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Examples of Quirky in a sentence Dressed in quirky sunglasses and a colorful dress, the eccentric performer captured the attention of everyone in the room. Because of her quirky personality, the peculiar girl stood out amongst her normal siblings. The quirky yellow cottage is decorated in a strange yet attractive way. Quirky in a sentence 1 We've developed a reputation for being quite quirky and original. 2 I like his quirky sense of humour. 3 He was tall and had a quirky, off-beat sense of humour As a quirky sixteen year old, an excited freshman, a rounded career woman and now a happy married woman. It's small and unconventional, championing local authors, and has an interesting and quirky roster of clients. Deliciously quirky, her furniture and pictures on the wall all unusual and would be deemed by some as tasteless

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Quirky used in a sentence How to use Quirky in a sentence as an adjective Those ideas about these laws are, in my view, quirky ones that take significant liberties in interpreting how laws work. And sure, some of them are quirky or do dumb stuff, but you're 19- you'll live Example sentences with Quirky. Anyway, this is a very typical mix, rather quirky anyway. Be your quirky self, but resist being rebellious. Brick is a very quirky child. Like that quirky turkey, ew. Not like that quirky turkey over there. plus, we already know who's playing the Quirky turkey

Quirky in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb...) Quirky in a sentence 31 Loewen (5 - 5) does not have a quirky windup, but he certainly has New York's number. 32 Myssi is well known in Finland for her quirky food column, which is syndicated across the country It's difficult to see quirky in a sentence. But the quirky interface manages to spoil much of the fun. Make stars of long-forgotten frontiersmen and quirky contemporary historians. Newfoundlanders still savor the quirky local delicacy of baked cod tongues Quirky definition is - having many quirks : unusual in especially an interesting or appealing way. How to use quirky in a sentence

an odd behavior or different way of acting Examples of Quirk in a sentence Janice has this irritating quirk of rolling her eyes whenever she speaks. According to Ken, his habit of constantly wringing his hands is just an uncontrollable quirk. Examples of quirky characters in a sentence, how to use it. 10 examples: The book's extensive cast of quirky characters was singled out by severa January 29, 2020 Sentence Dictionary Sentence with the word Quirky But the C programming language, which he called quirky, flawed, and an enormous success, is the basis of nearly every programming and scripting tool, whether they use elements of C's syntax or not

The best way to describe this quirky grammar rule is to describe its final outcome. In essence, a paraprosdokian leaves the reader or listener sort of puzzled by the way the sentence ends. Often, it is employed to achieve the comedic effect, and may sometimes end up in an anti-climax. A typical example of a paraprosdokian sentence is seen below 29. That said Home Run was a strong competitor in the market with a quirky eye. 30. quirky definition is - having many quirks : unusual in especially an interesting or appealing way. How to use quirky in a sentence. 31. Second, we're not afraid to use quirky or offbeat tactics to sell books Peculiar is a word that refers to someone or something that is bizarre, quirky, or weird. An example of this word in a sentence would be, Jessie thought the woman she worked with was so peculiar.

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  1. What does the word quirky mean? According to the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language as well as sources like Collins English Dictionary and American Heritage, the word quirky is an adjective that refers to someone or something that is idiosyncratic or has many quirks in an interesting or appealing way. Quirk is also used in architecture to refer to a lengthwise groove.
  2. Quirky Sentence Examples It's not soppy and is is full of quirky jokes and puns. baggy T-shirt in bed with a quirky motif. The bar's food and drinks combine traditional and quirky sensibilities, and somehow the combination always proves to be a winner
  3. Quirky definition, having or full of quirks. See more
  4. Quirk Quirky - Quirk Meaning - Quirky Examples - Quirk in a Sentence - Formal Englishhttp://www.iswearenglish.com/ https://www.facebook.com/iswearenglish htt..
  5. imum of three word types: a subject, a verb, and an object. In most cases, the subject is a noun or a pronoun. For example, the sentence Jack loves candy is a complete sentence because it has all three elements needed to make a complete sentence
  6. Without a word Bud took him, but the quirky smile hid at the corners of his mouth, and under Cash's beard still lurked the grin. CABIN FEVER B. M. BOWER She snagged a piano and pounded out barrelhouse runs in quirky time as I carried the main thread of the movement on a cello. DOWN AND OUT IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM CORY DOCTORO

