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Posted November 1, 2008. Don't panic. Unless you have a very very small puppy, the pup probably weighs 5000+ times more than the fly. So it would take quite a few flies to get to a lethal dose. But I agree with others, prevention is a good idea. Or use a pet safe repellent spray such as the citronella blends used in stables Keeping your pet safe while using Raid When you get Raid Ant & Roach Killer or another Raid pest control product, make sure you first read the label on how to use it. In general, when spraying insecticide, do it while your pet is outside or in another room. Keep the windows open when spraying Hello. So I have a pug, and I just found a roach and sprayed it with raid. I didn't use too much and I picked it up and flushed down the toilet. When I went back to the place the roach was my dog was eating something that was next to it. I didn't see what it was, something small probably some dust fluff or maybe a piece of food

If the insecticide was applied, simply bathing your dog with dish washing detergent before the product has been absorbed may be enough to decontaminate him or her. In cases where the insecticide was ingested, it will need to be flushed out of your dog's stomach It depends on the kind of fly spray. Most fly sprays nowadays are either synthetic or natural pyrethroids ( the natural ones are a derivative from a flower that grows in Kenya ). Those in itself are only harmful to cold-blooded creatures like inse.. In fact, the use of fly bait is regulated by the government due to its danger to household pets and wildlife. The toxic chemicals cause severe symptoms and can lead to permanent injury or death. Seek emergency care for your pet immediately if you believe he has ingested insecticide or other toxins Dog Eating Grass Sprayed with Roundup Herbicide According to studies from the Extension Toxicology Network, around 15% of dogs suffer from severe adverse reactions to grass that has previously been treated with Roundup

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Pesticides should not be used outdoors when a dog is present, as this is one way poisoning can occur. If the dog has come into contact with a very small amount of pesticide, such as a whiff of spray from a spray can, general irritation may occur and may not be a cause for alarm Cat has eaten dying fly which had been sprayed — Digital Spy. Help! Cat has eaten dying fly which had been sprayed. As always, did all I could to usher v. loud crazy fly out the garden door but no luck, and too late at night to persevere so used fly spray & shut in the room. A little while later, went to check it was outside &/or dead & found. In my opinion over the counter fly spray may make your dog sick and thow up. Dogs sometimes eat shit and they have a strong digestive system they can handle a lot. The amount of poison in this product I really feel could not kill a dog. I am not a vet but I know dogs can handle more then humans My Dog Ate An Ant Trap! Raid ant traps: This bait contains 0.05% of avermectin as the main method of ant control; My name is Amber. I am a dedicated animal lover that turned my passion into my career. I am a Licensed Vet Tech with 10 years of experience in veterinary medicine, but I recently took my career online to help spread accurate.

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  1. This kind of the fly trap is no danger at all, even though you apply this venus trap near your dog, there will no things such bad things will make your dog sick, your lovely dog will just fine. But, if you have already used the common fly trap and your dog is already got the bad effect, get it to the doctor first to get the best treatment
  2. Whether you have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a Labrador Retriever, the motion of a crawling beetle, wiggly worm or flying insect is sure to catch your dog's attention and activate his prey drive. Dogs have been known to eat flies, moths, grasshoppers, crickets and stink bugs, to name just a few.. I can't tell you the number of times I get calls from worried pet owners, concerned.
  3. My fiance lives in Florida and sprays Raid insecticide to kill bugs. In a few months I will be moving in with him with my cat. Is Raid harmful to cats once it has dried? If my cat were to eat a bug that had been killed with Raid, would he get sick? I would appreciate any advice you could provide me with. Thank you for your time
  4. Raid ® Flea Killer kills fleas and ticks on contact. The non-staining formula is designed for use in your home or on your dog and has a clean, pleasant scent. Available in 16 oz. size. Product Label
  5. Raid is one of the more common brands, and is sprayed onto surfaces, or into the air at flying insects. Look for a brand that contains permethrin. Many other products such as motor oil contain permethrin, but if you have pets, you may wish to avoid using motor oil

What Should I Do If My Dog Ate Combat Roach Gel Or Bait? Since Combat roach bait has such low toxicity for dogs, there is not much at all you need to do if that is all it ate. Any potential inducement of vomit only needs to be performed if large amounts of over 0.45 ounces of bait per pound of body weight is eaten Many Raid® products have different usage instructions and precautions, so make sure you're applying your treatment correctly and according to the label. Give It Some Air! After applying Raid® spray products such as Raid® Mosquito and Fly Killer, give the treated room or area some air! Exit the treated area and keep the room closed for 15.

