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  1. Diet and Nutrition In the wild, blue-fronted Amazons forage on fruits and berries, leaf buds, and blossoms, as well as seeds and nuts. It's also believed that they eat some proteins. Like all parrots, blue-fronted Amazons need a varied diet that mimics their natural foods
  2. What does my Amazon parrot naturally eat? Amazon parrots eat a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, and vegetation in the wild. They will clamber from branch to branch while feeding instead of flying. They especially treasure the fruits of the African oil palm tree native to their environment
  3. The typical diet of an Amazon parrot in the wild consists of seeds, berries, nuts, fruits, and vegetation. These parrots are often spotted in the wild hopping from branch to branch in search of nature's treats
  4. Amazon Parrots should be provided a high-quality, suitably sized parrot / bird mix, supplemented with various fruits, green foods, millet spray, and occasionally some mealworms is generally regarded as suitable. I would look for preferably organic or at least all-natural dry bird mixes
  5. The Blue-fronted Amazon is a species that is easily pleased and will eat just about anything put in front of it including a diet consisting of sunflower seed and water. This type of diet however is poor and will lead to many health problems for any Blue-fronted Amazon kept on such a diet for long periods of time
  6. A should be favoured. These include par-boiled carrot, red bell pepper (cooked or raw), broccoli and cooked sweet potato. Whole young plants of dandelion and sow thistle are very valuable from spring to autumn and seeding dock is excellent during summer and early autumn

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  1. Diet and Nutrition Amazon parrots eat a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, and vegetation in the wild. As a pet, your Amazon should eat a balanced, formulated pelleted bird food and fresh fruits and vegetables. Feed approximately 1/3 to 1/2 cup of pelleted food and 1/3 to 1/2 cup of fresh fruits and vegetables daily
  2. Amazon parrots are stocky birds with rounded, short tails. Members of genus Amazona typically range from 12-15 in (30-38 cm) in length. The plumage is mostly green but other colorful markings are seen in various species. For example, orange-winged Amazons have a large orange patch on the underside of their wings
  3. Amazon parrots require a high level of responsibility and commitment. They are loud birds, and demand a lot of attention and interaction from the people in the household. If kept healthy, the parrot can live as long as 60 years. Parrot owners can prevent most common diseases by cleaning and maintaining the bird's.
  4. Amazon parrots seem to relish the texture of food almost as much as its taste, and especially seem to enjoy Lafeber Nutri-Berries and Avi-Cakes. A properly cared for Amazon parrot that consumes a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet can live up to 60 years. Amazons Love to eat
  5. Blue Fronted Amazon General Info. Like all the other Amazon parrots, the Blue Fronted breed is a popular and widely loved pet bird. With their fun and energetic personality, their fantastic talent for talking and quirky, goofy behavior, the Blue Fronted Amazon parrots have a lot of traits that you will love

What do blue-fronted Amazon parrots eat? The Blue Fronted Amazon's diet should consist of a combination of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and pellets. Bowl one, a good quality seed mix should be offered along with mung beans, safflower, wheat, oats, and buckwheat. Bowl two, pellet should be offered (pellets available at Birdsville) Blue-fronted Amazon is required to adopt a reduced-fat diet made with most commercial parrots. Lots of fresh produce is also an important food ingredient for these boys. Do not eat your parrot unless you have previous veterinary approval. Regular physical exercise is also important for extending the life of the blue-fronted Amazon

Compared to many other parrots, such as the senegal parrot, the Blue Fronted Amazon parrot is a very mild mannered bird. However, it can become moody as an adult and may bite, especially during molting. The Blue Fronted Amazon parrots, when compared with other birds like, the Eclectus Parrot, are quite amazing talkers Amazon parrot cages must not be too confining, so get one that your pet will be able to feel comfortable in. You will need dishes for food, water, and treats. Bird Cages: An Amazon parrots cage best suited to adequately house a single Amazon bird would be between 39- 59 (100-150 cm) high and have a floor space of 23x 39 (60 x 100 cm). This. Amazon Parrots Amazon parrot species commonly kept as pets include yellow naped Amazon parrots, double yellow headed Amazon parrots, blue fronted Amazon parrots, orange winged Amazon parrots, lilac crowned Amazon parrots, Mexican red headed Amazon parrots, white fronted Amazon parrots and the mealy Amazons They are AMAZONS and will act like an amazon parrot and fit the same known characteristics as all amazons, you must accept this or do not own an amazon parrot....get a cockatiel or keet. Different variations of the species An often erroneous mislabeled bird is the Blue Fronted Amazon

