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PubPeer enables scientists to search for their publications or their peers publications and provide feedback and/or start a conversation anonymously I love and highly appreciate PubPeer, but I find the way the extension works annoying and misguided. In particular, I am not interested in whether cited or linked papers on a page have comments on PubPeer or not. Really, never. I think it would make a lot more sense to just show the top bar if the currently viewed paper has comments on pubpeer PubPeer is a website that allows users to discuss and review scientific research after publication, i.e. post-publication peer review.. The site has served as a whistleblowing platform, in that it highlighted shortcomings in several high-profile papers, in some cases leading to retractions and to accusations of scientific fraud, as noted by Retraction Watch The latest tweets from @PubPeer

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  1. PubPeer - a website to comment on scientific papers. If you are interested in scientific integrity, you will probably know PubPeer, a website where you can leave anonymous or signed comments on scientific papers. PubPeer was launched in late 2012 by neuroscientist Brendon Stell and brothers Richard and George Smith, with Boris Barbour and.
  2. Commenter #13 in the above-linked Pubpeer thread says the publication of this new paper is a failure of peer review. But it is also a failure on the part of the authors. When people make a mistake multiple times after it has been pointed out to the, it's ultimately their fault
  3. A chemistry professor at Northeastern University in Boston, MA who has almost 70 papers flagged on PubPeer resigned yesterday, May 4, 2021. On his blog For Better Science (Update May 5, at the bottom), Leonid Schneider shared an email from the Chair of the Department of Engineering, which states that Thomas J Webster has resigned from the university
  4. The PubPeer database contains all articles. Search results return articles with comments. To leave the first comment on a specific article, paste a unique identifier such as a DOI , PubMed ID , or arXiv ID into the search bar
  5. PubPeer's secret is out: Founder of controversial website reveals himself. By Jennifer Couzin-Frankel Aug. 31, 2015 , 7:15 AM. After 3 years in the shadows, the anonymous founder of a popular.
  6. PubPeer successfully fought the subpoena with legal representation by the American Civil Liberties Union, bringing the case to an end. Oransky noted that the Office of Research integrity did not.

All the papers listed on Pubpeer where the authors have already not admitted to mistakes in the images were cross-checked by Dr. Elisabeth Bik. Dr. Bik is a Science Consultant at Harbers-Bik LLC. PubPeer.com is a web platform for scientific commentary. The website is maintained by The PubPeer Foundation. The PubPeer Foundation is a California-registered public-benefit corporation with 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in the United States PubPeer is a facility for online post-publication comment on scientific articles. The landing page for PubPeer introduces the venture as The online journal club with a large search box where articles may be found using a range of parameters such as the digital object identifier (DOI), the PubMed ID and keywords or author names 歷史. PubPeer是在2012年10月創始,2015年10月起改為匿名運作,運作者分別是法國國家科學研究中心的神經科學家Brandon Stell ,另外二人的用户名分別是George Smith及Richard Smith 。. 簡介. 有些網站和PubPeer的性質類似,都是讓學術研究者可以進行出版後的同行評審,PubPeer強調一些高调论文的缺點,有些甚至. Show links to existing PubPeer comments This plugin indicates PubPeer comments wherever they appear. A lightweight plugin to install and forget about

We created PubPeer in our spare time two years ago to improve peer review by using the power of the internet to accelerate the exchange of ideas and scientific progress. Now the foundation of our. Pubpeer. Plugin to show if references in Zotero have PubPeer comments. Install by downloading the latest XPI - if you use Firefox, make sure to right-click and save the XPI file, not just clicking it - and then in Zotero:. In the main menu go to Tools > Add-ons; Select 'Extensions