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  1. Certainly not. Sure the fly sprays don't affect us right away like it affects the flies and other insects. But when fly spray is used, we do inhale it and repeated use of it enables the toxic chemicals to accumulate in our body till it reaches an amount when it will affect us. Perhaps the use of a professional fly spray could be an option if.
  2. Even dead bees or wasps can cause stings to pets when ingested. For example, if a dog eats a wasp nest that was recently sprayed with an insecticide to kill the insects, the act of swallowing recently killed wasps can cause stings to the pet's mouth or throat. Ingestion of the pesticide may also be a toxicity risk. Click to see full answer
  3. Pyrethrin and Pyrethroid Toxicity Average Cost. From 367 quotes ranging from $300 - $5,00
  4. What are the Signs and Symptoms of Bug Spray Poisoning? The signs and symptoms of Bug Spray Poisoning can vary from one individual to another and, it also depends on the type of bug-repellent used. It may be mild in some and severe in others. Several systems of the body, such as the respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, vascular.

Apple cider vinegar is a natural fly repellent that you can apply topically to your dog or add to his food and water. Since most dogs don't appreciate the taste, though, your best bet is to dilute apple cider vinegar with water 1:1 in a spray bottle and apply it to your dog's ears and face It's not a good thing to ingest a little Raid, but soaking and washing the potatoes will have gotten almost all of it. Think about the amount of Raid it takes to kill roaches, which compared to adult humans are quite small. When an exterminator sp.. NOT on an animal. Maybe in a home if you don't have them infesting the home as in the floors, carpet, furniture, and so on. If my dog has A FLEA, I will assume that at least one has escaped into my hardwood floors and I act immediately to get rid.

Fortunately, poisoning by insect bait stations is preventable. Place the bait stations in areas where the dogs cannot get to, but roaches can. For example, under the sink is a good place - if the bottom of the sink is enclosed in a cupboard. Get down on your hands and knees to get a dog's eye view of where things are There are hundreds of items your dog can get access to. Some things are highly toxic and others are non-toxic. This article is a guide to help you determine if a particular item is a problem and provide you with the information you need to best help your pet. Learn more about common dog poisonings here A space spray may be desirable if you have a space that is too small to use a fogger or if you would like to have a fast knockdown spray on hand for later use. A fogger would be a better if you have a larger area to treat. Both methods are a great choice if you have a lot of fly activity inside and want to kill them quickly If you have to admit that your dog ate a roach, then you may be worried about the potential harmful effects. If your dog eats a cockroach, there is probably not much of a concern because roaches themselves are not toxic. However, if you know your dog ate cockroach poison, keep an eye on him

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  1. Oh my! I hope he was ok! That is scary. Moose seems to be fine. No strange behavior at all. We did give him another round of pumpkin and no symptoms occurred. We decided to get rid of all of the fly traps for good. I would rather deal with the flys than have Moose get sick. _____ Jennifer and Wesley 4 kids, Moose and Nation my boys, Mija the chi
  2. For example, with Raid® Home Insect Killer, if your aim is a quick kill of an ant that you see, wipe up any leftover residue. But if you want to kill other ants that may be hiding away, spray ant trails or cracks and crevices with a product that has residual action and let the spray dry. Be sure to read the label instructions before use
  3. My dog ate rat poison and it's been about a week now and I just realized that he ate it wat do I do how can I treat him at home. Reply. Liv. March 18, 2021 at 2:31 am
  4. The good news is, mealworms are safe for dogs to eat. They have protein and fat that can actually benefit your dog. It all comes down to this: it is safe for your dog to eat most bugs. But if you want to protect your furry friend from the dangerous ones, it's best to teach them not to eat any of them

