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1992 Pontiac Firebird Comments: There were only small changes for the 1992 Firebird, the last year of the 3rd generation. GM added some adhesive to the joints and panels of the car's structure to quiet squeaks and rattles, and the Performance Equipment Group boosted the TPI 5.7 liter V8 to 230 bhp. Production: Engines: 3.1 liter V6 135 bhp The number of choices and ability to personalize your Firebird created many rare combinations of early 3rd-Gen cars. Model year production numbers for 1982 were an impressive 116,364 units, as compared to 70,899 in 1981 General Third Gen Tech Data1992 Pontiac Firebird 1992 Firebird History1992 Firebird Production Numbers 1992 Firebird Drivetrain List 1992 Firebird Pictures 1992 Pontiac Firebird History Final year for third generation platform. 1992 provided few changes in the 1992 Pontiac Firebird models. Mid-year tuned port injected cars received blank throttle body plates rather than the TUNED PORT. All convertibles from 1987-1992 were made by ASC, along side the Camaro Convertibles. The Production versions of the Convertibles were not available with the L98 (350 engine). All 87-90 Firebird convertibles have a VIN of a coupe. Base information: Scala, George W. 2000. Pontiac Firebird 1967-2000. Iconografics pp 61-85

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Thirdgen Fest '21!! -. -. Thirdgen Fest is held every Memorial Day weekend in Crete, IL (about 35 minutes south of Chicago). This year it is Friday and Saturday, May 28th and 29th. (It will be pushed back to Sunday or Monday in the event of rain.) 2021 is our 20th year and we hope to have a great year to celebrate the 20th anniversary In addition to Firehawk No. 24, Bruce has also owned a few other unique Third- and Fourth-Gen F-bodies, including a '91 Trans Am 1LE, a '92 Formula with a transplanted LS1 engine, a '98 Formula. According to our research, 1993 marked the Firebird's sales nadir. The fourth-generation Firebird got off to a slow start, with Pontiac selling just 14,112. Of those, 5,005 were Firebirds, 3,986 were Formulas, and 5,121 were Trans Ams. Sales jumped to nearly 46,000 cars the following year, almost twice the number sold in 1992

3rd Gen History Tech Data RPO Decoder VIN Decoder Members Calendar Help The ATGO Technical Data Section contains information on 82-92 Camaro and Firebirds including production numbers, car specific data, weight, and engine data. Thirdgen Tech Data . Car and Year Specific Data: Production Firebird Firebird Convertible Formula Formula 1LE. Firebird Central is a service friendly parts distributor specializing in 1967 thru 2002 Pontiac Firebird products. From sheetmetal and exterior to the final interior touches. We offer premium quality orignal style or new fresh to the market custom items as well. Firebird Central stocks many GM nos parts inclusive to all Firebird makes and models 1967-1969 Pontiac Firebird History (1st Generation) Introduction: Having watched first the Ford Mustang and then the Chevrolet Camaro enter into the pony car market, Pontiac finally got into the act in the middle of 1967. The Firebird was offered with both six and eight-cylinder engines, like the Mustang and Camaro, and was based heavily on the Chevrolet Camaro chassis fbodystore.com (865) 630-1158. learn more. first generation. firebird/camaro. 1967-1969. second generation. firebird/camaro. 1970-198

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The Third Generation Camaros were manufactured in Norwood Ohio ('82-'87) and in Van Nuys California ('82-'92) and resulted in a production run of over 800,000 cars. The six generations of Camaros are as follows The third-generation Firebird was a little shorter than its predecessor—89.8 inches, a reduction of 8.3 inches. It was also 1 inch narrower, coming in at 72 inches, and .5 inch lower, at 49.8 inches. Contributing to the wedge look was a windshield sloping back at 62 degrees, unusual for its severity - Firebird and camaro's 3rd generation ('93 to '97) - Firebird and camaro's 4th generation ('98 to '02) - Last production year numbers: 200

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Pontiac introduced a convertible version for the Firebird's fourth generation in 1994 as a 1995 model year and raised the bar against its main rival, the Ford Mustang. The pony-car war never ended. The following versions and sub-models of Pontiac Firebird 3rd-gen. Trans Am Coupe were available in 1986 (5 versions, see below for more details): Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 5.0 liter V8 5-speed (man

After the dismal sales year of the shortened 1990 production, total production more than doubled in 1991 to 51,184. Unfortunately this is not a trend that would continue through the final year of the third-generation Firebird in 1992. Firebird. Though only 12,612 base Firebirds were produced in 1990, production of the model was up to 38,112 for. With the addition of high-quality shocks, struts and tires, installing the WS6 suspension package will result in an excellent handling budget-based Third-Gen Firebird The 5 pilot cars were randomly pulled from the production line in Van Nuys so they weren t all white. There were 4 cars that were made that were not white. One car was converted by ASC (GNX, ASC McClarren, 3rd Gen convertible, etc.) into a convertible for PAS president Jeff Beitzel Third Generation Pontiac Firebird (1982 - 1992) pontiac firebird trans am gta 1987. albi.

