I'm engaged but can 'T stop thinking about someone else

I'm engaged and can't stop thinking about someone else. Posted Nov 26, 2020 23:29 by anonymous 113 views | 0 comments. I've realised I can't live for myself, but I think I can live for someone else. Can't fucking sleep, can't stop eating, can't stop thinking, can't stop this fucking cycle The problem is someone I've known for many years also, we have always had a spark between us and I can't help but think about him. I feel I am currently unhappy in my relationship, I'm not sure if we really have any future and as much I love the guy I'm beginning to wonder if it may be best to go our separate ways

Without having an extramarital affair try to figure out what it is about the other person or whatever actual relationship with that person you have, that is so important. Most likely there is something that isn't just sexual desire about how you c.. Recently engaged, but can't stop thinking of a crush Watch. Announcements but I can't stop thinking of the guy I still have a crush on. I feel terribly guilty. I don't communicate with him anymore, but only because my fiance made me unfriend him on Snapchat. How to stop thinking of someone I'm starting to like my crush less but I don't. I don't want top overly be rude but I am going to say what I suspect a lot of people are thinking... I don't think it's sensible at all you're engaged. 110% of your attention should be on this man. If I was your current bf I would be utterly gutted and extremely angry at you

I'm engaged and can't stop thinking about someone else

Married. Engagement is not marriage!! Engagement, by definition, is a time you have decided together that you WILL get married, and it is a time to PLAN for marriage. You can't plan for or decide to do something that's already happened. Oh, and marriage is a covenant with inherently social and spiritual implications A lot of people that have a child out of wedlock, often think it is the right thing to do to get married. Stop and think about this. A child is more likely to do better with two happy parents that aren't married than married parents that are miserable and fighting. You can have a happy, stable family without being married

05. Be prepared to be emotional, even if you are over your ex. Feeling upset and disoriented and overall weird because your ex got engaged is totes normal, even if you've moved on. You spent a. Also i hope people reading this can learn from her mistakes. if you love someone else dont get married lol. and take the time to build a foundation and get to really know someone and ask yourself do i really like everything about this person the good and the bad because i cant change them and if i really love them i shouldent want to. this all. Struggling to Forgive My Wife for Cheating Before We Were Married. I have been with my wife 10 years, married for 2 years. We have just had our first child together a few weeks ago. A few weeks before the birth I found out she had this affair with someone she used to work with 4 years ago and before we were engaged 1) You come from a place of self-respect and self trust. In other words, before you depend on the one you love, you also know that if push came to shove you can depend on you to take care of you. So it's not about needing the other person to survive, which is dependency, it's about being able to survive by yourself but allowing the other person to help you to not just survive but to thrive

I have a boyfriend but can't stop thinking about someone

When you love someone and you've been with them for so long, you likely won't want to do anything that can hurt them. But when you're pretending to be happier in your relationship than you. I can get first and even second or third dates but at this point I don't think I'm capable of feeling any sort of spark or emotional connection with anyone anymore and so I rarely pursue them because I don't want to lie to someone else about how I'm feeling I'm getting married but I love someone else. I am now engaged, but keep thinking about my ex-boyfriend. it would be a good idea to express your discomfort to him and ask him to stop doing. 3. Just keep talking. If you like, you can say to your interrupter, One moment, and finish your thought. Or you can just keep talking as if you haven't heard the interruption Don't know why people say MGTOW and Feminism are two sides of the same coin. I'm not following MGTOW, I'm my own person, but saying MGTOW is on the same level as feminism doesn't seem right. MGTOW is at least better than Feminism for three reasons: 1. It has a valid, non-deceptive reason to exist. 2

If you're deeply unhappy with someone but you think his proposal will change things, it won't. It will distract you from the real issues for a while, but they will still be there. Marriage can be a wonderful thing, but only if both parties are equally committed. Trust me, you don't want to talk someone into wanting to marry you I'm at wits end. Counseling for just me doesn't make it better. I'm tired of his selfishness, addiction, and disrespect. To the point where I don't know that I can be kind the way God wants anymore. People think I'm a pillar of forgiveness with him and he even said that was the thing he loved most about me. I can't keep living this way A married man may come across a woman who has certain qualities, assets or traits which he always wanted in his lady but could not find in his wife. He starts getting attracted towards and spends time with her. One day he realizes that he is in love with her. He begins to have feelings such as he can't live without her etc Maintenance therefore remains payable by an ex-husband to his ex-wife, often with an automatic uplift linked to the Retail Prices Index, until the wife remarries, dies or the court makes a further order. Until then she receives tax free maintenance, which she regards as the income earned as a result of their marriage