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Of course, you cannot do reckless thing when putting ant trap in random place. Make sure the dogs cannot find it easily. If the symptoms go worse, the dogs must receive treatment from vet. Immediate treatment and preventive measure will solve terro liquid ant bait dog ate case as soon as possible My dog ate some ant poison. Emergency, or not? 15 posts 1966Ford. Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Feb 9, 2001. Posts: 6328. Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2005 5:47 am. Yesterday I got home and opened the cupboard to find it smelling strongly of bug spray. We've had pantry months and I found out Mum got fed up and sprayed a few in the cupboard with bug spray. It was l.. There are two main types of Raid products that release a mist of insecticide into the air:. Aerosol sprays come in pressurized cans that you have to point and spray yourself; Foggers that release a cloud of insecticide that's meant to penetrate every nook and cranny in a room and get rid of serious infestations; The preparation for using either of these insecticides is pretty much the same There is little information on bifenthrin toxicity in veterinary species, but bifenthrin toxicity has been reported and successfully treated in a dog (8) . There is more literature available on other pyrethroids, namely permethrin, in cats (9,10). Consequently, how dangerous is bifenthrin? Bifenthrin is moderately toxic to mammals when ingested

The manufacturers of Raid bug spray advise you to send children and pets out of the home before using it. With their sprays, close up the room you've treated for 15 minutes, then thoroughly ventilate it before re-entering. If you use a fogger, sometimes known as a bug bomb, to clear a room of pests, carefully follow the instructions on the label spider enters another dimension before dying. Kitchen has been cleaned since.. no more gross dirt and hair down there haha I no longer kill spiders when i. The Effects of Inhaling Raid Ant & Roach Spray. Learn More. Mild eye irritation can occur when you use both Raid's roach and flea killer 1 2. As you apply the spray, particles can swirl in the air and land on your eyes. Your eyes can end up looking red and puffy. Excessive watering and itchiness are also signs that some chemicals flew into. Permethrin is approved for small animal flea control, large animal topical fly control, crops, ornamental plants and human use. Permethrin is found in shampoos, dips, foggers, spot-ons, and sprays for small animal use. Permethrin is a synthetic type I pyrethrin Be sure to also keep your dog's outdoor food and water dishes clean. In addition to keeping good hygiene, consider other pet-safe steps you can take to get flies to buzz off, such as non-toxic insecticides. Using a spray with the active botanical ingredient Pyrethrum is potent and will quickly kill the various life stages of flies, Jones said

The Raid Flying Insect Killer is specially designed and formulated to kill all flying insects. This means it targets not only flies but also mosquitoes, wasps, bees, hornets, etc. Spray it as a mist to kill all insects inside your house. You can return once it has dissipated, taking all pests with it The Raid Flying Insect Killer is safe to use if you have pets, providing that you make sure that your pet doesn't breath in or ingest the product. But I wouldn't recommend you spray it directly on your dog. There are other products for that The convenience of spray insecticides, such as Raid Ant & Roach Spray, allows the homeowner to quickly lay down a defensive barrier against the invasive little pests. While easy to apply, users should be aware of the dangers of inhaling or otherwise ingesting the chemicals in the spray Dog Fly Repellent Recipe. The first one that you can do to get rid of the flies is to make a dog fly repellent recipe. This DIY project is easy to make and very effective as well. You can also directly spray this liquid to your dog. However, do note that the stickier the blend is, because of the dish soap, the more flies your dog will attract

Outdoor Yard Bug Sprays That Are Safe for Pets. In your attempts eliminate unwelcome pests in the yard, you can risk your pet's health by choosing the wrong treatment. Even if you use insecticides. Toxicity to pets. Most pesticides or insecticides (typically those that come in a spray can) are basic irritants to dogs and cats, and result in clinical signs of drooling, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. In general, these are usually not a large poisoning concern unless the dog or cat directly ingested the product from the container or bag or.

The poison in ant traps is specifically designed so it's a slow release toxin. This is a major reason why most dogs who eat an ant trap end up just fine. Watch for Poisoning Side Effects. It's natural to be concerned about poisoning if your dog eats an ant trap, especially if you have a small dog What Happens if My Dog Eats a Fly? We have all heard the cautionary tale about the old lady that swallowed a fly, but don't panic - it shouldn't apply to your dog. The only time that you'll need to worry is if your dog ate a freshly deceased fly from the ground that had been killed by bug spray A space spray or a fogger is a good choice if you have a lot of fly activity inside and you need to get rid of the flies quickly. With this method, you will eliminate any flies that are out during the application but you will not leave behind an active residual. Following the product label instructions, apply the spray or fogger in the infested. This article discusses the harmful effects from breathing in or swallowing bug spray (repellent). This article is for information only. DO NOT use it to treat or manage an actual poison exposure. If you or someone you are with has an exposure, call your local emergency number (such as 911), or your local poison center can be reached directly by.

