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The Samsung Gear 360 camera does not stitch the photos on the device, unlike some other popular devices (ex. Ricoh Theta). Instead, the stitching process is done on the fly when you save the photos from the camera to the Gear 360 mobile app on your phone or tablet. Stitching on PC/Mac without the mobile ap Watch the 360 video here: https://youtu.be/tPxQomtV6R4 For those who have used the Samsung gear and do not like using the Samsung action director (we found t..

Stitching Samsung Gear 360 tool is created for fast and easy way to create panorama from raw files of Samsung Gear 360 camera. Please upload your raw file, the image with two circles on black background, drop the file or choose the file from your cloud space. Please be patience the converting takes some time, you will see running flower Gear 360 ActionDirector's welcome interface. Click the File button in the top left corner and then click Import in the drop-down menu to import the videos you want to stitch into the software. Gear 360 ActionDirector's interface. Click the Play button in the lower left corner then you can preview the video in a small window The Samsung Action Director stitching app only works on WIN, so this method offers a way to custom stitch your footage on both Mac and WIN, with better control and results. Try it out - download the FREE project file below. Samsung Gear VR 360° footage is shot with 2 Fisheye lenses at (3840 x 1920), 30 fps, and there is only one stitch line.

The Samsung Gear 360 (reviewed here) is the most affordable 4k-capable 360 camera but it has some quirks. One issue is that there is sometimes a color difference between the lenses, which makes the stitch lime more visible. Gear 360 shooter Joshua Teo Ch tried to remedy this issue by using a different stitching program How to stitch 360 videos and photos from Samsung Gear 360? If you're using one of the new Samsung's flagship phones you can stitch the 360 videos with your phone. It will take some time, but the simplicity of Gear 360 - when connected with a Samsung phone - is amazing. The story is a bit different if you don't have a supported phone. The Samsung Gear by default gives you a raw image, which is great if you are into manual stitching but whoever's got time for that these days right! So, without further ado, here's the steps you need to take to start building a beautiful interactive virtual tour in minutes using your Samsung Gear 360 camera

Simple script to create equirectangular panorama by stitching images from Samsung Gear 360 Topics. windows linux video ffmpeg stitching panorama image-stitching video-stitching hugin Resources. Readme License. MIT License Releases 1. First official release Latest Feb 3, 2019 Here's a quick review and then workflow video that explains how to stitch, edit and upload your Samsung Gear 360 videos, using your computer - not a Samsung. Samsung Gear 360 will take 2 photos and store it on the SD card. To view these photos in 360 you have to firstly stitch them. To view these photos in 360 you have to firstly stitch them. To do this you can use either the phone app or if you rather a lot, it's easier to bulk stitch using Action Director.You can use the same software to stitch. You can now stitch Samsung Gear 360 photos online for free with NadirPatch.com, a web-based service that offers several tools for editing 360 photos. NadirPatch is a free web-based service for editing 360 photos, with tools for adding a watermark, patching out the tripod, or converting a spherical photo into cubes. They've added a new [ Before uploading or sharing your videos, install the Gear 360 ActionDirector software on your computer to edit them; it's specifically designed for your Gear 360 camera. ActionDirector provides editing functions such as stitching, trimming, adding titles, and creating transitions in your videos - and the best part is this video editing software.

The 360 Video Stitcher for Mac application puts the power of our proprietary instant trim engine and stitching profiles for the Samsung Gear 360 camera into one simple to use software. Simply drag your 360 videos from your SD Card, Trim and Share! Key Features: Simple drag and drop interfac The 360° footage is shot with 2 Fisheye lenses at 3840 x 1920, 30 fps, and there is only one stitch line to deal with. This technique works with any 360 camera footage that uses 2 lenses, such as the Ricoh Theta, Kodak Pixpro, Nikon KeyMission 360, and LG 360. The project file is courtesy Mikey Borup (After Effects with Mikey) The advantage of the Gear 360 is that Samsung will be able to improve the stitching algorithm by just updating the app, no need to update the firmware of the camera. Unfortunately, you will be able to stitch the quasi-4k videos produced by the Gear 360 just using the PC software

To edit 360° videos shot by a Samsung Gear 360, you will first need to stitch the dual-sphere video into equirectangular (flat mode) video first.This (below) is the original dual-sphere video from a Gear 360, before flat mode.. Step 1: Download and Install Gear 360 ActionDirector. Go to Samsung Gear 360 website and download Gear 360 ActionDirector In your Gear 360 package, there's a. 7 tips and tricks for Samsung's Gear 360. As with any camera, the Gear 360 takes some getting used to. and half of your hand is typically cut off by the stitching software used to combine both.