Fall in love while in relation with someone else I know what normally people think about it but it never is that easy to judge people For first time in my life I have been in a serious relationship for 2 and half years and got engaged like 6 months before I'm treating this woman as an ex because that's what it feels like. We fell in love when she was married to someone else. She got divorced a 5 months ago. I did not handle things well at all. She said she found someone new, they're taking it slow. They're currently not dating anyone else

I've been told my entire life -- by movies, books, and trashy reality shows -- that your wedding is just a magical event. Well, I've been engaged a few months now, and I'm ready for my magical moments to start happening. Getting engaged is pretty much like every other adult situation in your life: no one knows what they are doing and literally everyone is faking that they do Wife cheated during engagement 17 years ago was created by Reggie40. I found out 2 months ago that my wife of sixteen and half years had an affair while we were engaged. She finally told me about it after she was diagnosed with HPV. I have never been with anyone else and I thought her only with me. Flashback to 1995 Don't get angry, use their contributions. 2. Set expectations upfront. When you're giving a presentation, or have a longish story to tell in a social situation, you can start by saying something. Procedure. Even if you have bona fide evidence of cohabitation, you generally can't just quit paying alimony. If alimony was set by court order, you'll need to file a motion to terminate alimony and properly serve your ex-spouse or her attorney of record. Failure to pay alimony as ordered could expose you to contempt-of-court charges, and you. I'm dating a girl I've known for a long time and I feel like I'm a good boyfriend, I treat her right, etc. But there's another girl I can't stop thinking about. I'm totally crazy about her, I think about her all the time, especially on weekends, re-read our text messages, I get turned on just by thinking about her

I have a boyfriend but I can't stop thinking about someone else..it's driving me crazy.. Anonymous. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. 1 0. I've been dating my boyfriend for 2 years. we have known each other for 8 years.. I love him dearly. I'm a VERY passion driven person. and I'm open to a lot of things... that's not our only issue... carrying on. You love this guy but he obviously doesn't feel as strongly because he's engaged to another girl. I know it hurts and you care about him but he isn't a nice guy, not really. The best you can hope for is the occasional sexual contact when he isn't busy with her. Don't you think you deserve more then to be used, because that's what he's doing

What should I do if I'm married but can't stop thinking

3. Just keep talking. If you like, you can say to your interrupter, One moment, and finish your thought. Or you can just keep talking as if you haven't heard the interruption. This may. [András]: I thought everyone else would be ahead of me and I'd be one on one in this process. The way OMS has groups was great because it allowed me to see we were all in the same boat and that when you stop thinking everyone else is ahead, you realise you have a lot more in common than you have dividing you I got someone else who ticks the boxes and keeps em ticked a few months after. So I'm pretty glad things have panned out the way they have with my gf of nearly a year now. I since found out that my ex got engaged. Can't say I'm jealous, lol

Recently engaged, but can't stop thinking of a crush - The

  1. I didn't think I could feel more secure in my relationship. And then we got engaged, and, lo and behold, I did. I was now 1000 percent sure what we had couldn't be broken. And then suddenly it was.
  2. Last year, I received a letter from a woman who began thinking a lot about an ex-boyfriend as soon as she and her current boyfriend decided to move in together. In my response to her, I told her about how I had something similar happen to me shortly after Drew and I got engaged: Right after I got engaged two and a half years ago, I had a series of strange dreams that lasted maybe a couple of.
  3. Getting engaged. It's not that I'm commitment-phobic or shying away from the idea of a future together—but we've only been dating for about a year, and it's just not a milestone that's even a.
  4. Shacking Up After Divorce. It's tempting to think about shacking up with this wonderful new person you've fallen in love with after your divorce. After all, you've started healing your heart and you're ready to get on with your life. It seems logical that living together will give you a chance to know them better, especially if you're thinking.
  5. Ooh I'm so excited in getting engaged! Can you believe that my husband is going to be the stay-at-home-dad? Really, it's his whole life's goal! I can't even imagine how [insert supervisor's name] think that I'm going to quit! I'm so sorry his wife didn't give him this chance, what a waste.. That, said in front of everyone
  6. Bottom line: I can't teach you how to keep your email list engaged. I can share tips and best practices with you, but at the end of the day, I'm not your reader; therefore, I don't know what their biggest pain points and struggles are. But YOU CAN find out - by just asking them