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Sprayed in crevices along skirting panels where there are gaps around sink areas and floor then followed by fly spray in the air around the room close doors and windows, follow instructions on fly spray can, day 2 saw 1 in the morning, waiting for evening when the lights go on as they tend to appear in the evenings mostly The good news is that periodical cicadas pose no danger to us and little danger to our pets. They aren't poisonous and they don't bite or sting. They'll just be here for a few weeks to get busy so. Dog Vomit Types. Not all dog vomit is created equal. Your dog's vomit can range from chunky and filled with undigested food to liquid as light as water, white foam and yellow vomit can often cause pet owners to be perplexed on what each episode means. Before we discuss our dog vomit color guide, let's separate the vomit into three categories

The majority of fly sprays have some kind of chemical agent in them that kills pests on contact but can also be toxic to pets and children. Make a homemade fly spray that will kill flies without exposing your home and animals to toxic chemicals by taking advantage of natural fly killers and nontoxic alternatives to chemical fly sprays A MAN died after breathing in fumes from an insect pesticide killer spray, an inquest heard yesterday. Delivery driver Joseph Cummings, 49, from Aigburth, Liverpool, used the ``Raid'' aerosol on a nest of ants that invaded his kitchen. Soon afterwards, he collapsed into his wife's arms and started to have a fit. He died later of a heart attack To make this natural fly killer spray, combine the ingredients in a 32 oz. spray bottle. This natural horse fly spray will help mask your animal's scent and keep the flies away. You'll want to give the spray bottle a quick shake each time you use it. Refrain from adding tea tree oil to a fly repellent The Best Fly Killer for the Yard. The best method for killing flies in the yard depends on several factors. The most effective way to kill an adult fly does not necessarily kill its eggs or larvae I know from experience with my horses, whenever you apply fly spray, it gets everywhere. On your hands, on your clothes, in your mouth. I don't want those chemicals floating anywhere near my lovely raw milk. So I started experimenting with homemade fly spray recipes. Last year I tried a few white vinegar/dish soap/mouth wash concoctions

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  1. This item: Raid Flying Insect Killer (15 OZ (Pack - 2)) $15.98 ( $0.53 / 1 Ounce) In Stock. Sold by CPGIO and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Details. Raid Multi Insect Killer, Kills Ants, Spiders, Roaches and Flies, For Indoor and Outdoor use, Orange $5.42 ( $0.36 / 1 Ounce) Ships from and sold by Amazon.com
  2. Slug fest this year! What I do is use 50/50 rubbing alcohol and water and load my spray bottle. Stream for when I want to shoot them personally and mist for peppers and eggplants. Also works great for getting rid of the Flies. It did make my tomato plants wilt a bit. So I wouldn't recommend it for that
  3. Absorbine UltraShield EX Fly Spray, Insecticide and Repellent for Horses & Dogs, Lasts Up to 17 Days, 128oz Gallon Refill. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 382. $69.95
  4. Insecticides are designed to kill insects, but they can also seriously affect your dog or cat. Many insecticides used in homes, gardens, parks, and even spot-on flea treatments can easily poison your pet if not used carefully. Dogs are especially at risk of inhaling or ingesting debris left on grass, eating a treated plant, or eating an undissolved pellet of water-soluble insecticide
  5. t, lemongrass, and basil) and use them to make your own fly repellent spray. To mix, just fill a spray bottle with water and add enough essential oil to fragrance
  6. Warning about bug spray and your car's paint. WARNING: Deet destroys car paint! Lately mosquitoes are everywhere. Even in the shop, I'll get bit by mosquitoes - sometimes even through my shirt! And we've got the Zika virus to worry about, so I've been using bug spray probably twice a day. I keep a can at the shop for when I forget