A pet blue-fronted Amazon enjoys a varied diet; this can include a seed mix or dietary pellets, fresh fruits and vegetables. They do enjoy occasional chicken treats Amazon Parrots eat a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits, berries and vegetation in the wild. They will clamber from branch to branch while feeding instead of flying. They especially treasure the fruits of the oil palm. Amazons are vulnerable to calcium and vitamin A deficiencies and obesity The Blue-fronted Amazon Parrots Amazona aestiva are very sociable extroverts, they love to showoff. These pretty birds have long been popular as pets and are one of the most commonly kept Amazon species. They are mentioned in literature written well over 100 years ago This is not common in these Amazons. They do however still require a fair amount of mental stimulation. Housing for your Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot. The cage that you purchase must be as large as possible; As a rule the cage size should be a minimum of 48 x 30 x 3

In the wild, blue-fronted amazons eat fruits and berries, leaf buds and blossoms, and seeds and nuts. Make sure to rotate fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet in addition to their pellets. Blue-fronted amazons are prone to obesity and hyper-thyroidism so nuts and seeds should be added sparingly Its diet in the wild mainly consists of seeds and fruits. The size of the blue-fronted amazon is generally between 12-15 inches (30-38 cm) from the top of its head to the tip of its tail. Although amazon parrots are excellent at dodging predators in the wild, they can become prey to larger birds Feeding In the wild, The blue-fronted Amazons forage on berries and fruits, blossoms, seeds, and nuts, as well as leaf buds, and blossoms. It is also believed that protein is also part of their diet. Blue-fronted Amazons require a variety of nutrition that mimics the natural foods they eat BLUE FRONTED AMAZON PARROTS NUTRITION AND DIET Blue Fronted Amazon parrots have a tendency to become obese so it is necessary to limit their intake of seeds because of the fat content. While they do eat seeds in the wild, domestic birds are frequently given too much seed in their diet Amazon parrots are stocky birds with rounded, short tails. Members of genus Amazona typically range from 12-15 in (30-38 cm) in length. The plumage is mostly green but other colorful markings are seen in various species. For example, orange-winged Amazons have a large orange patch on the underside of their wings

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Previous Post PRIME TIME BIRDS - THE BLUE-FRONTED AMAZON PARROT Next Post The Budgerigar (Keet) FAQ. 14 thoughts on SAFE AND UNSAFE FOODS FOR BIRDS Abhishek. M says: Parrots eat raw food not steamed and processed. Berry's, flowers, medicinal bark and yes certain veggies and seeds. The right seeds in the flesh of fruit I have a Blue Fronted Amazon for over 20 years now. Abouth 6 months I changed his diet to Harrison's pellets after years of seeds. Ever since I put him on this diet my bird is urinating like crazy What do parrots eat in the wild? In the wild, parrots will eat a wide variety of foods depending on the species. Most parrots are omnivores but tend to feed on seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Some parrots may eat insects and other vegetation like blossoms as well. How much do parrots eat? The amount a parrot eats depends on its size Many things can affect the individual life spans of blue-fronted Amazon parrots, namely medical problems. Some health-related problems they are susceptible to are avian poxvirus, parrot disease or psittacosis and excessive weight gain, all of whic.. Blue Fronted Amazon, @ 28 yrs old, male. Recently started regurgitation, nothing leaving his mouth, seems to be on - Answered by a verified Bird Veterinarian We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website

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Do blue fronted Amazon parrots make good pets? Temperament, Diet, and Care Tips. Blue-fronted Amazon parrots are among the best-talking birds kept as pets. They really enjoy spending time with their human flock, which is why they make excellent pets. This bird is a larger parrot, so you will need to provide it with lots of room and your. The Amazon parrot is one of the most long-lived one among parrot species. With proper care and nutrition, an Amazon parrot can live up to 50 years and even more. In reality, you can find many abandoned Amazon parrots in adoption centers. Because of their long life- expectancy, a lot of owners cannot continue to take care of their pet birds