Recently engaged, but can't stop thinking of a crush

Can't stop thinking about someone I barely know

These are the things you can't really understand unless you're the oldest sibling. Growing up as the oldest with a younger brother and younger sister, I have personally experienced every single one of the instances described below. There are times when I wish I could trade places with one of them, and times when I'm grateful I was born first If you feel bored, listless, or sleepy, you're in a passenger state; remind yourself of the positive benefits of being a participant or pilot, and then make a 1-3 item list in your mind or on paper of the things you could do to be more engaged, then do one of them; if you can't think of anything, then set a goal in the next 5 minutes to.

If I had pulled the I got a bf, I'm seeing someone, I'm engaged, I'm not interested etc There is no telling where this weird random group convo would have went. I know he would have either pressed me further with questions or my grandmother would dispute my white lie and say I didn't have a bf or just plain fxxk it up for me The Mistletoe Kiss was an unexpected treat, coming late in Betty's career (1997—she was 88!). Latter-day Neels' books may be hit or miss, but TMK has all of her earlier signature style and charm. This is one of Betty's hero engaged to another woman stories

2000 Focus Alarm engaged can't start car. Key Fob does not work, Key in Ignition or Door Lock does not either. Welcome, I'm Chris (aka Moose). I'm here to help 365 days a year, but not every hour of the day. I try to prevent delays as much as possible. We got the horn and lights to stop sounding/flashing but the steering column, gear. I have rebuilt my life after a devastating divorce. I have a handful of friends, a new job, a great apartment, and exciting prospects creatively. I am battling bipolar 2, which means epic depressive episodes if I'm not careful. I don't want to abandon Flame, but I can't rescue her Annie despite being engaged can't stop thinking of Sam and soon tries to find all she can about she even goes to Seattle to see him. And once she gets off the plane, Sam who was in the airport to see someone off, sees her and can't keep his eyes off her and tries to follow her but couldn't catch her

I'm not threatening to stop watching the show if Jane and Michael get married I'm just saying that I, and it looks like a few other fans, would likely lose interest because Michael is so boring I''m trying to decide if we should do some planning beforehand or not, since I don''t want to be engaged for much over a year if possible. But I think we''ve kind of decided to wait and see if the locations we like are available once we get back for a time far enough out to allow for planning, and to take it from there So Alexa Chilcutt. Yeah. And, um, I don't think there are too many Alexa Chilcutts on LinkedIn, but I'm there. And I am, that is the one platform that I'm actually engaged in at all. And so that's probably the easiest thing as anybody else, I get a lot of. Bombarded with emails As a non-tech owner, I would think that's your best approach. I would suggest getting a hold of the G430 installation manual so you can understand a bit about how it's installed. For example, you have two separate power inputs, I think one for the radio and one for the navigator functions

When you put only your name, any news about malfunction and accident that happens won't reach my ears. That's, I'm thinking about relaying it to you Tobias' words started becoming stiff. For the two of them who had now broken their engagement, it didn't really sound convincing Exactly. I got married when I was 36. And to be honest before I met my husband, I had already made my mind up that I was just not gonna get married because I didn't think it was for me. I don't understand why everybody's life is so much her business. But she lives her life online, but her life is nobody's business. I cannot stand this. Swasan arrange marriage by Fatima (part-14 & 15).An early update.. I went to Choco pie and shaked him. Are you not happy Choco pie I said while seeing Uncle and Aunty who were sitting on couch and looking at us. I'm so happy Princess but Dad said that he is a special meeting so they can't come with me in India but now they are. Um uh uh uh uh I agree with that II think though that that we've lost that now I'm talking holistically and people can come out there if they want to. I don't care. It doesn't bother me but holistically in the black community, we've lost that spirit of like you said And then the other thing is don't lower your standards The first rule of Raya is you do not talk about Raya. Kate Haralson, the TikTok user who called out Matthew Perry for matching with her — when she was only 19 — has been kicked off the elite dating app, she exclusively told Page Six on Friday. I should have expected that would happen, says Haralson, now 20. I feel fine about it