Raid Fly Sticks can capture over 150 Flies per stick and can be used almost anywhere indoor or outdoor. Each Fly stick has a Metallic Lure for added attractiveness and contain no broadcast insecticides. Catch's over 150 flies per stick. Metallic lure for added effectiveness. Perforated carton to hide trap. For indoor and outdoor use. Ready to use The spray usually causes a very fast knockdown of the insects, which refers to how they go from flying and buzzing around - to the ground. Some wasps get coated much more than others once they get sprayed. The wasps that don't get covered as much still feel the effects, but they're able to fly and make it back into the hive Flour Beetles have small wings and while the red flour beetle can fly, the confused flour beetle cannot. This important difference makes the red flour beetle much more capable of widespread infestation. Flour Beetles go through a complete metamorphosis, just like a fly or a flea and lay tiny eggs that are clear to white in color My Dog Ate a Stink Bug. OK, most dogs won't eat stink bugs for the simple fact that these bugs stink! The stink bug's secretions, which are made of chemicals known as aldehydes, act as a deterrent and will cause drooling due to their bitter taste. Other than tasting foul, those defensive secretions can also act as an irritant

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  1. Most regular fly or insect sprays (the kind you buy at the supermarket) are pyrethrin based and have a very low concentration of the active ingredient (<1%, a side note: this is often less than is in cat and dog flea medications). So yes, you can spray at those bugs, even with a kitty or pooch in the house, as long as you follow product.
  2. A dog's ears are most vulnerable to fly bites. Due to the thin skin and hair surrounding them, it is easy to get flies on dogs ears. Additionally, the inability of the dog to protect his ears makes flies eating dogs ears quite easy. When a dog suffers flystrike, it will have some painful bumps on the ears. These may scab or bleed with time
  3. I took my dog to the emergency vet when I woke up my dog having a seizure of some sort. When the vet saw her, they said she had signs of toxicity. Blood work showed a lot of white blood cells meaning inflammation. High sodium meaning dehydration. They kept her for 12 hours at the hospital and then called us when she was doing better
  4. My Dog Australian Shepherd 6 1/2 year old has infected his right ear from maggot .It had been wholly eaten up how sedate him as he don't give me to touch his ear as he tried to bite me , applying d-mag spray from last 5 days but no sign of recovery any internal medication for drying wound up ,taken to vet the vet has given some medicine given.
  5. To avoid bug spray poisoning it is important to take some basic proportions. Make sure that you keep bug spray out of reach of children, and to use small amounts when applying. Avoid spraying bug spray into the air and instead spray small amounts onto the skin (from a short distance). For very young children avoid using bug spray containing DEET
  6. Nine or more treatments a year x the current average life of a dog - 12.5 years. This means that a dog living the average life span would have approximately 162.5 exposures to unnecessary toxic chemicals . The lawn people say, As soon as it is dry, it is safe for your pet. The truth behind that statement is not to protect your dog
  7. The chickens snap them up to the point they aren't eating their normal feed. Birds in general are having a feast, so are dogs and cats, prompting Gale Johnson to say on the KDKA Facebook page.

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Greenerways spray is another premium USDA Certified Organic Spray which is free from any harsh chemicals, Parabens or Phthalates. This 100% Deet Free product contains no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and is therefore pet-friendly and even safe for your kids. Since it is a natural product, the consumer is less prone to allergies The maggots need to eat non-stop so the fly will always lay the eggs where there is food. Raid, which we're all probably familiar with, is a popular insecticide that is used in households. Use a fly gun or a good ol' fly swatter. Get some fly paper, or make your own. bleach as well as fly spray, now I've opened my fridge & theilre. Permethrin affects the nervous system in insects, causing muscle spasms, paralysis and death. Permethrin is more toxic to insects than it is to people and dogs. This is because insects can't break it down as quickly as people and dogs. Cats are more sensitive to permethrin than dogs or people because it takes their bodies a long time to break. 8 Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil for Dogs. 1. It's a Flea and Tick Treatment. Many pet owners rave about tea tree oil for dogs as a natural flea and tick remedy, and farmers have been using tea tree oil.