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With all 3rd-Generation F-Bodies becoming popular in the marketplace, there is a definite interest in the 1987-1992 GTAs in particular. It has become well-known that 1) the GTAs were the most fully equipped F-Body models produced during the 3rdGen production run, and 2) the Third-Gen cars are on everybody's short list of still-affordable. PERFORMANCE. SUSPENSION. BRAKES. DRIVETRAIN. WHEELS. Home Sitemap Andy's Parts Smarts Vehicle Specs F-BODY VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (VIN) DECODING. Your Andy's account is now active and you're logged in. All available coupons will be applied automatically in your shopping cart A: Due to production difficulties with the redesigned 1970 model Camaro, the 1969 model year was extended through December 1969, well beyond the conventional end of model year. When the 1st of the new second generation Camaros started arriving in the showrooms in February of 1970 some people and some dealers called the car a 1970 1/2 Camaro The third-generation Camaro lineup was defined largely by the engine package in three tiers: A base model, a midrange model, and the top-of-the-line Z28 model. 1982 Camaro Engines - The Ceasefire Engine. Only the LG4 returned from the second-generation Camaro for the beginning of the newest iteration of the model

The simple answer: there weren't. All 1990 IROC-Z's were built up until the end of 1989 for the 1990 model year. When Dodge took over sponsorship for the IROC series, production of the IROC-Z Camaro ceased. This is why there were so few 1990 IROC-Z's. All 1990 IROC-Z Camaros were built in 1989, not 1990 Production of the third-generation convertible totaled just 24,367 units, less than 2% of the total Camaro build during the 1982-1992 time frame. From 1993-2002, (fourth-generation), popularity of the Camaro convertible spiked to 65,886 units, almost 11% of total production 8th digit: Engine : See specific year (camaro info) for breakdown. 9th digit: Check digit - used to verify that the VIN was recorded correctly. 10th digit: Year: B = 1981 11th digit: Letter indicating assembly plant L = Van Nuys, California, N = Norwood, Ohio 12th through 17th digits: Sequential production number starting with 100001

Cornered - 1983 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. When the all-new third-generation Camaro came out at the dawn of 1982, the Z28 was the slickest piece of work on the road: nose down, tail up, striped and be-spoilered like a muscle machine built a dozen years previous might've been. The Firebird's aero-slick shape, monochrome-and-black paint scheme and. 1989 Camaro Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) codes: Vehicle Indentification Number Example: 1G1FP2181KL100001. Commonly refer to as the Vin Number, this series of numbers and letters is stamped on a plate. on the top of the instrument panel visible through the windshield 5,013. 4,164. 5,614. 81,299. *** This manufacturer is now publishing only quarterly numbers for this market. Monthly figures may be averages. For more about the Camaro, browse our Chevrolet Camaro.


Quarter Mile. 14.4 sec @ 98.0 mph. The 1996 Camaro doesn't look much different from the 1993 version that marked the introduction of the third-generation body style. But that doesn't mean there aren't quite a few differences, particularly, under the hood. Though it was introduced in 1995, the new V6 was mainly limited to California that year The fourth generation Firebird debuted for the 1993 model year, and with it came an all-new SLP Firebird Firehawk as well. A sleeker, more aerodynamic and handsome body graced the Firebirds, and of course, the Firehawks benefited from the same. 201 Firehawks were built for the 1993 model year, far more than for the 1991/1992 model years SECOND GENERATION: 1970-81. The Camaro's second generation was its longest and arguably its most tumultuous. It could also be heralded as its most successful. It got off to a rocky start when a strike significantly delayed production of the all-new Camaro. In fact, many refer to the 1970 models as 1970-1/2 cars because of that 454 Big Block Engine talk, 2014 Camaro Z/28 Dyno Numbers, Angela's Z/28 Vin #5, and GM Ride and Drive