05-22-2012, 05:16 PM. IcyWolf. Senior Member. Parrots: ~Alexandrine Parakeet~2 Red Lored Amazons~Blue Fronted Amazon~Black capped conure~4 Green Cheeks~4 Parrotlets~2 lineolated parakeets~9 American budgies~9 English budgies~ And lots of babies :) Join Date: Jul 2011. Location: Etters, Pa The Blue-Fronted Amazon is a medium-sized parrot with a green body and a yellow face. They have blue feathers around the beak and yellow and red patches on the shoulders. Their feet and beak are dark gray. Size. Adults can reach a length of 37.5 cm (15 in.). Weight. 400 to 550 g (14 to 19.25 oz.) Diet. They feed on seeds, fruits, nuts, berries.

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Blue Fronted Amazon humping+eatin Yellow naped nape amazon parrots are one of the finest talking species.Handfed baby yellow naped amazon parrots are some of the best talkers in the parrot world, even compared to african greys they can be better talker One of the most popular types of Amazon in the U.S. is the Blue-Fronted Amazon. There are many types of Amazon parrots. Yellow-Headed, Orange-winged, and the Lilacine Amazons, and these are but a few of the many many different species of Amazon. All Amazons are predominately green, with different accent colors depending on the species Top 10 Pet Amazon Parrot Question #5. Do Amazon parrots learn to talk? Yes, many Amazon parrot do mimic human speech. According to experts, the best talking species tend to be the blue-fronted, yellow-naped and double yellow-headed Amazons Keep Attachment Issues in Mind Blue-Fronted Amazons are special parrots and do not breed with just any one of their kind. They look for that special someone and may be choosy about who it is most of the time. Confirming their gender is the first step, because both male and female Blue-Fronted Amazons look the same

We are new parrot owners we have Blue fronted Amazon 5 month old. All of above questions are great. Where can we see answers to them. Amazing. My amazon is just starting to eat this and I only wanted a small bag again but I guess I can't get it. I have watched you from the beginning and have Chet's videos. Love the videos you make Blue fronted amazon for sale. $ 900.00. Blue fronted Amazon parrots are among the best-talking birds kept as pets. They have brilliant coloring, and each bird has distinct feather patterns to go along with its extroverted personalities. Known as comedians and feathered show-offs, they are an entertaining bird LENGTH. 38-43 cm. The Yellow-headed amazon, also known as the Double Yellow-headed amazon, seems to be the best known of the Amazon parrots. This species has a yellow nape as well as a yellow crown, which is why it has double-yellow in its name. The yellow color increases with age and some birds have completely yellow heads when they are just.

Amazon parrots (Amazona) are a bird that possesses blunt, short tail feathers. Amazon species have long and pointed feathery tails like macaws. Red-lored Amazons love to take baths, which is an important part of their feathers health. Amazons love food a lot and encourage exercises and movements of all kinds Blue Fronted Amazon Yellow Naped Amazon Yellow Headed Amazon Orange Winged Amazon Yellow Crowned Amazon Cockatoos: these methods will work. These techniques will work just as well for a Parakeet, Conure, Amazon, Cockatoo, African Grey, or Macaw. let your parrot eat as much as it wants to so that it can maintain a healthy weight. Be sure. The Blue-fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva) is also known as the Turquoise-fronted Amazon and Blue-fronted Parrot. Its name derives from the distinctive blue marking over its beak. Blue-fronted Amazons as Pets Distribution / Range. The Blue-fronted Amazon is one of the most common companion parrots, and a favorite pet bird in the United States 2. Amazon Parrots. These birds are native to the Amazon jungle that comes with a variety of subspecies. The average price is between $600.00 and $3,500.00. Here is a breakdown of the cost of the subspecies of Amazon parrots in 2021: Blue Fronted Amazon is between $2,200.00 and $3,600.00 Although the Amazon parrots can be a bit of a challenge to breed, the rewards of working with Amazons are great. Factors that contribute to the success or failure in breeding Amazons include age, health and compatibility of breeding stock, caging, type of nestbox provided, diet, climate, and aviary management