Something or someone that is quirky is rather odd or unpredictable in their appearance, character, or behaviour. We've developed a reputation for being quite quirky and original. Synonyms: odd, unusual, eccentric, idiosyncratic More Synonyms of quirky Sentence examples for a kind of quirky from inspiring English sources. exact ( 4 ) There is also a kind of quirky intellectual independence. 1 The Guardian - Books. A kind of quirky motion, however, soon clues you in, and hints of its heritage in Japanese cartoons. 2 The New York Times. Honest Dollar was. Quirky in a sentence. A concurrent estate or co-tenancy is a concept in property law which describes the various. In contrast, a tenancy in common does not include a right of survivorship. Tenancy in common is a more flexible form of property ownership as it . The legal title (the right to transfer or mortgage the property) can only be held as. Boxed information isn't exactly edgy or quirky, but it can change up the pace of the article or chapter. Also, be aware of your writing weaknesses and mistakes. I over-use exclamation marks and run-on sentences. So when I edit, I'm on the lookout for ways to divide complicated sentences into short, snappy sentences Something or someone that is quirky is odd or unpredictable in their appearance, character, or behavior. We've developed a reputation for being quirky and original

In Standard English, a sentence like *Me like him is ungrammatical because the subject is ordinarily in the nominative case.In many or most nominative-accusative languages, this rule is inflexible: the subject is indeed in the nominative case, and almost all treat the subjects of all verbs the same. Icelandic was argued to be the only modern language with quirky subjects, but other studies. Synonyms for quirky include strange, weird, bizarre, eccentric, odd, unusual, unconventional, unorthodox, peculiar and queer. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com Quirky sentences also have a hidden superpower: they are memorable! They work as a grammatical anchor, helping you remember key examples of essential grammar concepts. Right there, hidden in plain sight in sentences about horses, apples, and mothers-in-law, are verb conjugations, word order rules, and vocabulary that can be swapped in and.

Most related words/phrases with sentence examples define Quirky meaning and usage. Anyway, this is a very typical mix, rather quirky anyway. Be your quirky self, but resist being rebellious. Brick is a very quirky child. Like that quirky turkey, ew. Not like that quirky turkey over there Quirk definition is - an abrupt twist or curve. How to use quirk in a sentence. Did you know GMAT Grammar: A Quirky Idiom for Comparisons. This is an idiom that demonstrates some of the quirkiest aspects of the English language, aspects that often frustrate non-native speakers in the process of learning English. This idiom concerns the situation of talking about how two thing changes with respect to one another

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Source: notesandqueries.ca Parse is a whole book written as one long sentence! To put it simply, the story is about two people with interest in one another who part ways and wind up meeting a Pomeranian dog.Author Roderick said that one of his biggest challenges while writing this story was the struggle to create the appropriate tension within the extraordinarily long sentence In Standard English, a sentence like *Me like him is ungrammatical because the subject is ordinarily in the nominative case.In many or most nominative-accusative languages, this rule is inflexible: the subject is indeed in the nominative case, and almost all treat the subjects of all verbs the same. Icelandic was argued to be the only modern language with quirky subjects, but other studies. Minecraft Is A Quirky Game.. Minecraft is a weird game, with many strange easter eggs and features... let's look at some lol Music: Kevin Macleod - Music t.. 5. Snickersnee. While this word sounds like something funny or possibly cute, it is actually referring to a long, dangerous knife. It was first used in reference to cut-and-thrust fighting in the 1700s and is still occasionally used when referencing the knife, though it is becoming more and more obsolete. 6 Strewn in a sentence | strewn example sentences. He sorted through the strewn. Paper was strewn all around me. He had strewn his bouquet there. When the tombs are strewn around. The sheets were strewn, a pillow. For the days strewn with sunshine;. Straw is strewn about in the doorway. The entire keep was strewn with them