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Re: Latest Sigma 150-600 lenses - MO switch. In reply to atom14 • Oct 22, 2015. Well it is called Manual Override and as was explained to me , it is for fine-tuning your (auto) focus. May be more info on the Sigma site. -- hide signature --. It's a tough job living in Hawaii but somebody's got to do it Here's the real reason the Seahawks didn't want Kaepernick: He would further divide a team that already is divided. As ESPN's Seth Wickersham illustrated in his May 25th feature, the Seahawks have a pro-Russell-Wilson faction of the team and an anti-Wilson faction.. The anti-Wilson faction mostly consists of players on the defense, such as Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett, and feels. Has anybody else had this problem. I have a 2015 LE with 512 miles, tonight while taking my daughter out to eat my SS stalls out while driving down the road. Then the check engine light comes on. I pressed the gas a little more and its takes off and light goes out. It did this several times till.. In my experience a solenoid that is sticking wont stop until you disconnect the battery, just wondering what people think it might be? I am thinking I will just put a push button stater to make it work if its a wiring issue. View 3 Replies Ford F-150 - 1997-2003 :: 4 Wheel Drive Is Stuck Engaged. Can't drive the truck

Stop arming them and training them in a way that makes them think their job is to actively stop crime. Guns on the street certainly can't help. If I'm a cop and I know there's a chance I can encounter someone with a gun, well I know the risk of me instantly being in danger of losing my life is high, which would make me think the logical. Allison Jenkins has to attend her college friends wedding only problem is the ex-boyfriend is going who just so happens to be engaged to someone younger. Allison has never quite got over the ex. Of course it wouldn't be just a one day wedding, noooo this has to be a vacation wedding which will last a week Unfortunately, becoming man and wife isn't just one long, romantic, rose-colored date. It is full of ups and downs, ebbs and flows, patience, compromise, changes and countless other experiences you can't really predict. Getting engaged isn't just saying 'Yes!'—but it means that you truly enjoy each other's company But don't try and stop me from being married to my partner. Not even a pointless national survey that asks people how they feel about same-sex marriages will weaken this resolve. Unfortunately, a proposed $160m, non-binding plebiscite will put my relationship status on show as a 'national Facebook post', with both sides campaigning for. Long-time reader, first-time caller here. I'm almost 25 and have had one serious relationship, with my first and only love. We dated for a year late in my college career; there was instant and overwhelming chemistry, but I was inexperienced and he was dealing with a lot of unresolved childhood traumas that led to a lot of passive-aggressive behavior

Can't act on anything until I break up with my BF anyway, though, and I'm too chicken to do that just yet (bawk bawk) See, I have your way of thinking. Yes, we do have mutual friends and I trusted them (or this guy) enough to bring it up to him that I had a crush on P (our mutual friend) 5. Don't Shift the Blame. If your ex agrees to meet up and talk, whatever you do, don't try to dance around the subject of the breakup. Own up to your role in whatever issues caused the.