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Blue Fronted amazon parrot (Turquoise-fronted amazon parrot) has been kept as pets for centuries and is highly regarded as a companion bird. Our babies are a very intelligent and imaginative bird. They long for the company of their owners and sometimes tend to become aggressive if it is left alone for extended periods. Also, an unattended bird has a tendency to chew on the household furniture The smallest amazon parrots are the White-fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons) and Black-billed Amazon (Amazona agilis) that are both 10 inches in length. In the United States, the White-fronted Amazon is available to purchase as a pet.The largest amazon parrots is St. Lucia Amazon (Amazona versicolo) that is 17 inches in length Congo African Grey Timneh African Grey Amazon Parrot Price: $500-$2,500 These popular birds native to the Amazon jungle come in a wide variety of subspecies and an average price tag of $1,500. Blue Fronted Amazon Lilac Crowned Amazon Mealy Amazon Orange Winged Amazon Panama Amazon Red Head Amazon Red Lored Amazon Spectacle Amazon White Fronted. Like all parrots, the blue-fronted amazon should never be given chocolate or avocado to eat, as it can be toxic or even lethal to them. Teflon or non-stick pots and pans which overheat can also pose a health risk factor and be toxic to pet parrots as well. Additional information Thanks: 962. Thanked 500 Times in 400 Posts. Re: Can parrots eat duck eggs? lol duck eggs are huge, taste stronger then chicken eggs, just don't feed the yolk as its so rich, but its not really important that they have egg, as you can feed protein from other sources, nut gets a bit of egg white once a wk if that, lol

The Amazon Rainforest is a birder's paradise with over 1500 described species of rainforest birds. Amazon Rainforest birds include famous species like the brilliantly coloured scarlet macaws, iconic toucans, and powerful harpy eagles mentioned in the rainforest birds article. Here, I present a selection of some well known but also lesser known species with notes about behavior and how they live There are several species of the Amazon Parrot that are most commonly kept as pets, including the Blue-fronted Amazon, Orange-winged Amazon, Yellow-headed Amazon and Yellow-naped Amazon. Amazon Parrots express themselves verbally by mimicking human voices and sounds, which is one reason they have become a popular household pet Teaching Your Parrot To Talk. Explains How To Teach Your Parrot To Talk This item: HARI Tropimix Premium Enrichment Food For Small Parrots. $17.57 ($4.39/lb) In Stock. Sold by One Way Pet and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Hagen Tropimix Bird Food for Cockatiels & Lovebirds, HARI Parrot Food with Seeds, Fruit, Vegetables, Grains, Vitamins & Amino Acids This Amazon is mostly a green birds, but gets its name from a bright yellow patch that develops on the nape of the neck. The Golden Yellow-naped Amazon is very similar to several other Amazon species that also develop yellow markings. One of these very popular Amazons is the Double Yellow-headed Amazon Amazona oratrix

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Wiping - Parrots, like most birds, wipe their beaks after eating, especially if the food is wet or slightly messy (banana, for example). Some parrots wipe wet beaks as a means of marking territory. Biting. This is always an unwelcome behaviour, and is a sign of aggression, over-defensiveness or fear MEWTOGO Large Parrot Toy - Multicolored Wooden Blocks Tearing Toys for Birds Suggested for Cockatoos African Grey Macaws and Amazon Parrots. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 2,139. $20.99. $20. . 99. Save more with Subscribe & Save. Get it as soon as Tue, May 4 Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot, Turquoise-fronted Amazon Parrot Scientific name Amazona aestiva Origin and History. The Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus, was the first to record the blue-fronted Amazon parrot in the zoological archives in 1758. The species has a very wide distribution. There are wild populations in Buenos Aires Care of Birds. Birds. Parrots. What does an Amazon parrot eat? Asked by Wiki User. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered 2012-02-16 16:33:14. seeds cause they are good for them funny birds. 0. The blue fronted Amazon parrot (Amazona aestiva) is one of 27 species of Amazon parrot. They are very intelligent birds that form a strong bond with their owners. Growing up to 15 inches tall, and living to over 60, this bird is a life long joy and commitment