Cosy tables for luncheon parties were laid beneath arbours of vines, whose leaves afforded a refreshing covering. A cool and refreshing breeze was carrying us on at between four and five knots an hour, and the heavens above us were without a cloud. It was a good give-and-take talk, extraordinarily refreshing after the nonsense and crowding. Quirky used in sentence example & words in English. March 20, 2021 by admin Leave a Comment. Definition of Q. unusual, but in an attractive or interestin. Examples of Quirky in a sen. Dressed in quirky sunglasses and a colorful dress, the eccentric performer captured the attention of everyone in the room.. 40 Quirky Q-Words To Add To Your Vocabulary. BY Paul Anthony Jones. May 14, 2015. istock. Q is the least used letter of the English alphabet

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One of the tricks is to consider how a sentence fits with the previous one. You should also consider if the sentence is adding information, making emphasis, explaining a process, stating examples, or narrating a past event. If the sentence is intended for commentary, then use commentary sentence starters An assertive sentence is a statement of the assertion. The meaning of the assertive sentence is in its name itself. This sentence gives information about facts, history, incidents, opinions, events, feeling, and beliefs. This sentence is used most commonly in books, informative articles, reports as well as in essays

Diagramming Sentences Kitty Burns Florey explores a lost art in Sister Bernadette's Barking Dog, subtitled The Quirky History and Lost Art of Diagramming Sentences. Once used to teach grammar. Quirky meaning is also available in other languages as well as you can also check the spelling of word Quirky. With the help of this platform, learn the appropriate use of the Quirky in a sentence. صا Seriously, I've got to say much of your phrasing there seems quirky. Most of the time I had read the word, it was used moue of, for example, is just ordinary words (apart from moue itself, obviously). But put together like that they certainly sound odd to me. - FumbleFingers Oct 3 '12 at 3:1 The subject in a simple English sentence such as John runs, John is a teacher, or John was run over by a car, is the person or thing about whom the statement is made, in this case John.Traditionally the subject is the word or phrase which controls the verb in the clause, that is to say with which the verb agrees (John is but John and Mary are).If there is no verb, as in John - what an idiot.

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  1. 1. Use however, so, and and. Connecting terms can be a good way to extend the length of a sentence and make it more complex. however, so, and, and yet are all good connectors you can put in a sentence to give it more detail. Always put a comma before the connector
  2. Many of the sentences have audio, too. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word Impressive in Example Sentences Page 1. 2248851 It was impressive. CK 1 2111429 That's impressive. CK 1 2202983 Tom is impressive. CK 1 2202984 You're.
  3. Here at stylist.co.uk, we like to consider ourselves wordsmiths. Delving into literature is our thing, words are our jam, complex sentence structure is where we get our daily wins. You know the type
  4. Explore 50 positive words with Q that you can incorporate into your quirky vocabulary. Reference Menu. Dictionary Thesaurus but you can find out how to use a few of these positive Q words in a sentence. That line was definitely quotable. She quietly walked to the refrigerator to quench her thirst. My neighbor is a little quirky

psychographic segmentation in a sentence - Use psychographic segmentation in a sentence and its meaning 1. One common thread among psychographic segmentation studies is that they use quirky names to describe the segments. 2. In Britain, the psychographic segmentation typology, known as Values Modes has been in use for more than 30 years. click for more sentences of psychographic segmentation.. Simple Sentence Examples; Preposition Sentences Examples; A parallel structure, also known as parallelism, refers to a grammatical construction having two or more words, phrases or clauses that are identical in form or length. This is used to add clarity when making a list or comparing items in a sentence. It adds symmetry and balance as well brimming in a sentence. How to use brimming in a sentence. 10 examples of sentences brimming. 20 examples of simple sentences brimming . All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate)

61. $1.50. PDF. This versatile task card set will give your students practice with commas before coordinating conjunctions in compound sentences. Included is a teaching poster, 32 task cards, a student answer sheet, answer key and a bonus game board template. The task cards can be used in many ways: •small grou Some sentences on our Website sentencedict.com, hope helps: 1. You can learn to compensate for such an idiosyncrasy with a little logic and discipline. 2. Romantic fanciful thoughts and connotative and elegantidiosyncrasy unfold rich an tender fee..