T he Samsung Gear360 (2017 edition) is one of the best price/performance/quality 360 cameras available, and is rightly one of the most popular 360 cameras on the market today. But if you do any amount of work with it, there's one issue that would make it better — and that's a fast and easy workflow that gets the 360s onto your desktop or. One of them is Samsung Gear 360, whose unique, spherical design has won much positive feedback from the market. However, as four of the device's software engineers explain, the Gear 360 is more than just a pretty face - practical and fun, it is built to perform. Stitching Together a New Viewing Experience Gear 360 ActionDirector is top of the line 360° video editing software designed specifically for and included with your Samsung Gear 360 camera.. Gear 360 ActionDirector assists Gear 360 users by importing and automatically stitching videos and photos shot from your Gear 360, and provides several essential editing functions such as trimming, adding titles and creating transitions in your. With the Samsung Gear 360 (New) app, you can create, view, and share 360 content on your smartphone, and enjoy various features by connecting Gear 360. ※ This app is compatible with Gear 360 (2017) and Gear 360. Main Features: - Connect to and disconnect from Gear 360. - Remotely shoot video and preview your recording The first one on the list is Video Stitch Studio, which cost $295. VideoStitch Studio is one of the best video stitching software for 360 and VR video post-production. This is a European start-up that is offering solutions for virtual reality video production. They are committed to creating 360 degree video live

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  2. Stitching tool for 360° videos captured by the Samsung Gear 360 (SM-C200) - bilde2910/stitch-gear360
  3. For my Samsung Gear 360 (2016) Camera, I use the ActionDirector OEM 2.0.1807.0. I think, that ist for the Samsung Gear 360 (2017), but it also works for the older model. Have your serial number at hand. Hatti Win 10 64, i7-4790k, 32GB Ram, 256 GB SSD, SATA 2TB, SATA 4TB, NVidia GTX1080 8GB, LG 34 4K Wide, AOC 24 108
  4. Other popular 360-degree cameras include the low-cost Detu Twin and the Samsung Gear VR, both under $100. If you have more of a budget, try the GoPro Fusion, the Ricoh Theta, the Kodak PixPro, and the LG 360 Cam
  5. Get Samsung Gear 360 help, find tips and tricks, and discuss the latest news and updates on the Samsung Gear 360 forum at AndroidForums.com. Pixelation after stitching. Mar 12, 2019 at 4:57 PM (Mar 12, 2019 at 3:53 PM) 2 4,557 Michael Fowler. Michael Fowler.
  6. Using Samsung Gear Action Director Version, all I ever get when I attempt to stitch 360 videos is a black backgound and two intersecting lines with a blob or pixelated garbage in the middle
  7. Batch Gear 360 Stitching tool is created for fast and easy way to create panorama from raw files of Samsung Gear 360 camera. Please upload your raw files, the images with two circles on black background, drop the files or choose the files from your cloud space

1 On the mobile device, tap the Samsung Gear 360 app or the Gear 360 app → Settings. 2 Tap Reset and format → Format Gear 360 SD card. A confirmation message will appear on the camera status screen when the formatting is finished. If you want to format a memory card on the mobile device, you must connect the Gear 360 to the mobile device Step-by-step Guide to Convert VR Videos from Samsung Gear 360 for Playing on VR Devices. Step 1. Import Required Media Files. Open the converter program and drag the video files you want converted or simply click on the File tab and open all your media files to choose from. Step 2 A monoscopic 360 video is just a flat equirectangular video displayed on a sphere. These are filmed with cameras such as the Samsung Gear 360 or the GoPro Omni. Regardless of the total number of cameras, each angle is filmed with one camera lens and then stitched together to form the 360 view How This 360° Stitching Method Works. As mentioned earlier, this method is ideal for any 360° camera that has two fish-eye lenses and allows you to access the unstitched footage from the camera. (Some cameras will save each view as their own file. Others, like the Samsung Gear 360, will save both views into one file. Either way is fine.