Ms. Joanna Marie Mitchell (Unclaimed Profile) Update Your Profile. Answered on Aug 13th, 2012 at 6:25 PM. No, he cannot kick you out of the marital home. You have an interest in the property, most likely, even if it is solely in his name. You should consult with an attorney. Report Abuse. Report Abuse Just because someone else you know got married within the year, don't feel as if you have to race to the finish line. Planning a wedding, although sometimes stressful, is a wonderful thing to do as a couple - you don't want to rush that experience. Take as long as you both need and try to ignore anyone who tells you to hurry up 2012 Honda Fit base model manual transmission. Clutch does not disengage. When I push the clutch to the floor board, I can't shift into gear. The pedal retracts on it's own. The clutch fluid is full. The clutch pedal is very easy to push to 75% before there is resistance. I think the problem might be the clutch master cylinder or the slave.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (2 March 2009): hey there. i was in the exact same situation as you. engaged and cheating. i thought i loved him so much and that we were going to spend our lives together but it turned out ot be just lust. we were together for four years. he was a lovely guy but we had nothing in common. i met this new guy at a course i'm doing and we were really close friends. we. 3. We grow when we're married. Just because something takes work and there are ups and downs and there are times when we are angry and times when we are lonely does not mean that marriage is bad. In fact, I think marriage is far more powerful because it takes work. When I married I couldn't hide my selfishness anymore You can blame the victim all you want, but that's just an excuse to be a douchebag. - Paula . You can't force someone to be accountable for their behavior. Either they care or they don't. Trying to force feed them accountability rarely works. In theory, people should take responsibility for being insensitive or self-serving Regardless of where or who, once married, if the spouse is non-military, the military member can bring a copy of the certified marriage certificate to the Personnel Headquarters on the base to receive a dependent ID card for the spouse, and enroll the spouse in DEERS (Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System), to qualify for military benefits such as medical coverage and commissary and.

-Stop it! No! No! No, no! You can't stop me. I'm sorry. But he should see your face when you first see the ring. Good call. You always think of others, Emma. It never occurs to me like that. I mean, sometimes it does. I'm really happy for you. Promise me you won't tell anyone until after he proposes. God. I would never. I'd be out of my mind. I. I can't help but to think what could be going on. This article reaffirms my beliefs that she shouldn't spend time alone with other men no matter how innocent. Things happen sometimes and making a decision to hang around another man without me is setting yourself for failure. I'm so hurt and in an emotional tornado about the situation Because it is not really a metric, it is an excuse. Even as creating engaging experiences on the web is mandatory, the metric called Engagement is simply an excuse for an unwillingness to sit down and identify why a site exists. An excuse for a unwillingness to identify real metrics that measure if your web presence is productive

Engaged: Ideas for Staying Focused. Staying engaged can be difficult, especially when one considers the rate at which people can think versus the rate at which people speak. There is a lot of time available for the mind to wander if it is not disciplined Good candidates can arrive at the binary search tree as the right path in a few minutes, and then take 10-15 minutes working through the rest of the problem and the other roadblocks I toss out. But occasionally I get a candidate who 'intuitively understands' trees and can visualize the problem I'm presenting. Robert Lov Alimony (also called spousal support or maintenance) refers to financial support payments one spouse makes to the other, either during or after a divorce. When married couples split, there are various types of alimony courts can award, including: temporary alimony, which is paid only while the divorce is pending; short-term alimony, which is for short-term marriages and lasts only a few years. The Proposal Proposal is the first episode and season premiere of the eleventh season of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The episode aired on Monday, September 25, 2017. 1 Summary 2 Extended Plot 3 Credits 4 Notes 5 Critics 6 Trivia 7 Quotes 8 Gallery 9 References Howard and.. Here are six true stories about cheating in relationships to help you figure just what it is you're feeling. Shutterstock. 01. They'd been seeing her the whole time. Last summer, I started seeing.

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Well, the best. and yet there is something that brings us not as those who have no hope. does not stop. Um I will be here. I want to do my best to get to this. but we know that we The fact that we have been infected and affected. by the way. I don't think I've ever call for this thing. I don't think I can get away with him to my face. right now Page 5. I've been with DP for 3 years, living together for a little over half of that. I'm 35 and he's 34 although we both feel younger th

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I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years. We aren't married - or engaged - his reasoning is because wedding are too expensive so he can't even think about it right now. Whatever, that is the least of my problems right now. We have a 2.5 year old son. Before our son was born our relationship.. The fact is, if you don't take care of your employees, someone else will and it may cost you - BIG. - Cindy. If you'd like to receive blogs like these to your inbox, simply click here! We'd love to have you join our community! Visit us: www.HRSolutionsByDesign.com. Follow: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedI I don't have a dog to squeeze ~~~~~ You can borrow mine, he's very huge and huggable, but be careful, he drools. :) Seriously though, I try to stay focused on whatever it is I need to get through next, then, after I've done that I go home, maybe cry or feel sorry for myself for a little while, I go for a walk or a hike, preferably somewhere I can see the ocean, then I call one of a few close.