This list of adjectives, adverbs, and gerunds will make your writing more appealing. When used correctly, these descriptive words will entertain, persuade, and inform your readers The main idea is usually a sentence, and it is usually the first sentence. The writer then uses the rest of the paragraph to support the main idea. Let's use the paragraph below as an example. First find the topic, then look for the main idea. Summer is a wonderful time to spend at West Beach. It is a beach with light- colored, soft sand Is I don't can, a correct sentence? Not in the way you likely mean it, where can means that you have the ability to do something. You would say I can't instead. But for a lesser-used meaning of can, like sealing something in a jar, then it's.. Quirky Ideas - (Six Sentence Story #159) To go with the flow, improvise, on the hoof. Ideas become. As all proffers may have some validity. Brilliance unveils. Justify pros; credibility impeach. Such is the life of each . Quirky idea. Theme inspired by Denise's Six Sentence Story Prompt - IMPROVISE

Usually, determining if sentence case is a good fit for your brand's headline is a matter of assessing how on- or off-brand it would feel to be formal or casual in your writing. If your company is quirky or unorthodox in some way, chances are that sentence case will fit your style more. Gramma www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for mute The young deaf girl was mute and could only communicate through sign languageThe new student was so nervous that he remained totally mute during his entire discussion class. The young deaf girl was mute and could only communicate through sign language. Though totally deaf, Marlee Matlin refused to remain.

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  2. A little over two years ago, Allison Mack, formerly of Smallville fame and one-time face of cult recruitment, decided to cut to the chase, avoid a messy trial, and take a plea deal for her involvement in the NXIVM sex trafficking case. Allison wasn't about to give the performance of her life on the defense stand (to be fair, her acting range isn't much broader than being quirky around.
  3. ate the confusing list of terms often applied to quirky children-from Asperger's syndrome and nonverbal learning disability to obsessive-compulsive behavior.
  4. Compound sentence definition, a sentence containing two or more coordinate independent clauses, usually joined by one or more conjunctions, but no dependent clause, as The lightning flashed (independent clause) and (conjunction) the rain fell (independent clause). See more
  5. What does idiosyncratic mean? Peculiar to a specific individual; eccentric. (adjective
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Sister Bernadette's Barking Dog: The Quirky History and Lost Art of Diagramming Sentences - Kindle edition by Florey, Kitty Burns. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Sister Bernadette's Barking Dog: The Quirky History and Lost Art of Diagramming Sentences In this sentence, Thanksgiving and Day are both capitalized because they are part of a holiday name. (Thanksgiving is also the first word of the sentence). Thursday is the name of a day, and November is the name of a month. If you're not sure whether to capitalize a holiday name, ask yourself if the name would be printed on a calendar. Holiday. The Snowpiercer star, 60, looked quirky in a satin navy dress with semi-sheer sleeves and a studded and ruffled neckline. The ensemble was tied at the waist with a matching sash, and she mirrored. Definition of quirky in the Fine Dictionary. Meaning of quirky with illustrations and photos. Pronunciation of quirky and its etymology. Related words - quirky synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms. Example sentences containing quirky