The sportiest of the early 3rd gen cars, the Camaro Z28 offered more aggressive styling cues along with somewhat more focused suspension tuning. The following year the Z28 added a four-speed autobox and a five-speed manual to its options list, along with an exclusive H.O. version of the 5.0 V8 that boosted output to a healthy 190hp 1970-81 Firebird History. The 1970 model is known as the 1970 ½ model. There was a delay in the production of the 1970 Pontiac Firebird due to engineering and tooling, leading to the introduction in February 1970. It is now known as the 1970 ½ model. It was available in coup only

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A New Generation. When the fourth generation F-Body debuted as 1993 models, the Firehawk came along for the ride. A new, sleeker and more aerodynamic body was part of the redesign for all Firebirds, including the Firehawks. 201 Firehawks were made for 1993, and the second generation Firehawk would live on until the final year run for the Firebirds There is one type of VIN for fourth generation Camaros. (See below for links to other years) 1993-2002 CAMARO VIN (Example: 2G1FP22P1P2100001) Vehicle Identification Number Example: 2G1FP22P1P2100001 First Digit Nation of Origin: 1=USA, 2=Canada Second Digit Division: G=General Motors Third Digit: 1=Chevrolet Fourth Digit: F=All model First Generation Firebird > 1968 Pontiac Firebird Page > Technical Information > Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N Firebird = 2 3rd digit: Model/Engine number: 3 = All 1967-69 models 3 = Standard model (1970-71) 4 = Esprit V8 (1970-71) Sequential production number starting with 600001 for L6 models and 100001 for V8 models The 2019 Camaro also brings the new GM 10-speed automatic transmission for SS models, the Rear Camera Mirror, third-generation infotainment systems, and various other enhancements The G92 Performance-Optioned 3rd Gen Camaro (Not Your Typical IROC-Z) John (Trae) King's rare 1990 G92 optioned Camaro with the 230hp 5.0 LB9 TPI 5-speed and the DX3 Decal & Stripe delete option. Many believe that 1985-86 ushered in the rebirth of American Performance. With the introduction of GM's 5.0 liter 305ci small block TPI (Tuned Port.

2nd Generation Chevy Camaro VIN. Just like '67-'69 Camaro VIN's not a lot can be decoded from a '70 or '71 Camaro VIN. However, starting in '72 Camaros had the engine code in the VIN. There are 3 different types of VIN's for second generation Camaros. Also starting in '81 Camaros went to a 17 digit VIN Note: for a list of Exterior colors by year and other exterior color details, including special paint designation, RPO and window sticker codes, and related stripe and top colors, see the Exterior Colors section of the Numbers/Decoding page. Camaro Color Usage. Shared Corvette and Camaro Colors. 1969 Camaro Hugger Orange. 1967-1969 Camaro Stripes 1 Response to August 2009 Camaro production and sales numbers. Outsells Mustang for 3rd straight month! 1 | 2009 Camaro 2010 Camaro New Camaro forums, SS Z28 news, reviews, wallpapers, pricing - Camaro5.com » Blog Archive » 2010 Camaro makes list of Top Five Hardest Cars To Ge Synopsis. The Trans Am GTA (Gran Turismo Americano) was the flagship model of the third generation Firebird, which was redesigned for better handling and fuel economy.. In contrast to previous models such as the 1977 Trans Am, its styling lacked any flamboyant graphics in order to resemble the subtlety of the SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft.To distinguish it further from regular models. 22337 is the model number. 1st digit is the GM division number. 2 = Pontiac 2nd digit is the series number. 2 = Firebird 3rd digit is the model/engine number. 3 = All firebirds manufactured in 1967. 4th and 5th digits are the body type and number: 37 = 2dr coupe 67 = 2dr convertible 6th digit is the last number in the model year i.e. 196

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1st digit is the GM division number. 2 = Pontiac. 2nd digit is the series number. 2 = Firebird. 3rd digit is the model/engine number. 3 = All firebirds manufactured in 1967. 4th and 5th digits are the body type and number: 37 = 2dr coupe. 67 = 2dr convertible. 6th digit is the last number in the model year i.e. 1969 Firebird VIN Decoding. 1967 models have the Vehicle Identification Number located on a stainless-steel plate riveted to the left door jamb on the hinge post facing. 1968-71 models have a plate visible through the windshield on the driver's side dash panel. 8th through 12th digits: Sequential production number starting with 600001 for 6. First Generation of Firebirds. The first generation of Firebirds was relatively short-lived, lasting from 1967 to 1969, but this generation made a mark, setting up many more generations.. The first Pontiac Firebird models came in either two-door coupe or two-door convertible options. Though firebirds were built on the Chevrolet Camaro's platform, they were constructed using different parts. The 2nd & 3rd rows contain 1977-78 T/A's from Yatming, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Racing Champions/ERTL. The 4th row has the Matchbox variations of 1979 Trans Ams including a Bandit T/A. The 5th Row has 3rd generation T/A's. The last row has a 1973 T/A Sizzler, a 4th generation Firebird funnycar, and a Banshee