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  1. Samsung Gear 360 Manager ported for use on (almost) all devices LAST UPDATED: 21st January 2021, Version Requirements: - A Gear 360 2016 or 2017 (BOTH work with the same app) - Android 5.0 or above - A decently powerful phone. The Live View will not work on any phones with the equivalent or lower power than a Galaxy S5, but try it.
  2. Alternatively, you could use the Gear 360 ActionDirector app for converting videos: Download and install the Gear 360 ActionDirector app from Samsung's support website; Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the app; Open the original file. This will automatically stitch it to the equirectangular version and save in the default folde
  3. Review: Samsung Gear 360 (20 17) The improved 4K resolution and the adjustments to the stitching make the gear 360 a more useful device. Samsung went big on virtual reality last year, launching a.

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  1. 06-14-2017 08:58 AM in. Hey there -- I have a 2016 Gear 360, model SM C200, and it's been working great. However, I just downloaded the ActionDirector software yesterday, and can't seem to upload any of my 360 videos. I drag and drop, and it starts to load/stitch, but then for no apparent reason it stops stitching and the video is stuck like that
  2. The ONLY Action Director for Mac software equivalent. Stitch and Trim 360 Videos shot with the Samsung Gear 360 camera. DOWNLOAD FREE 360 Video Stitcher NOW
  3. If you want a Gear 360 but don't own a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, you will be able to download a PC-only app to handle the stitching. The image quality looks great for its size, but the stitching is.
  4. Samsung Gear 360 Review: The 360 Camera for (Most of) the Masses If you have a Samsung or Apple smartphone, the Samsung Gear 360 is the best 360-degree camera for casual shooters
  5. I've seen people using Samsung Gear 360 footage in Premiere Pro without issues. Note that Premiere Pro only accepts stitched VR footage. You might want to re-stitch your footage in the Samsung app that comes with the camera for stitching. Additionally, try CCnLA's suggestion and let us know if that works

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  1. The previous Gear 360's performance was solid all-round, and Samsung hasn't shaken things up too much in this regard. It's a decent performer but, just like every other 360-degree camera we've reviewed, the appeal of its video and photos comes more from their novelty than their image quality
  2. Download the Samsung Gear 360 app on your smartphone via Galaxy Apps, Google Play Store or apps.samsung.com Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5. 3840*1920 resolution video recording and video stitching are supported by the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. ** The VIEW ON GEAR VR icon will appear on devices in which the Gear VR app is.
  3. But the point of the Gear 360 is to shoot with both lenses, and then either use one of Samsung's newest smartphones or a PC app to stitch the images or videos together
  4. Alternatively, Samsung offers a free Windows app - Gear 360 ActionDirector, developed by Cyberlink - that does the stitching on your desktop, as well as offering editing of 360-degree video
  5. Samsung Gear 360 (2016 Model) The first step in creating 360 videos, is recording with a 360 degree camera systems. These currently range in price from $100 to hundreds of thousands. Most of the basic principles of shooting and editing 360 VR are exactly the same for all of those systems, so it makes sense to start experimenting and learning.

The Samsung Gear 360 features dual 15 MP sensors with f/2.0 apertures, and both are fish eye lenses, which means that each camera is capable of capturing a 180 degree photo or video 4. 360 Camera Tech Has Matured. 360 cameras have become more affordable and easier to use at the consumer level. It's easier than ever to shoot and stitch 360 footage with inexpensive entry-level cameras like the Samsung Gear 360. On the professional level, there are turnkey solutions for cinematic quality 360 video with bundled software for. If you're a PC and Samsung Galaxy phone user, and are willing to put up with stitching after a shoot, then the Samsung Gear 360 is a better purchase for the money Samsung's Gear 360 ($169 at Amazon) is one of the best consumer 360-degree cameras you can get at the moment, and yet for most people it's probably not going to be the one to get.. Mainly that's. To modify 360° video clips shot by a Sámsung Gear 360, you will first need to stitch thé dual-sphere video clip into equirectangular (toned mode) video clip very first.This (below) will be the first dual-sphere movie from a Géar 360, before level mode.Action 1: Download and Install Gear 360 ActionDirectorGo to website and download Gear 360 ActionDirector In your Gear 360 deal, there.