Help with another? Not on PubPeer yet. This guest post comes from a non-scientist, not even a former scientist or a citizen scientist or someone who always wanted to be a scientist. Cheshire is namely a person with a proper job, and always was. But they recently decided to apply their common sense and their good eye for image irregularities to. 原标题:又一篇SCI论文栽在 Pubpeer 上!. 遭 ACS 撤稿并被学术圈呼吁封杀. 近日, 美国化学会 (American Chemical Society, ACS)旗下期刊 Biomaterials Science & Engineering 撤下一篇稿件,该文章因为图像作假而被举报。. 文章名 Anisotropic Gold Nanoparticle Decorated Magnetopolymersome: An. Pubpeer states that it's mission is to create an online community that uses the publication of scientific results as an opening for fruitful discussion. Users create accounts using an academic email address and must have at least one first-author publication to join This year, the developers of CRISPR gene-editing technology argued over patent rights, a researcher fought to unmask anonymous PubPeer commenters, US regulators considered three-parent babies, and troubles continued for Theranos. PubPeer Wins Appeal on Anonymous Comments. Joshua A. Krisch, Bob Grant | Dec 7, 2016 PubPeer 2.0 is here! Founded in 2012, PubPeer, an online, moderated platform for discussing scientific publications, which originally begun as a spare-time project, has since cemented its presence as a platform for post-publication peer review. Starting in early 2013, its users could comment anonymously as so-called Peers

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PubPeer hosts anonymous discussion of scientific journal articles. A cancer scientist has sued several of those anonymous commenters for defamation and issued a subpoena to PubPeer demanding their identities. The ACLU - along with its Michigan affiliate and Jollymore Law Office, P.C. - challenged the subpoena, arguing that the First Amendment protects the anonymity o There are some old Blenis classics on Pubpeer, like this 21 year old Romanelli et al Mol Cell Biol 1999 which gels bands look like a stamp collection, with some stamps used twice, probably by mistake of an early edition of the Photoshop.But no time for such vintage classics from Harvard, so here is a rather recent paper from Cornell, so you can see the practice somehow continued About half a dozen IISc researchers have 33 papers listed on Pubpeer for image duplication. Most of the duplication is within the same paper. With 13 papers, Akhil R. Chakravarty has the most number of problematic articles. A few researchers have already got or are about to get an erratum published. India's premier institution India Countless solid evidences were exposed in PubPeer as well. Even more unfortunately, nobody admitted their misbehavior towards science. Allen Chou says: 14 December, 2019 at 8:31 pm. I would say it is very likely that this is totally a lie. Green Valley is a infamous company who made fake advertisement in the past 15 years and had been punished. Other PubPeer contributors have been examining that image and others among Cao's more than 300 papers. Bik reported in a recent tweet that they have flagged more than 60 of Cao's papers

Zotero with built-in Retraction checks plus PubPeer and scite plugins. In my last post, I talked about the state of retractions in the literature and how so much of the literature includes authors. Problematic papers listed on Pubpeer website1) Regulation of apoptosis by resveratrol through JAK/STAT and mitochondria mediated pathway in human epidermoid carcinoma A431 cells RealClimate: Guest post from PubPeer.com The process of reviewing published science is constantly occurring and is now commonly being called post-publication peer review. It occurs in many places including on blogs such as this one, review articles, at conferences around the world, and has even been encouraged on the websites of some journals The PubPeer team open by noting that PubPeer, which positively encourages anonymous submissions, is by far the most active scientific discussion site: Our experience has been that anonymity greatly facilitates scientific discussion with little if any effect on the quality of comments. The success and growth of PubPeer (we receive approximately. Brandon Stell of PubPeer. Both the founders of and most of the commenters on PubPeer have remained anonymous. That is until today. The founders have publicly identified themselves in a blog post and formed a new non-profit organization, The PubPeer Foundation.. Founders include Brandon Stell, George Smith and Richard Smith. Also with the founders on the PubPeer Foundation Board of Directors.

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A. PubPeer is a site for discussing any and all research published in scientific journals (and preprints). We make things as simple as possible - every publication has its own page and a text box into which anybody can type their comment and have it appear, either immediately or after moderation 'Many of the papers flagged on PubPeer have been published in journals where Webster is on the editorial board, which is a big conflict of interest in case concerns are raised with those papers,' she notes. According to Bik, Webster's lab has been suspended since November