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  1. Other areas to check are at the rearmost part of the block, just above the oil filter. The number on the left is a partial VIN. It translates to 1=Chevrolet, 9=1969, N=Norwood Assembly, last 6 digits of the vehicle's VIN. The number on the right is the engine code, translated as V=Flint engine assembly, 10=October, 12=twelfth day, FL= 327ci.
  2. I added a page for the SD engine unit numbers. It shows an interesting correlation between the engines and the VIN of the car. 73/74 SD 455 Engine Unit Numbers I have added a new Registry for the 1970 to 74 Firebirds. Check it out. 1970-74 Firebird Registry NEW I have added a registry for the 1975-76 455 Trans Ams. 1975-76 TA 455 Registry.
  3. Mecham flush mount Wing for Gen4 Firebird / Formula / Convertible A superbly styled, flush mount profile providing much improved down force. 4-port extractor / ram air Hood for 1998-2002 Camaro The most aggressively styled, functional hood available for your Camaro. Uses natural flow to extract underhood heat
  4. Joined Oct 16, 2006. ·. 2,348 Posts. #2 · Nov 11, 2006. To answer the original question...yes they do. Now, you didn't state if it was the front sub frame or the rear unibody frame. It is a 21 year old car and it is possible for them to rust out
  5. This 1990 Camaro IROC Z—in perfect condition in electric blue and with only 204 original miles— took $49,500 earlier this year. This one, an even more pristine example, took $59,400. When it.
  6. This special version of the Firebird was first released in 1993 at the start of the Fourth, and final, Generation and had a few different iterations until the end of production in 2002. Marketed as an extra performance car, it put out 300 horsepower, had 17-inch tires, and gained several small changes to increase aerodynamics and performance
  7. White Lightening 3rd Gen Firebird. Here it is folk's the 1986 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM. Originally built by Trevor Zammit and now in the capable ownership of Daniel Attard. This car has had some major upgrades done, we will start with the engine. 350cuin (5.7 litre) Small Block, converted to 4 bolt main with milodon main caps, forged pistons.

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  1. Q: 1967 Five Group Accessory Code System Need help decoding the following for a 1967 Convertible, if anyone could help out i would really appreciate it. i noticed that running the vin # and body tag number on oakmediacreations firebird page the production numbers of the vehicle didnt match one another
  2. Interestingly 1989 was the First year a US Dealership could order T-top and a 350 Engine in a firebird. Since all Convertibles started as a CC1 (T-Top) car and converted by ASC 1989 would also be the only year to get a 350 powered Convertible for the Firebird. 1989 Firebird Convertible production figures From 1989 ASC order logs
  3. g from the Van Nuys plant was built on August 28, 1992; after which the plant was shuttered, and eventually demolished
  4. Expanded coverage from the Third-Gen Camaro Parts Guide inside the August 2018 Goodguys Gazette. Next gen muscle is officially here to stay and making its way to the top of the food chain already are third-Gen Camaros and Firebirds. These once maligned, Melaise-era muscle cars have been reborn t

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Rare Bird: 1988 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA Notchback. Nathan Avots-Smith. There's an upside to writing about muscle and pony cars: just when you think it's all been seen and said, another special edition that you'd forgotten about, or never even heard of, comes out of the woodwork. Here's one such little-known variant, the one-year. 1989 Pontiac Firebird T he 1989 Pontiac Firebird came as a 'base', Formula, Trans Am, and Trans Am GTA. With a wide range of engines and options, the Firebird spanned several price points, ranging from $12,000 - $20,400. New this year was a special limited-edition model called the 20th Anniversary 'Indy Pace Car' version of the GTA which came with a high-output V-6 sourced from the Buick GNX A: It is a lot easier to type LS1 instead of 1998-2002 Fourthgen Camaro/Firebird. In 1998 GM introduced the LS1 engine into the F-bodies, that same year they also put bigger brakes and a few other goodies. I am just using LS1 as an easy way to identify the 12-inch, dual piston caliper brake setup on these cars GM came back with an encore performance with a complete F-body redesign for 1993, yet with the same bones as the third-gen Camaro. It was a looker and a handler with more power on tap The Firebird lineup was reduced to just three models in 1993, the base, Formula and Trans Am, but engine options were available in twos. A 3.4-liter version of the same V6 that had been used in the third generation model featured 160 horsepower. The second engine offered was 275 horsepower LT1 version of the original 5.7-liter small-block V8