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Why use a professional 8K 360 camera if your viewers are using a headset or smartphone that can only render 4K? Insta360's new CrystalView player solves this problem. It lets viewers watch 8K 360 video in full quality on Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, and mainstream iOS and Android phones 4.5 out of five stars - The Gear 360 shoots near 4k quality, 360 degree videos for sharing the entire scene with your friends. Easy to use right out of the box and simplicity is the genius when using this camera. Content stitching is done through the 360 app right on a compatible Samsung smartphone or through the PC software

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Some of the best are the Ricoh Theta, Nikon's Keymission 360, Samsung's Gear 360, and Kodak's Pix Pro Dual Pack. All of these cameras use two fisheye lenses pointed in opposite directions For better stitching results, consider using a third-party stitching software, like Kolor Autopano Video Pro or MistikaVR, both of which have templates available for this camera. Support: View tutorials and troubleshooting resources on Samsung's Gear 360 support website, and contribute to its user forum. You can also call or email support, or.

Samsung Gear 360 is ranked 4th while 360Fly is ranked 20th. The most important reason people chose Samsung Gear 360 is: Samsing Gear 360 is extremely easy to use. The software experience is excellent and intuitive with minimal (if any) bugs or issues. It's so easy that even an absolute beginner can use it without any problems The Hugin main window consists of many different options and areas, for now, we are only concerned with the top toolbar of icons. For the purposes of this tutorial the only buttons that will be being used are the new project button on the far left (the white page icon with the top right corner folded over) and the panorama viewing window (the blue colored representation of a landscape oriented.

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Samsung announced the Gear 360 back in February at Mobile World Congress this year as a 360 camera for regular consumers with great specifications. The Gear 360 is available in many countries right now and it is time we put this little camera to the test. Samsung gave us the opportunity to do so, and we tested the Gear 360 in various ways The stitching performance of the 2017 Samsung Gear 360 balances exposure and color across lenses much better than the previous model. More ergonomic, less difficult to handle The new camera, which offers 4K video, 2K live streaming and compatibility with iPhones, also boasts a smaller size (45mm versus 60mm for the first Gear 360) and a handle. Download link: Samsung Gear 360. 11. Cycloramic. Cycloramic won the Best 360 degree iOS app by TechCrunch a few years back, and there are damn certain features sending this 360 camera app on the TOP. Cycloramic comes up with High-definition resolutions for images up to 42 Megapixels, hands-free mode for 360-degree images The Samsung Gear 360 features two F2.0 lenses that each shoot 180 degrees. The Gear 360 shoots 3840x1920 high resolution videos and 30 MP photos. Perhaps because of the fisheye lenses or maybe the stitching involved, I find that video shot on the Galaxy Note 7 looks sharper than that shot on the Gear 360

Together with its new Galaxy S8 flagship smartphones Samsung has also announced an updated version of its Gear 360 spherical camera. A new design, with some controls moved to the handle, allows for a smaller distance between the two 8.4MP sensors with F2.2 fisheye lenses and therefore better image stitching results Samsung's first Gear 360 video camera was a promising product, but one that fell short of expectations in real-world use. Despite capturing pretty decent 360-degree video, it was hampered by. The Gear 360 will only connect with a Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 edge+, Note 5, S7, S7 Edge, or Note 7. Software The connection to your phone is made via Bluetooth, and is pretty seamless The Garmin Virb 360 is a great action camera, but $799 is probably overkill for simple 360 shots. The Samsung Gear 360 is an easy-to-use camera from the company that spearheaded the 360 movement. An additional Menu adds to the phone, which gives a very handy torch icon :) I love this app. Before uploading or sharing your videos, use CyberLink ActionDirector Software to edit them; it's specifically designed for your Gear 360 camera.ActionDirector provides editing functions such as stitching, trimming, adding titles, and creating transitions in your videos - and the best part is, it.