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October 21, 2020. Every day when I walk into my school, my number one objective is to be a better leader than I was the day before. My second objective is to make sure that I add value to someone's life. As a principal, my job is to be present, be accessible, be active, and to be among the people. One of the sayings that I held true when I. When can the court stop me having access? When the case comes to court, the judge or magistrates will have expected you to have exhausted all options to agree arrangements amongst yourselves. This includes attending mediation (in some cases, such as those involving domestic abuse, this won't be necessary) The duo is rumoured to getting engaged in Sri Lanka, tomorrow. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are clearly one of the most adored and popular couples in B-Town. The duo shares a huge fan. Forget it! A Christian should only marry another Christian. If you think you can influence him for Christ, and havn't done it in 3 years, you aren't going to do it once you are married. While from a legal view, you can marry him, but based on the Bible you can't. While this may sound harsh - leave him now!-- This. This is exactly why I'm afraid to talk to my daughter about her religion. This is exactly why I've turned to an anonymous forum instead of..

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College campuses are places were lifelong connections like this are forged and this environment can't really be duplicated anywhere else. 6. You meet people you DON'T like. Of course, not everyone can be friends. Meeting people with different values, experiences, and goals was an eye-opening experience for me Bowel Cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in the UK. As someone who's just completed treatment for it, I highly recommend that you get checked out if you're at all worried. You can find a list of symptoms on the Bowel Cancer UK and NHS sites. You'll find my own experience of discovering I had bowel cancer here Hey guys I've been using this site for quite sometime now but its my first time posting here. I'm 18, I first tried drugs when I was 13 weed and.. She can't stop posing with the ring as the main focus. It's adorable. I'm sure all of you people who have been engaged can relate to this. Does the ring feel like a weird foreign object at first that makes you hold your hand a certain way and angle it towards camera? It's even perfectly visible when she's working out. That's commitment As far as lock up goes, I use a lock up but have used a nonlock converter in the past and will again I'm sure. Lock up can be accomplished with as little as some wiring and a switch. I would run it through the brake switch under the dash to unlock it so it doesn't stall the engine in a panic stop, or one of the kits you posted links to

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Most people these days carry a smartphone with them, surely an app of some sort can be created to help in moments of distress. An app that when engaged can detect a distress word of your choosing, when it's heard your word, a distress message is immediately sent to your family friends or work colleagues of your choosing with a pin drop of your location aswell as an option to call you via a. My plan is to read at least 12 books in 2018. This was a good start. Finished last night. AND then discovered the book series doesn't end with trilogy! This was such a fun read, one of those can't put a book down even though it's way past bedtime kind of books! LOVED it! Very exciting, very thrilling and hold my breath moments. Sad i run out

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Don't stay in bondage to emotional turmoil from past lovers, failed relationships, broken family cycles, or old ways of thinking. Instead, learn how to pinpoint and let go of any unresolved pain, hurt, and resentment lingering from heartbreak that you may be holding onto that doesn't serve you Mr. Cinema said: Best Buy has them now. The BDP-S6700 is due out in the Spring. It looks to be about the same as the 6500, but it will feature wireless AC. That's about the only difference I've found. The 1700, 3700, and 6700 look nearly identical to the 2015 models if you research them on Sony's website You don't have to leave.-Ayhan finds a wedding dress and tux in JayJay's apt-- I'm getting married! -1:56:38; 2:03:39 Can and Sanem participate in a cooking workshop. After, he throws her over his shoulder and shoves her in his truck Making a Business Case for People Analytics at Your Company (Get Started Guide) Published on July 11, 2018 July 11, 2018 • 44 Likes • 2 Comment But HEY it was THANKSGIVING so I woke up my smile from isn't frowning place and was ready for the day. (My holy cow I'm getting married ring shot) We got to see Cain's Grandma Ruth, Aunt Roda (And Hope, her kitty), his Uncle Steve, Aunt Kate, brother Derrek, Cat, his sister Christine and her boyfriend Ty I'm not going for injectors yet. Tomorrow (hopefully it won't be so brutally hot) I'm thinking I'll take the fuel pump off and dissect it, and see if there's a fine mesh screen that's clogged, or a diaphragm that's got a little rip. I really would like a manual for this thing, but apparently that's not an option