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Third Generation Chevy Camaro VIN Decode. There are two different types of VIN's for third generation Camaros. (See below for links to other years) 1982-86 CAMARO VIN. Vehicle Identification Number Example: 1G1AP87H4CN100000 First Digit Nation of Origin: 1=USA, 2=Canada Second Digit Division: G=General Motor Since there are no production numbers for that combo here is a way to try to calculate how many black 6 speed convertibles were produced in 1994. There were 4,932 Convertible Z28's produced in 1994. Of the 40,940 Z28's (coupes and convertibles) that was able to get 6 speeds only 8,742 got one which is only 21% 1967-02 Firebird VIN Decoder. The Firebird VIN Decoder can be used to find basic body characteristics of Firebird models, including body style, engine size, model year, and assembly plant. Information courtesy of Classic Industries. October 22, 2012 - Sneak Peek: Classic Industries prepares its '56 Convertible Bel Air for SEMA 2012 Both this and the 3rd gen Camaro were proposed to be put on front wheel drive platforms but the idea was scrapped. Computerised Engine Management was still in it's infancy and as saving fuel was the primary objective, it was impossible to have high power and torque numbers. They did, however, managed to cut enough weight from the design that it.

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The third generation of the F-body platform, on which the Camaro was built, was shared with Pontiac in the Firebird model, and the Formula and Trans Am models of the F-body also got the tuned-port. Use only a first gen Camaro, Firebird, or up to 74 Nova PS pitman. You can't use any of the late pitman arms on an early Camaro. According to articles, pre 1980 boxes have a .760 input shaft, 1980 and up boxes have a smaller .670 shaft and require a smaller coupler #7826542 from a 77-86 pickup 1. Black. 5.0 Liter V8. 56,890 miles. This 1985 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am has a very vintage style with terrific factory pieces, like the two-tone paint, Recaro seat interior, and desirable WS6 sports suspension Join Date: Jan 2007. Location: Buffalo, NY. Posts: 31,873. View My Garage. 2016 and 2017 Camaro Build Counts! Thanks to the Camaro Team for compiling this data for us! Enjoy! Camaro build counts.pdf. 2017 ZL1 Numbers.. 3rd-Gen Camaro Parts for Restoration & Repair. We carry an extensive collection of parts for your 1982-92 Gen 3 Camaro including accessories, supplies, manuals, and literature. With a catalog containing over 5,000 items, Rick's has the Gen 3 parts you need to keep your classic running strong. Applied Filters : Camaro Gen3

You could argue that the 1969 Camaro ZL1 is the most valuable production Camaro in existence. The Cortez Silver Camaro ZL1 pictured below is number 66 of 69 built through 1969, and one of only 12. The Third Generation Firebirds took flight with three models: Firebird, Firebird S/E, and Firebird Trans Am. The Firebird was the base model, equivalent to the Camaro Sport Coupe; the Firebird S/E was the mid-trim-level version, which could actually be loaded with as many options as the Trans Am; and the Trans Am, of course, was the performance. The third-generation Chevrolet Camaro was introduced for the 1982 model year. It continued to use General Motors' F-body platform and would produce a 20th Anniversary Commemorative Edition for 1987 and 25th Anniversary Heritage Edition for 1992. These were also the first Camaros with factory fuel injection, four-speed automatic transmissions, five-speed manual transmissions, four-cylinder. Well over halfway through its third generation, the C10 Chevy truck proved to be a favorite among enthusiasts and with the Silverado name attached to it, the C10 offered truck buyers more than just a solid workhorse. These trucks were equipped with the amenities that appealed to the modern driver. Building off the solid foundation of the full-size Chevy truck platform, the C10 mixed the. Camaro Engines Through The Years Long Live The Third Generation. Fifth Generation Camaro Camaro Zl1 Z 28 1le Hagerty Articles. 15 Best Chevy Camaros Of All Time. Buyer S Guide 1982 1992 Chevrolet Camaro Motortrend. Camaro 1999 Hugger Orange Production Numbers Ls1tech Camaro And. History Of The Iroc Z Camaro. 1981 Camaro Parts And Restoration.

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