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NSX for vSphere Upgrade (6.4.0 to 6.4.6) 03/03/2020 by Samesh Dhankhar In the series of VMware component upgrade, next component i am upgrading is NSX for vSphere.In future posts, I am planning to cover migration of NSX-V to NSX -T and some use-cases Upon uploading NSX-V 6.4.10 bundle in a setup running NSX-V 6.4.2, 6.4.3, 6.4.4, and 6.4.5 to NSX-V 6.4.10 the upgrade operation will display a similar messag The NSX Manager 6.4.4 upgrade bundle is uploaded to the NSX Manager appliance. After the NSX Manager 6.4.4 upgrade bundle upload completes, you will be presented with the Upgrade dialog box that allows configuring a couple of settings for the upgrade as well as presents a reminder about backing up the NSX Manager before performing the upgrade. Be sure to perform this backup of the NSX Manager. The upgrade procedure for NSX 6.4 is much simpler compared to previous versions thanks to the new Upgrade tool available in 6.4. Take advantage of the tool as it does all of the heavy lifting for you and orchestrates the entire process from start to finish The NSX Upgrade Guide, describes how to upgrade the VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere system by using the VMware NSX Manager user interface, the VMware vSphere Web Client, and the VMware vSphere Client. The information includes step-by-step configuration instructions, and suggested best practices

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  1. This video shows the upgrade process from 6.4.0 to 6.4.4 with the Upgrade Coordinator (Upgrade Plan) introduced in version 6.4
  2. The NSX 6.4 release was GA roughly two weeks ago so I decided to do an upgrade on my environment to see what's new etc. I am not going into details and what's new in 6.4 release because you can read it in the release notes.I will focus on the upgrade process which is quite straightforward as you will see
  3. Starting in NSX 6.4.6, this configuration is not supported. The L2 bridge instances and interfaces on a DLR must connect to logical switches that are in a single transport zone. If logical switches from multiple transport zones are used, edge upgrade is blocked during pre-upgrade validation checks when you upgrade NSX to 6.4.6
  4. Important: Customers planning to upgrade from NSX for vSphere 6.4.2, 6.4.3, 6.4.4 or 6.4.5 using a single-step upgrade should follow the workaround in VMware knowledge base article 82662 prior to upgrading the 6.4.10 bundle. Failing to implement the workaround steps will result in a failure mentioned in the KB article
  5. To upgrade to 6.4.10, you upgrade the NSX manager first to 6.4.8. Then upgrade 6.4.8 to 6.4.10. Do not upgrade any other component before upgrading to NSX Manager to version 6.4.10
  6. New Upgrade Issue in NSX 6.4.4. Be sure to check out VMware KB 67416 before upgrading to 6.4.4. If you are planning to upgrade to NSX 6.4.4, be sure to have a look at VMware KB 67416 before you do. I've seen several customers hit this issue now, and a bit of pre-work before the upgrade can save you a lot of grief
  7. Upgrade Coordinator first introduced in NSX-T 1.1 and was later added to support NSX for vSphere upgrades in NSXv 6.4. The Upgrade coordinator is a self-contained Web application that orchestrates the upgrade process of hosts, NSX Edge cluster, NSX Controller cluster, and Management plane

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  1. This Video demonstrates the process to upgrade VMware NSX appliance and NSX Environment components like NSX Controllers, EDGE Gateways from version 6.4.1 to.
  2. Found a little time to upgrade our NSX installation from 6.4.0 to 6.4.1. But there was no time to bring it to the blog :(Now I can see a small light at the end of the tunnel and could write it down :) Back in May VMware released the new version of NSX in version 6.4.1. If you plan to upgrade your installation, I've written the steps to.
  3. Download the NSX for vSphere 6.4 Upgrade Bundle. Step 2. Log into the NSX Manager UI and click the Upgrade button. Select your bundle file and click Continue. Step 3. Once the upload is complete, select the Begin Upgrade button. You will be asked a few questions about enabling SSH and the CEIP program. Step 4
  4. This post will walk through upgrading to NSX 6.4.1. If upgrading from 6.4.0 then the new Upgrade Coordinator feature can be used, allowing simultaneous upgrade planning of multiple NSX objects, see the NSX 6.4.x Upgrade Coordinator post for more information. If upgrading from an earlier version than 6.4.0 then the steps outlined below are applicable
  5. After upgrading to NSX 6.4.7, bridges and interfaces on a DLR cannot connect to dvPortGroups belonging to different VDS: If such a configuration is present, NSX Manager upgrade to 6.4.7 is blocked in pre-upgrade validation checks. To resolve this, ensure that interfaces and L2 bridges of a DLR are connected to a single VDS
  6. So if the current version is 6.2.4 and above, one step upgrade is possible. Which version of 6.2 is used? Also Vcenter 6.0 U2 supports NSX Versions from 6.2 upto 6.4, so it would be better to First Upgrade NSX version to 6.4, and after checking the dFW configurations, as a second step upgrading the VCSA from 6.0 to 6.5

This month VMware released NSX 6.4.0. This version provides many features, improvements and bug fixes. What's new in NSX 6.4.0? Following Release Notes we can find some interesting features and improvements. In my opinion, the most important: Upgrade Coordinator provides a single portal to simplify the planning and execution of an NSX upgrade As the environment was still not in production yet, i preferred to upgrade the whole NSX environment and solve this issue for once. In this blog, I will show you a step-by-step procedure on how to upgrade a single-site NSX environment from NSX 6.3.4 to version 6.3.5. NSX components should be upgraded in the specified order Download VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere. Functional cookies help us keep track of your past browsing choices so we can improve usability and customize your experience NSX Upgrade Guide. NSX Upgrade Path. VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere 6.4.4 Release Notes. Conclusion. We have shared the step of upgrading procedure for NSX Data Center for vSphere Manager to 6.4.4 , this process is straightforward and simple from the NSX Manager web interface

The upgrade coordinator was a welcome addition to NSX 6.4. It provides a single dashboard to coordinate all upgrade activities and helps to ensure everything is done in the correct order. Just remember that it's still very important to plan your upgrades 6. Once the upload is complete, you will have confirmation Upgrade bundle version is successfully uploaded. Click 'Begin Upgrade' to install this bundle. 7. Click Begin Update to start update process. 8. Once the NSX Manager Restart is complete, we can go back and check the Version and Services for Running. 9

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Upgrade Trend Micro Deep Security in vSphere 6.7 i NSX 6.4 (to new version). 2018/07/18 by Piotr Pisz | 0 comments The title of this post is quite enigmatic, but it touches a very serious problem NSX-V 6.4.6 to vSphere 7 compatibility Hello, does anyone know, when or if NSX-V will be made compatible to vSphere 7.x? I plan an upgrade to my environment, am not able to switch to NSX-T 3.0 right now, but would still like to upgrade vSphere. Unfortunately you need first to migrate / switch to NSX-T first after that you can upgrade to.

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