PubPeer is designed to facilitate that discussion. It allows users to post under their names or anonymously; it currently holds some 35,000 comments. The site's popularity—it gets more than 300,000 page views a month—suggests that PubPeer has tapped into a hunger for candid conversation about published research. The site has also become. The concerns on PubPeer (from December 2019) are about falsified western blots in Figures 3A-B, 5A, 4G, 8A-B and microscopy in 5C. Afterwards, concern about FACS data in Figure 5A was also raised, and Dr Hetz addresses only that See Michigan State Court of Appeals Hears Arguments in PubPeer Litigation The only awareness [of the Wayne State investigation] we had was based on the mentions in a couple of the retractions that the retractions were based on investigations, Abdo told The Scientist.. Those were very oblique references that basically said there was an investigation at Wayne State, but they didn. Interestingly, Pubpeer refused to integrate this anomaly for the main investigator in France of therapeutic trials with remdesivir, which was later rectified due to the publication of an erratum, from his part regarding his conflicts of interest. Regarding IHU and Pr. Raoult conflicts of interest, these are completely absurd PUBPEER'S MOTION TO QUASH SUBPOENA AND BRIEF IN SUPPORT. I hereby certify that I have complied with all provisions of LCR 2.119(B) on motion practice. /s/ Daniel S. Korobkin Attorney for Moving Party PubPeer, LLC. FILED IN MY OFFICE WAYNE COUNTY CLERK 12/10/2014 12:04:33 PM CATHY M. GARRETT. l

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Download PubPeer for macOS 10.14 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Show links to existing PubPeer comments This plugin indicates PubPeer comments wherever they appear. A lightweight plugin to install and forget about TL; DR: PubPeer was born in 2002 after Brandon Stell, George Smith, and Richard Smith decided to do something about the conflicts of interest prevalent in leading academic and scientific journals. The trio understood that the process of correcting a published scientific paper is long and arduous with much at stake for a number of parties And PubPeer represents an alternative, a safety net for criticisms, and a way of shaming journals into action. But - I'll say this again - sometimes what looks like inaction from outside is either (1) a slow deliberative process to ensure complete and fair evaluation, or (2) a completed evaluation that found nothing to move forward with Authors Title Citation DOI or PMID PubPeer Link U Wollina, J Hercogovấ, M Fioranelli, S Gianfaldoni, A A Chokoeva, G Tchernev, M Tirant, F Novotny, M G Roccia, G K Maximov, K França, T Lotti A multi-centred open trial of Dr Michaels® (also branded as Soratinex®) topical product family in psoriasi

Co-organizer of PubPeer Boris Barbour, a neuroscientist at public-health research institute IBENS in France, is also named in Raoult and Chabriere's criminal complaint. Barbour declined requests. PubPeer. Retraction Action: Science Fraud Is Up, but More Retractions Could Be a Good Thing. Scientific retractions are on the rise. In 2001 there were 40 incidents in which published results of scientific research were retracted, but in less than a decade that number had ballooned to 400. And yes, the publication rate had also increased during. Pubpeer for Microsoft Edge. Based on PubPeer extension for Chrome and Firefox, with updates from Microsoft Edge Extension Toolkit. Installation. To use this unsigned extension as is, please do the following: Ensure that apps can be sideloaded in Edge. Go to Settings > Update & security > For developers, and select Sideload apps or Developer.

The PubPeer API is keyed so please contact us at pubpeer.com if this is of interest. If you don't know what PubPeer is check out the pubpeer.com or our Twitter feed. Briefly, PubPeer is a platform on which scientists can comment on any published research article Download PubPeer for Firefox. This plugin adds links to existing PubPeer comments on journal websites and PubMed In particular, there is a website called PubPeer, which represents itself as an online journal club. More importantly, for our purposes, PubPeer is a site where a lot of geeky scientists with sharp eyes for anomalies in published figures discuss papers and figures that seem, well, not entirely kosher

Count Authors Title Citation DOI or PMID Year PubPeer post 1 Hossein Baharvand, Mahnaz Azarnia, Kazem Parivar, Saeid Kazemi Ashtiani The effect of extracellular matrix on embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 38 (2005) 495-50 PubPeer enables scientists to search for their publications or their peers publications and provide feedback and/or start a conversation anonymously. PubPeer - Adiponectin decreases C-reactive protein synthesis and secretion from endothelial cells: evidence for an adipose tissue. Adiponectin decreases C-reactive protein synthesis and secretion.