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Lice. Mix 2 cups of salt into 2 gallons of warm water. Soak the hen for 10 minutes, then soak her for five minutes in a tub of 2 gallons of warm water with 1/2 cup of Dawn dishwashing liquid and 1/2 cup of white vinegar mixed in. The lice should drown and float to the top. Rinse her well and dry her thoroughly Bats eat thousands of mosquitoes each night, and predatory insects, like dragonflies, ground beetles and wasps, help keep other fly populations in check. Attract natural fly predators to your yard by putting up hummingbird feeders and small bird or bat houses. To attract fly predators, avoid using insecticides in your garden Permethrin 10% Rapid Kill Insecticide Concentrate also aids in the control of cockroaches, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, crickets and face flies. Walk and spray at a steady pace. Spray walls and surfaces thoroughly but do not allow runoff to occur. Do not contaminate animal feed or water by spray Now let's see at 9 natural methods to control flies on cattle. 1. Manure Management. Where there is manure, there will be lots of flies around. Manure piles are fly breeding heaven. Therefore, the first thing you should manage to control fly's growth is creating a plan involving manure management. This is such a huge task but when you do. Deer Fly Deterrent to Keep Biting Flies Away from Your Head. My youngest complained about deer flies every time he mowed the yard. The deer flies dive bombed his eyes and circled his head. A while back my husband told me a story about when he was a Boy Scout. They were traveling through a swampy area in Canada, being plagued by deer flies

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To make a dish soap spray, take an empty spray bottle and add 4 tablespoons of dish soap, 2 cups of white vinegar to it, then add 1 cup of warm water, shake the mixture and your dish soap spray is ready. Spray it on horse flies and watch them dying instantly. 10. Commercially available Horse Fly Repellents I did have my ferals trained to come out and eat as soon as I put the bowls down. Then I had to trap a couple of them (long story). They are not confined now, but their trust level has decreased since the trapping, so sometimes I have to leave the food out for a little bit before they have the courage to come out and eat

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Contrary to popular belief, cockroaches cannot survive a nuclear explosion; however, it is true that cockroaches are more tolerant to certain ionizing radiation than humans. Even so, they cannot survive bug spray, as it consists of certain neurotoxic substances - chemicals that mess with their nervous system and subsequently cause death Birds affected by household spray insecticides containing chlorinated hydrocarbons can become ill within 48 hours. Strychnine, used in pesticides, is especially lethal for dogs and cats. Signs of poisoning, such as apprehension and stiffness, can appear within minutes of ingestion

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Life Cycle Of Horse Flies And Deer Flies. The horsefly vs. deerfly has a fairly similar life cycle, know it: Eggs: both types of flies lay from 50 to 1,000 eggs approximately, you can observe them on vertical surfaces, rocks, vegetation, etc. Each egg measures 2.5 mm maximum, and its hatching cycle is seven days maximum depending on the conditions Raid Fumigator creates a deep penetrating, fumigating fog that flushes bugs out from where they hide and kills them on contact. The dry fog has a fresh scent and leaves no messy residue. It fumigates the whole room with a dry, white cloud of fog that stays in the air during the 3-hour treatment, penetrating deep, filling cracks and crevices and going way under furniture and appliances to kill.

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Gels made by consumer-focused brands such as Combat, Raid, Ortho and Terro are more widely available. Ace Hardware, for example, sells Combat Max Ant Killing Gel ($7.99 for .95 ounces) and Raid. To get rid of horse flies, try spraying them with a solution of dish soap and water to suffocate the flies without harming your plants and animals. Alternatively, spray your grass and shrubs with a repellent made from water, lemon-scented dish soap, lemon-scented ammonia, and mint flavored mouthwash. You can also discourage horse flies from coming onto your property by trimming weeds and tall.

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3. Feed your dog a light diet after the surgery. During the evening, after your dog's anesthetic has begun to wear off, you will be able to feed her. However, give her a light meal, rather than her regular portions. The anesthetic can make some dogs feel nauseous, and eating a full meal may cause your dog to vomit Primus, a German short-haired pointer, was exposed during a drug raid but survived. Broward County Sheriff's Detective Andy Weiman with Primus, a K-9 dog who overdosed on Fentanyl. NBC News. Nov. Scatter dog or human hair around your garden. One readers shares, I used to have a problem with squirrels digging up my bulbs. Now, once in the spring and once in the fall, I ask my hairdresser to save a big bag of hair for me. I lightly dig this into the soil. Squirrels can not stand the smell of humans, so they leave the gardens alone I too have tried everything even the new Bravecto pill, that seemed to help for about 3 days. I have used Nexguard, Advantage drops, and the Seresto collars. Frontline is a joke. I have sprayed my house with lemongrass oil, eucalyptus oil, permethin flea killer, peppermint oil, white vinegar, apple cider vinegar and plain rubbing alcohol

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