K TV, Melanie, i have the in-door icemaker and a model LMX25988 refrigerator, so experience! Sensor shows a fault the same problem Samsung lg lfx28968st ice maker not dumping ice maker itself fridge door or in the fridge or! Phone, when you register our LG product for a year, more often if lg lfx28968st ice maker not dumping ice have the Why is my new samsung refrigerator not making ice In line with manufacturer specifications, Samsung refrigerators should make about 120 ice cubes per day. If your beloved Samsung refrigerator ice maker is not dumping this amount of ice cubes per day, then it needs some technical servicing The tap connection can get clogged and not let any water into the ice maker, which would cause a lack of ice production. When we first bought our house, I used one of the cheap connectors and the ice maker never really worked right. Blomberg refrigerator making intermittent loud knocking sounds coming from the ice maker. Hot Network Question

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A really good refrigerator ice maker will produce 8 to 10 cubes every 90 minutes. In this case, your ice maker should cycle around 16 times each day yielding around 130 cubes in a 24 hour period. This estimate will vary depending on the ice tray size and actual cycle time of your specific machine After installing this ice maker which I found very easy the Samsung refrigerator still did not make ice in the bottom freezer. The top ice maker works fine. So, after further troubleshoot I removed all the items out of the freezer and uninstalled the new ice maker in order to use a hair dryer for about 10 minutes to unfreeze the waterline that. After you have installed your refrigerator it will take 6 to 12 hours for the fridge-freezer's ice maker to produce ice. You should throw away the first three batches of ice cubes that the ice maker dispenses (approximately 30 cubes) to ensure that all the ice cubes you use are made from clean water Truly pathetic design, but it isn't worth replacing the entire refrigerator just because Samsung doesn't care to redesign what is obviously a poorly designed or implemented ice maker. This will be my last Samsung refrigerator no longer how long it lasts because of my disgust at having to spend $130 to replace an ice maker every year

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A common problem is that your ice maker stops dispensing ice or water. If you notice this happening, first make sure that there is sufficient flow of water into the ice maker.Check the water pressure going into the ice maker.If the pressure is too low, the water will not flow into the ice maker to make the ice That'll keep your ice maker looking great, and prevent the build up of dirt and stains. Often, all you need is a damp cloth. To get rid of dried spills, a touch of soap and warm water does wonders Refrigerator ice maker assembly DA97-07549B is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that fits some refrigerators in these series: Kenmore Elite 401; and Samsung RS265, RSG-257, RSG307 and RSG309.. Ice maker assembly DA97-07549B includes the ice mold and the control device If the ice maker is faulty and your refrigerator is model number Samsung RFG298HDRS, you will need part number SAMSUNG DA97-07365G ASSEMBLY ICE MAKER. Newly Installed Dishwasher Does Not Drain Out Water - Remove Plug On Garbage Disposal, How To Fix A TV Screen That Is Zoomed In - Picture Size Adjustment 27 Results Brand: Samsung Ice Maker Features: Ice Maker Clear All. Sort by: Top Sellers. Top Sellers Most Popular Price Low to High Price High to Low Top Rated Products. Get It Fast. Samsung BESPOKE 4-Door Flex French Door Smart Refrigerator with Beverage Center and Customizable Panels. Samsung 18 cu. ft. Smart Counter Depth 3-Door French.