In this respect PubMed Commons differed from other post-publication review sites (e.g. PubPeer) that allowed anonymity and demanded no credentials. Furthermore, with internet browsers other than Firefox and Chrome (for which there are apps) there was only a one-way link (e.g. from PubPeer to PubMed), not the converse PubPeer. 1,066 likes · 9 talking about this. PubPeer is an online community that uses the publication of scientific results as an opening for fruitful discussion among scientists For both the preprints and journal articles with PubPeer comments, the median number of comments was 0 (IQR 0-0). Discussion This meta-research study showed that results for most studies assessing the effect of interventions for COVID-19 were initially disseminated in preprints, and the delay in publication of these results in journal. The same article can have comments on the article itself (if that feature is available), in PubPeer, on PubMed Commons, on Researchgate, on blogs, on Twitter, on F1000Prime and elsewhere. As these examples show, the different versions of post-publication peer review all deal with different types of challenges, so it is important to clearly.

PubPeer is a self-described online journal club that facilitates commenting on published biomedical literature. We sought to determine how often postpublication comments on PubPeer identify serious misconduct or errors in clinical research articles, how often editors are alerted to problems via PubPeer, and how editors and authors respond The PubPeer organisers and two other scholars debate the merits and pitfalls of anonymity in peer review. Among the criticisms that are frequently made of peer review is that referees' anonymity allows laziness, discourtesy and conflicts of interest to flourish. Editors do their best to broker honestly, but grievances were not in short supply. Cao responded to Bik's posting on PubPeer on Sunday night, saying that he had made investigating the claims his top priority and had started re-examining manuscripts, raw data and lab records

This awesome Pubpeer thread is about 80 times better than the original paper » The Tampa Bay Rays baseball team is looking to hire a Stan user Posted by Jonah Gabry on 24 June 2021, 5:22 p PubPeer. 976 likes · 2 talking about this. PubPeer is an online community that uses the publication of scientific results as an opening for fruitful discussion among scientists

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Show links to existing PubPeer comments. This plugin indicates PubPeer comments wherever they appear. A lightweight plugin to install and forget about The profile of PubPeer, Firefox extension author. Find other extensions by PubPeer, including average ratings, tenure, and the option to report issues Bulletin d'information scientifique de l'IHU - Nous avons le droit d'être intelligents !Pr Didier Raoult, Directeur de l'IHU Méditerranée InfectionLiens vers.. A reminder: accusations of misconduct and insults are forbidden on PubPeer and this is enforced by our moderation policies. We have no control over what other people write on social media

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PubPeer now has comments on 258 papers on which Raoult is an author. Bik says she has flagged image problems, ethical questions, and other concerns in 63 of the papers. Raoult's lawyer, Brice Grazzini, told Science he filed a complaint against Bik with the French public prosecutor in April, although Bik has not been notified or charged, and it. A scientist who claims to have lost a job offer because of online comments on the website PubPeer questioning his research has threatened, through his lawyer, to sue the anonymous commentators and may subpoena the website to discover their identities, his lawyer has said. Fazlul Sarkar, a cancer researcher at Wayne State University in Detroit, said that an offer of a tenured position at the. PubPeer itself is surely protected by the provisions of the Communications Decency Act that shield web site owners from comments made by users - this has been tested several times, to the best of my knowledge, and has held up every time. And Sarkar isn't suing PubPeer itself, apparently. The professor seems to mostly want the site's.

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One of the problematic images in the paper (5d), annotated by PubPeer user Leucanella Acutissima. Source: PubPeer. The data-integrity problem becomes harder, in a manner of speaking, when data is collected from the field - by multiple individuals led by one or two supervisors who simply can't be everywhere at once The PubPeer database contains all articles. PubPeer is a website that allows users to discuss and review scientific research. The site is one of many allowing academics to engage in post-publication peer review. It has served as a whistleblowing platform, in that it highlighted shortcomings in several high-profile papers, in some cases leading. Researcher suing PubPeer was found culpable of misconduct, court documents show BMJ. 2016 Nov 24;355:i6337. doi: 10.1136/bmj.i6337. Author Owen Dyer 1 Affiliation 1 Montreal. PMID: 27884823 DOI: 10.1136/bmj.i6337 No abstract available. MeSH terms Humans. PubPeer has been conceived by 3 biologists in 2012 as an online version of journal clubs, a common practice at least in many medical departments for more than a century16. Their aim was mostly to educate young physicians, discuss applicability of published papers in clinica