WINGSPAN. 20 cm. The Yellow-naped amazon is one of the Amazon parrots and is considered by most as a Yellow-crowned parrot subspecies. It has a green forehead and crown with a yellow band across the back of its neck. Yellow-naped amazons are prized for their playful personalities and talking ability Do parrots eat meat? Parrots are considered omnivores, which means that they eat meat and plants. Most of the time, parrots will eat much of their diet on seeds, buds, seeds, flowers, insects, and vegetables. These birds have very strong beaks, and so they can use their beak to open things such as seeds and nuts so they can eat whatever is inside Blue Fronted Amazon Yellow Naped Amazon Yellow Headed Amazon Orange Winged Amazon Yellow Crowned Amazon Cockatoos: take a look at how I taught my parrots to eat pineapple. You can safely remove the food from the cage for 3-6 hours prior to training for any kind of parrot, do the training with treats, then put the parrot back into the.

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Amazon Parrot Facts. Amazon parrots are highly intelligent birds, very outgoing and renowned talkers. They adapt well to captivity, adjusting easily to their cage or aviary. Amazons require a great deal of mental stimulation. Without the proper attention, social interaction and toys, an Amazon parrot is prone to behavioral problems Amazon Blue Front Parrot - Very healthy male bought from a reputable dealer in Chicago as as a baby. Will include the cage, carrier and remaining food. View Details. $2,300

The Blue-fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva), also called the Turquoise-fronted Amazon and Blue-fronted Parrot, is a species of a parrot and one of the most common parrots kept in captivity as a pet. Its name derives from the distinctive blue marking over its beak. The range of the Blue-fronted Amazon extends over Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and. Blue fronted Amazon Cuban Amazon Double Yellow headed Amazon (1.5 - 2 inches) and then place in the aviary or cage. This will give them fresh tasty greens to eat and some birds will dig into the soil and nibble on the plant roots. Lightly water the grass and some birds will roll around in the wet grass. Amazon Parrots - Aviculture. Amazon parrot is the common name for a parrot of the genus Amazona.They are medium-sized, short-tailed parrots native to the New World ranging from South America to Mexico and the Caribbean.. Most amazon parrots are predominantly green, with accenting colors that depend on the species and can be quite vivid Amazon-parrots are the best talking parrots that you can get as a pet and the double yellow headed amazon and blue fronted amazon are definitely some of the best and most intelligent of the species. Native to South America, Mexico and the Caribbean, the average life expectancy of amazon parrots is a whopping 40 to 80 years

Amazon parrots comprise many parrots that range in size from the small spectacled (white-fronted) amazon to the quite sizable double yellow-headed and mealy amazons . They are more challenging pets and many species are more appropriate for people experienced with handling parrots. Some males can become aggressive when they reach sexual maturity Yes, parrots can eat meat, but it should be served as a supplement to meals and not as a diet staple. In the wild, parrots mainly eat a plant-based diet. However, they are omnivores and enjoy eating insects occasionally. It is safe for your parrot to eat meat as long as you do not overdo it Feather Plucking. This is not common in these Amazons. They do however still require a fair amount of mental stimulation. Housing for your Blue fronted Amazon. The cage that you purchase must be as large as possible.; As a rule the cage size should be a minimum of 48″ x 30″ x 30″; The cage should be situated in a part of the house where the bird will have a reasonable amount of contact. Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot. The blue fronted Amazon parrot (Amazona aestiva) is one of 27 species of Amazon parrot. They are very intelligent birds that form a strong bond with their owners. Growing up to 15 inches tall, and living to over 60, this bird is a life long joy and commitment Blue-fronted Amazon's average height is 14 - 15 inches from head to tip of the tail and weight average being half a pound to just under a pound. The Blue-fronted Amazon also called the Turquoise-fronted Amazon and Blue-fronted Parrot, is a species of Amazon parrots and one of the most common parrots kept in captivity as a pet or companion parrot