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  1. what basic bitches call themselves. Somebody who think they are cool and eDgY (typically Americans) but they hide there accent because it makes then dIfferEnT. they are known to be using these terms: I'm not like other girls, and i'M sO unIQuE! rIghT?!These types of people most likely use Tumblr, and write fanfics on wattpad
  2. e: Depressed Boy Adventures throughout the universe to change society cause he suffered through too much bullshit
  3. 18 Quirky Idioms from Diverse Languages Around the World. Each word in the interactive captions comes with a definition, audio, image, example sentences and more. Access a complete interactive transcript of every video under the Dialogue tab,.
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Sentence Structure/Sentence Types HANDOUT This handout is designed to give you a very brief (and, of necessity, incomplete) overview of Carl is quirky and Bess was a cow. However, many other verbs are linking verbs and serve to predicate something about the subject (usually verbs of perception): to be, to appear, to seem, to. In this sentence, the serial list includes items that already have commas (soft, gooey Bries and firm, sharp cheddars). Thus, a semicolon is employed to make the separate list items more distinct. There's also, however, a colon (:) in this sentence — which leads us to another important point Writing Exercise, Sentence Stealing. Here is the first part of a short story I started. The prompt came from Poets & Writers.com: In Writers Recommend, author Alix Ohlin writes: When I'm in direst need of inspiration, I do what I call 'sentence stealing.'. I find a sentence from a writer I admire and write it down Sep 24, 2020 - Explore Mary-Crystal Williams's board Quirky Quotes, followed by 2703 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about quotes, words, quirky quotes Funny Sentences to Use. Don't move! There's a gigantic spider behind you! If I could go back in time, I would yell at Troy, It's a trap! A dog named Moose ran loose through the spruce forest chasing a goose. Jokers, jesters, and jugglers jingled, jumped, and jigged for the King of Jordan. Kaleidoscopes, Calliopes, and Christopher Columbus

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You rotate the ground 4 times.. 4 You go and understand the tree. 5 I'll give you clap on your cheeks.. 6 Bring your parents and your mother and especially your father. 7 Close the window airforce is coming. 8 I have two daughters and both are girls.. 9 Stand in a straight circle.. 10 Don't stand in front of my back A spoonerism involves the accidental (or sometimes intentional) swapping of letters, words, or vowels in a sentence - for example: Go and shake a tower (meaning go and take a shower). Spooner was a professor at Oxford and he became so famous for his spoonerisms that people would attend his lectures just to hear him make a mistake Learn how to use Convey in a sentence and make better sentences with word `Convey` by reading from 1,420 Convey sentence examples. This scene is meant to convey this information, that scene is meant to convey that information, etc. Nick Maland's quirky illustrations perfectly convey the danger and help build the suspense

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Quirky experiences abound: A vintage clothing store in a double-decker bus! quisling. someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying force. Naturally enough, the attitude taken up by the Christians earned them fresh attacks from the Quisling followers.Snoek, Johan Martinus. quiver When a noun or a pronoun works as a subject in the sentence, a subjective case appears. Example: Louis works in the management. He works very hard for the company. I love to watch movies in my free time. Reading is a very good habit. Objective Case. When a noun or a pronoun works as an object in the sentence, an objective case appears. Example Use it in a sentence: I was absolutely tamping when he broke my bag Argued with my nan and now I won't get pancakes tomorrow tamping, fuming, rageing — kye sutton (@KyeSutton8) February 27.

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Now, DALL-E is not your regular text-to-image conversion AI. It is a unique neural network that takes your descriptive text sentences and turns them into accurate pictures. So, in a way, it is like giving descriptions of a scenario or an object to a sketch artist for him/her to create the perfect image that is in your mind quirky sentence structure among sports fans February 8, 2008 8:26 AM Subscribe. In the last 10 years or so, newscasters have abandoned the kind of sentence structure most of use all day long in favor of odd-sounding fragments. I recently heard a story about some fishermen who were thrown into the water when their boat capsized

capricious in a sentence. example sentences. She was often capricious and impertinent, yet she was never out of temper. Her capricious nature makes her difficult to work with. He is known to be capricious. The capricious weather has brought respite to residents from the warm and humid days In a negative sentence, the preterite of poder means that one could not do something at a specific time. What is the imperfect tense in English? The imperfect (abbreviated IMPERF) is a verb form which combines past tense (reference to a past time) and imperfective aspect (reference to a continuing or repeated event or state) Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction is expected to be dismissed posthumously because of a legal rule called abatement. That would mean, legally speaking, Aaron Hernandez died an innocent man