On Tuesday October 4 at 10AM, a Michigan Court in Detroit conducted a hearing on case 326691 Fazlul Sarkar vs John Doe. As you may recall from our coverage at Science Transparency, Prof. Sarkar is a scientist anonymously accused of misconduct through a blog named PubPeer PubPeer A position on PeerJ. October 19, 2015 orlandodl Community and personality, Scientific publishing Open Access, PeerJ, PubPeer. On sitting down to scrutinise the PeerJ Q&A session on Reddit I was ready to employ my cynicism to its fullest. Surely flash in the pan, reactionary, buzzword-laden and naive would all be terms I could employ in. PubPeer and Retraction Watch serve a useful purpose, but only if they operate under a strictly scrutinizable modus operandi in which the public and scientists, editors and publishers can hold them equally accountable, and be critical of them in public. The First Amendment in the USA has now shown that it can protect the John Doe, the. Sensibilisation aux manquements à l'intégrité scientifique et à leurs conséquences.1ère journée de l'Intégrité Scientifique. 11 et 12 avril 2018.Université d..

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According to the PubPeer website, this led to the exposure of unexpected levels of research misconduct. We think it is a shame that Commons will be no more, although the comments will remain accessible (both through PubPeer, which mirrored the Commons content, and also via download from the NIH's website) How do you avoid personalizing a website based on critiquing scientific research (or risking professional retaliation for it)? Remain anonymous. That's what the creators of PubPeer have done for about three years, facilitating crowdsourced critiques of peer-reviewed research published elsewhere. But the creators came out this week in a post on their site PubPeer also has quite some posts against Hua Zi-chun or Hua zichun, another biomed professor at Nanjing univ, who was a candidate for the Chinese Academy of Sciences this year, for cut & paste and duplicate publication. They were never answered. Zhang says: 20 November, 2019 at 7:41 am The journal club PubPeer was used to extract 39,449 research articles and the 2,308 errata, 189 expressions of concern, and 1,531 retractions associated with these publications. The relationship, time delay, and evolution of these publications were then compared, as was their incidence in journals and disciplines

References and online defamation - Awesome TechPubPeer Anonymous – Labrigger【獨家】PubPeer踢爆!台大造假論文11篇 楊泮池共同掛名4篇 -- 上報 / 調查

PubPeer: Changing the face of peer review. The scientific community holds the peer review process in high-esteem, citing it as the means by which faulty science is weeded out and only the most accurate scientific data is published. However there is a growing recognition that, given the sheer volume of work produced, and the competitive nature. PubPeer, a new and ominous website which started from the lack of post-publication peer discussion on journal websites. Thus was born an idea for a website where open peer review was not intimidating to users, while maintaining the rigor and anonymity of the closed review process currently used by the major journals 突发!. 知名杂志1天撤回中国学者30篇文章,涉及众多名校!. 2021年6月4日, Journal of Cellular Physiology 及 Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 同时撤回了中国学者30篇 文章 ,主要原因是文章结论不可靠。. 包括的单位有 山东大学 , 青岛大学 , 吉林大学 等。. 在根据第三方. Another nice win for free speech and online criticism has been handed down by the Michigan Court of Appeals in a defamation lawsuit targeting commenters at PubPeer, a site dedicated to anonymous.

Pubpeer list - AAV-delivery of CRISPR/ZFN/TALEN is not safe, it integrates the nuclease and AAV in the genome, often significantly (30 studies) Posted by sanchak74 March 19, 2019 January 3, 2020 Leave a comment on Pubpeer list - AAV-delivery of CRISPR/ZFN/TALEN is not safe, it integrates the nuclease and AAV in the genome, often. There should be some indicator in the library view that signals PubPeer comments on an article in the library with a link to the comments (returned from the API). Of course it would also be great if PubPeer comments were signaled when inserting references into a manuscript (although I imagine this would be a more complicated second step).- PubPeer founder Brandon Stell, and his colleagues Boris Barbour and Gabor Brasnjo, themselves felt compelled to write a defense of the Web site. 2 PubPeer has since attracted further criticism, including an exchange with physicist Philip Moriarty published in Times Higher Education 3 and a blog post 4 from the science journalist Leonid Schneider The PubPeer submissions for each of the quilts are handsome works of art and statistics, elegantly documenting (with color coding!) each plagiarized passage and summarizing the damage. An anonymous comment to the post states, The individual(s) who uncovered and documented all of this in such a comprehensive manner should be commended for.