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COOKING BEANS FOR PARROTS. Though the article focuses on parrots, the same foods may be offered to most seed-eating birds. The cooked beans can be mixed with cooked brown rice or whole wheat bread crumbs. For birds that eat their food whole — like doves — first grind the larger beans before mixing them with bread crumbs to form a granular meal The Blue-fronted Amazon is a mainly green parrot about 38 cm (15 in) long. They have blue feathers on the forehead above the beak and yellow on the face and crown. Distribution of blue and yellow varies greatly among individuals. Unlike most other Amazona parrots, its beak is mostly black Amazon Parrot Eggs For Sale. Order Amazon parrot eggs online from us and incubate till it hatches, our Amazon Parrot eggs are tested to be fertile. Buy Amazon Parrot eggs online from us and get guaranteed delivery with an incubator and a handbook. Amazon Parrot Eggs quantity. Add to cart Blue-fronted Amazon The Blue-fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva) has always been a popular choice amongst pet owners and aviculturalists world wide and it's not hard to see why. As an aviary bird its character and charm is irresistible and as a pet bird it's great pet qualities, talking ability and colouration make it highly sought after

Blue fronted Amazon and eclectus parrots for sale. Immingham, North East Lincolnshire. £1,500 . I have a male blue fronted amazon 4 year old, and a female eclectus parrot 3 years old, these are very good friends so selling together, they come with a large... preloved.co.uk . Report. 2 days ago The Blue fronted Amazon Parrot prefers a large aviary of at least 3 metres and up to 5 metres long. A suspended cage should be 3000 mm long, about 1200 mm high and 1200 mm wide (10 x 4 x 4 ft). To help relieve boredom and as a way of providing exercise, suitable bird toys can be placed in the aviary Blue fronted Amazon parrot female with papers Forfar, Angus Blue fronted Amazon parrot in very good health with perfect feather Condition aged Three years and four months old , prefers women Semi tame ,will feed from hand eats a healthy diet ,including fruit and vegetables.. So, I do enjoy eating them..but am very careful to clean the kitchen area and utensils etc. so that my birds are not accidentally exposed. I too have heard of parrots eating avocado with no ill effects. (In particular, Amazon parrots who frequent someone's backyard in Florida.) It is possible that some species are more resistant than others

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Oct 28, 2018 - Melbourne Based We Specialise In Hand Raising Friendly Pet Birds And Parrots We Also Have a Freight Business Transporting Birds and Animals Throughout Australia.! You Have The Choice To Buy A Pet Bird Only Or The Complete Pet Bird Package With Bird Cage, Stand, Toys, Seed, Pellets and Dietary Info Delivered to you Male double yellow headed Amazon female blue fronted amzon. Wolverhampton, West Midlands. £1,500. 2 Beautiful parrots for sale! Male double yellow headed Amazon - 13 years old - ringed - £1500 Female blue fronted Amazon - ringed - £600 All papers included... preloved.co.uk Pandora - Blue Fronted Amazon June 2, 2012 March 6, 2016 Anna Adopted! Meet Pandora 0r Pandi for short. she is most definitely not a bird for a first time parrot owner. I pretend to eat everything before I give it to her and while she will take it, she tries to bite in the process and than starts mumbling, I catch myself chuckling and.

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Blue-Fronted Amazon The Blue-fronted Amazon is a South American species of Amazon parrot and one of the most common Amazon parrots kept in captivity as a pet or companion parrot. Its common name is derived from the distinctive blue marking on its head just above its beak Blue Fronted Amazon. This advert is located in and around Bristol, Avon. I am looking for a baby/youngBlue Fronted Amazon parrot as my 15 year old won has gone so I do know how to care for them. This advert has no user uploaded images or video Blue-fronted Amazon parrots are among the best talking bird species. Smart and sociable, they can perform tricks and thrive on personal interaction. Article by The Spruce . 77. Amazon Parrot Bird Species Parrot Cage Parrot Toys Pets Your Pet African Grey Amazon Birds Blue £750 Hi, I've got a beautiful very tame Blue Fronted Amazon available. His name is Charlie, he is around 3 years old. Charlie loves playing with bells and rope toys, he also loves all fruits and will demand to eat anything you eat! Charlie always wants to be included in everything. He is close rung, Charlie has never nipped me and will not bite once he's got your trust. He is great with both. The majority of birds must be at least 6 to 8 weeks old before they can leave their mothers. Confirm advertiser has CITES Article 10 Certificate Certain birds such as the African Grey Parrot, certain Cockatoo's (such as the Yellow-crested, Moluccan and Goffin's Cockatoo), some Macaws (such as the Military and Scarlet Macaw) and some birds of.

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