Describe your novel or comic in one quirky sentence. Promotions. karamesser 2021-02-28 20:37:53 UTC #21. These superheroes are really going places; literally, they're going to various places, mostly on accident, and something always seems to need their help to fix. tapas.i And then there are tons of opening sentences that are just quirky, or rambling, letting you know the author is settling in to tell a long, rumbly bulldozer of a story. And honestly, most of the. 11. Movie Nights. Movie nights are perfect for families who need a night of relaxation. Take turns each week with a different family member getting to pick a movie. Then, have everyone dress in pajamas, make plenty of movie snacks, and snuggle up on the couch. This family tradition is as easy as it is fun. 12

The quirky side of the Estonian language. You might have heard the joke Estonian has no sex and no future before, referring of course to the fact that there are no genders and no future tense in the Estonian language, but did you know that it doesn't have a longest word either? To mark the Mother Tongue Day, ERR News put together a little. Quirky subjects is the term used to refer to constructions where a subject bears XQH[SHFWHG ³TXLUN\´ ) case, namely some object case instead of the expected nominative case. 1 Two examples from Icelandic are given in (1) Learn how to use Kirsty in a sentence and make better sentences with word `Kirsty` by reading from 54 Kirsty sentence examples. Use search function to find more simple sentences of Kirsty. Kirsty is so on my wave length with the helicopter and quirky banter between Andi and Decker But it may be a good time to try out a quirky quaff popular in Mexico that has struggled to find an audience in the United States: The Michelada, a combination of beer, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass An English sentence must have a subject / predicate relationship, and the key element in that relationship is the type of verb that creates the predicate. Verbs either show action or they do not. Verbs without action, such as am, when used as a predicate, must have something to complete the meaning—a complement

1. Say your words out loud, and then write them down. One way to pinpoint your quirky voice is to actually use your voice when you write. You can do this several ways: You can say what you're thinking out loud and write it down exactly the way it comes out of your mouth This set contains short, funny sentences and quirky illustrations that make each handwriting activity fun. It can be used as morning starters and/or placed in handwriting homework packets. Occupational therapists use the Silly Sentence Handwriting Set in standard handwriting remediation sessions as well as intensive handwriting therapy sessions

Sister Bernadette's Dog Barking: The Quirky History and Lost Art of Diagramming Sentences 154 pp. Sister Bernadette's Barking Dog: The Quirky History and Lost Art of Diagramming Sentences is a 2006 book by author Kitty Burns Florey about the history and art of sentence diagramming. Florey learned to diagram sentences as a Catholic school student at St. John the Baptist Ac As funny and quirky as they are — Marcy, Leaf, Schwarzy, Barfee, Olive, and Chip deserve respect and credence. The characters represent so much about growing up, an innocence but also an awareness. I've tried to guide the actors to honor that responsibility with a sense of reality, honesty, natural angst but also youthful joy Consider simpler examples like I'm richer / more rich now than how rich I was then, or It's hotter today than [how hot it was] yesterday for the more general construction. But note that better off (definitely not just better!) is a quirky idiomatically-established usage, which can't be transposed like that (i.e. - you can't idiomatically refer tothan how better off I was in the past) We can conclude that As a politician who gives enthusiastic ovation when his opponent triumphs in a landslide s/he is a quirky one. And the first sentence emphasizes this more: A demagogue should never exude euphoria near the surface in a campaign Disclaimer: is the online writing service How To Write Quirky College Essay that offers custom written papers, including research papers, thesis papers, essays and others. Online writing service includes the research material as well, but these services are for assistance purposes only. All papers from this agency should be properly referenced