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Hey, So I got Samsung gear 360 2017. I do stitching in Samsung Action Director 2. Everything seems to be just fine, but as soon as I import stitched footage in Premier Pro to edit, stitching seems to be messed up. I can clearly see stitching lines and empty black holes. I imported the same footage. 2. FISHEYE IMAGE CALIBRATION AND STITCHING The Samsung Gear 360 acquires a pair of fisheye images that are then stitched inside (a) the mobile phone or with (b) the Gear 360 Action Direction desktop application (Fig. 2). The quality of result is not the same: the desktop app produce Do you know if it will include the stitching process? ActionDirector stitching is the worst. A place to post your videos and pics shot with the Samsung Gear 360 camera as well as discuss tips and tricks to get the most of your camera. 2.0k. Members. 7. Online. Created Feb 22, 2016 For instance, video from the camera samsung gear 360 may come in at a lower quality, stitching takes longer on some phones, and the app may crash from time to time.But if you own a samsung gear 360 camera but no Samsung phones you can give it a try following the steps below! Step1: Downloa

360° panoramas & videos stitching and processing from GoPro, Samsung Gear 360, Ricoh Theta etc. All work related to 360° production! We use only manual stitching View more. HDR market. HDR is a techniques used in CGI for creating photorealistic images. We offer the spherical high resolution 360° HDR panoramas for lightning computerized scenes Stitching 30-megapixel photos took about 3-4 seconds. Timelapses are two to three times longer. Samsung's Gear 360 gets all the basics right for a first-gen 360 camera. Topics: 360 photos, 360. The gear camera software - Action director needs to be used to stitch any photo taken with the gear 360 camera. Make sure camera takes photos in highest resolution possible. Photographs should take seconds to stitch and you should save them to the photo folder on the formatted drive For Pictures you can test PTGui. Unfortunately it doesn't work for videos. Action Director 2 is not compatible with Gear 360 (2016). I've tested it some months ago. A place to post your videos and pics shot with the Samsung Gear 360 camera as well as discuss tips and tricks to get the most of your camera Samsung Gear 360. Rated 5 out of 5. 5 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review) Platforms: Web. Report Dea

Samsung Gear 360 - Workflow 101 - Stitching, Editing and the Mac OS In this video, we run through the workflow we use in getting the video and photos out from Gear 360, getting the footage stitched and read.. Samsung's Action Director desktop software DOES sometimes have bugs, and it IS faster to stitch on your Samsung S7 or S8 smartphone, though you will lose some quality. Support: View tutorials and troubleshooting resources on Samsung's Gear 360 support website, and contribute to its user forum. You can also call or email support, or use. Amazon.in: Buy Samsung Gear 360 Real 360° High Resolution VR Camera (US Version) online at low price in India on Amazon.in. Check out Samsung Gear 360 Real 360° High Resolution VR Camera (US Version) reviews, ratings, features, specifications and browse more Samsung products online at best prices on Amazon.in

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  1. While both the Ricoh Theta S and Samsung Gear 360 record video in dual-fisheye, it seems equirectangular projection is the standardized format for editing, viewing, and uploading 360 footage
  2. Samsung Gear 360. $91. 4K and Live Broadcast. Includes Action Director Stitching Software Insta 360 One. $299. Shoots in 4K. Includes InstaStudio Stitching Softwar
  3. Samsung made the Gear 360 Camera completely compatible with the new Galaxy phones, so you can edit your videos via Bluetooth connection wherever you find yourself. That is, of course, if you own the new Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. For those who don't have these Samsung phones, there will be a PC-only app for stitching and editing
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So why is the Gear 360 a game changer? Well for starters, all the necessary stitching is performed by the phone with the Gear 360 Manager app or Samsung's Gear 360 Action Director software for PC that is included with the camera.Real-time preview of stitched footage on your phone makes composing your shot and watching your stitch line a breeze Shop Samsung Gear 360 Real 360 Degree 4K VR Camera White at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Price Match Guarantee Samsung Gear 360 (2016) vs. Samsung Gear 360 (2017) You can see the quality deterioration of the newer Samsung Gear 360 especially well due to the handy design. Although Samsung has improved the maximum resolution for videos on the new camera from 3,840 x 1920 pixels at 30 frames per second to 4,096 x 2160 pixels at 24 frames per second. The Samsung Gear 360 is picking up a camera update today. Firmware C200GLU0APE4 is supposed to bring the following changes:. Time lapse menu added to onboard camera settings (set video resolution.