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PubPeer——让同行评审暴露在阳光下. PubPeer 网站建立于2012年,它是一个鼓励科研人员匿名对已发表的论文进行评论的网站,相当于一个科学论坛,只要学者拥有PubPeer的账号,都可以对已发表过的论文进行评论,评论内容可以是批评、质疑、改进建议等,不过,评论需要审核后才能显示 PubPeer is a website that lets people comment anonymously on research papers and so, in theory, helps purge the scientific literature of erroneous findings more speedily In the series of Tool tips, Library staff reviews handy research tools. Think of tools that can help you with publishing your research, accessing literature, and handling data. Do you want to comment on a published paper? In this 9th tool tip, we introduce PubPeer, a platform where you can comment on papers or find discussions about papers

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PubPeer. Torturing more mice in the name of antivaccine pseudoscience: PubPeer versus antivaxers. Brain and Behavior oracknows | September 27, 2017 PubPeer is intended to spark dialogue between researchers. Comments on PubPeer are not considered allegations of research misconduct, and the IU Research Integrity Office is not currently monitoring PubPeer for comments and concerns regarding IU researchers. We are available to provide guidance when possible

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Snowjob 2.0, WWIII Prep, PubPeer - #NewWorldNextWeek. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week's episode Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more Have you considered integrating PubPeer comments into EndNote? Your users could be alerted in real-time to the existence of post-publication peer review of the papers they intend to cite. PubPeer is the pioneer and leading platform for post-publication discussions and provides a free API. For furth.. Tag Archives: PubPeer Playing with PDFs. Leave a reply. In the book of things you didn't know you can do in Fiji, I'll bet we're going to cover a couple here today. The Research community uses the Portable Document Format as the de facto standard for 'reprints' of published articles. In this post, we'll look at how to open, modify. PubPeer.com Is an Anonymous Web Site Devoted to Discussion . Of Scientific Research Journal Articles after Publication . 23. PubPeer.com (PubPeer) is a web site that describes itself as an online community that uses the publication of scientific results as an opening for fruitful discussion among scientists

Pubpeer.com is a public website that allows people to discuss scientific research. The appeals court says the website statements cited in Sarkar's lawsuit aren't capable of defamatory meaning Responding to questions raised on PubPeer. May 28, 2015 by ferniglab. I am a fan of PubPeer, as it provides a forum for discussion between authors and the wider community, something I have discussed in a number of posts (two examples being here and here ). Two days ago, My colleague Mike Cross came by my office, having just delivered a pile of. The Sciences. 10/Jan/2020. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has announced a new mandatory course for PhD students to familiarise them with ethical issues relevant to conducting and.

Pivotal roles of snail inhibition and RKIP induction by the proteasome inhibitor NPI-0052 in tumor cell chemoimmunosensitization Stavroula Baritaki, Kam Yeung, Michael Palladino, James Berenson, Benjamin Bonavida, Cancer Res., 69 (2009 Comment it on PubPeer. Jian Wang, Mattia Saccoccio , Dengjie Chen, Yang Gao, Chi Chen, Francesco Ciucci. The effect of A-site and B-site substitution on BaFeO 3-δ : An investigation as a cathode material for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells

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Galina Selivanova Group. My research focuses on the development of small molecules restoring the tumor suppression functions of p53, either by refolding mutant p53 to rescue its activity, or via preventing proteasomal degradation of p53 in tumors with non-mutated p53. Figure 1 Online forums give investors an early warning of shady scientific findings. By Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus. Jan. 30, 2018. Reprints. Adobe. S cientists around the globe nowadays regularly take to. Our findings firstly revealed a novel feedback loop between high MALAT-1 and low miR-200c-3p. Targeting the feedback loop between high MALAT-1 and low miR-200c-3p will be a therapeutic strategy for PDAC On March 3rd, 2016, the authors of this note hosted a conference entitled 'Destabilized Science' at the University of California, Los Angeles, to which we invited two representatives of core actors within the new science watchdog pack: Ivan Oransky, co-founder in 2010 of Retraction Watch, and Brandon Stell, co-founder in 2012 of PubPeer.After the formal conference, we organized a. Email Address: shuh@njc.org. Telephone: (303) 398-1329. Fax: (303) 398-1396. Bio: Dr. Hong-Bing Shu is an Associate Professor in the Integrated Department of Immunology at National Jewish Medical and Research Center and University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Dr