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Betta Fin Rot Symptoms. There are stages of fin rot varying from mild to severe which will show differing symptoms and severity. It is always best to catch any visible fin rot signs or symptoms early because it can quickly progress without attention. The Dorsal (top), Caudal (tail) and Anal (bottom) fin are the easiest fins to check and identify if fin rot is affecting your betta It's not uncommon for smaller faster fish to fin nip and harass your betta. While his fins look beautiful to us but in a tank, they can slow him down. Fin Rot. And of course, one of the most common causes of fin loss in bettas is fin rot. Fin rot is a bacterial infection that slowly begins eating away at your betta's fins Fin rot is a common preventable aquarium disease seen in betta fish. Fin rot is usually caused by gram-negative bacterial or fungal pathogens. These pathogens are naturally present in aquarium water. Most of the time, if your betta fish is in good health, their immune system will protect them from these diseases

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My Betta Fish Has White Tips On The Ends Of His Bottom Front Fins. Sep 2, 2017. Lindsayd32. Member. I have only had my betta fish(Blu) for nine days. He is in a 1/2 gallon tank without a filter. A 2.5 gallon is the absolute minimum, and others would recommend a 5 gallon as the minimum for a betta fish. In the wild rice patties may be. The male betta fish have very colorful fins' and because of specialized breeding, they have the: half moon, double tail and crown tail varieties. When they betta fish age the fins' tends to be longer when it will lose it. It does grow back but it will look the same as the original. This loss of tail actually rejuvenates the fish Betta fish are known for their flowing tails and fins, as beautiful and delicate as lace. Under optimum conditions, bettas can live for two or three years. If you are fortunate enough to have your betta that long, you might at times notice small holes and tears in his fins and tail If a male betta becomes bored, it may start to bite at it's own fins which can lead to disease. A tank that is at the very least 2 gallons and contains plants and hiding spots is recommended to prevent this. Betta fish can live with other fish and play nice so long as the other fish have small fins 1. Fin and Tail Rot. As the name suggests, this disease affects the fins and tails of betta fish. It can be caused by bacteria or fungi. The fins and tail appear to melt away or discolor as a result of rotting. It can be prevented by keeping the aquarium or living conditions of the fish clean

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Combine this with putting your hands in or near the tank for cleaning and feeding purposes, and you have one defensive fish. Betta cannot see you as clearly as you can see them. For starters, humans and bettas' eyes are set differently-the latter on either side of the body, the former on the front From the name itself, this disease is where the fin of your betta fish rots because of fungi or bacteria. This disease is a result of a lack of fish tank maintenance that results in poor water quality. Early prevention is a must because the rotting can reach the fin's base. And once it does, the betta fish cannot regenerate the lost tissue in. Why does the tail or fins of my betta fish look torn, short, or ragged? A chewed-up, tattered-looking tail and/or fins is mostly likely caused by fin rot or by a tank mate's nibbling. If your betta starts looking a little worse for wear, you should determine and treat the cause as soon as possible Betta pectoral front fin rot or injury. Purchased (more like rescued) a white or pastel male crowntail betta on 12/7/16. My daughter named him Bopper. About a week later, I noticed his front pectoral fins were a bit transparent on the ends but didn't think much of it. I thought maybe it was normal bc he's white For as long as the Alpha fish remains in the tank, there is usually order and serenity. This balance is distorted when there is an introduction of new sets of betta fish.-the gin and fin flaring begins and fights to ensue; all in a bid to establish a new Alpha fish. Once the new Boss is elected, peace returns and everybody becomes.

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Diagnosing the Reason for the Clamped Fins. Okay well as has been mentioned elsewhere when considering problems that beset bettas they usually begin and end with water quality. If your betta fish has been struck down by some disease, which is the underlying cause of those clamped fins, it's likely due to poor water quality Article Summary X. To tell if a betta fish is sick, look for signs that it's unhealthy, like faded coloring, torn fins, bulging eyes, white spots, and raised scales. You should also watch out for a decrease in appetite or a low activity level, which are also signs that a betta fish is sick This is what we mean when we say Betta zoomies. This is a sudden burst of energy that your fish has and begins swimming quickly around the tank. Maybe they are also wiggling its fins in a beautiful way at the same time. If you have never seen this you will be almost mesmerized the first time. It is fun to see When betta sees a new fish enter their territory, their first reaction is to flare their fins and gills. This is meant to tell the other fish, This is MY territory!. Betta fish are small fish, but by fully extending their fins and gills, they make themselves look larger. In fact, their whole display of trying to make themselves look. First off, I am an extreme amateur when it comes to fish and fish handling. I am taking care of this fish only because no one else was available to do it, and fish can't fly on planes! That said, I do not really know what looks normal or not on a betta fish. The fish in question is a male, kept alone in a relatively small (I think one gallon) tank

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In several instances, body rot happens after the fin has rotted away entirely, and the rot then extends to the other parts of the fish's body. Fin rot usually occurs in Betta fish with long fins because their fins are so long that the circulation of blood to the edges is often poor 9. Betta fish. Betta fish, also referred to as Siamese Fighting Fish, have small bodies similar to simple guppies'. However, they differentiate themselves thanks to their impressively large, wing-like fins and tail and vibrant colors. As their alternative moniker suggests, these fish are highly aggressive

If the front pelvic fins are moving and supporting a Betta that's sitting on the bottom of its tank, then the fish is most likely being lazy. Being lazy is a common trait of ornamental Betta fish. Having huge fins is not always fun for swimming, so the fish eventually develops a habit of chilling at random places in the aquarium, and more. Occasionally, the goldfish would nip at the trailing fins of the betta fish if they happened to go by his face. The goldfish initially seemed to think the betta fish's fins were some water weed that might be edible. The betta seemed to learn to stay out of the way. No further aggression was observed between the two species as time went on Dorsal Fin Basics. The dorsal fin is the uppermost fin on the betta fish. When viewed in cross-section, dorsal fins are circular with short, inflexible spines that do not branch. Following the bony rays, there is a variable number of some flexible rays, known as lepidotrichia. Those rays are formed of short, hemispherical bone segments that. The Mirror Trick - If you put a mirror beside the fish tank, a male Betta will flare up, showing off his pretty fins and tail. Why do some people call Bettas Siamese Fighting Fish? If two Betta males are placed near each other, even if theyre looking at each other through separate fish bowls, they will try to fight each other

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Recently I am seeing my new betta fish, a crown tail, fins start to curl. I just did a water change today, 100% was done on Monday. I tested both of my fishes waters. Donnys: [Crown tail] pH: 7.0 NO3: 0 NO2: 0.5 KH: 40 GH: 120 Atlas: [Halfmoon] pH: 7.0 NO3: 0 NO2: 0 KH: 40 GH: 120 Any.. Male Double Tail Veiltail Betta. The Male has unpaired fins, and ventrals are long and flowing. The fish has two caudal lobes. The dorsal fin is similar in size to the anal fin. The dorsal and anal fins are shorter at the front than at the back and often longer than the fish's body Play with your Betta fish. Tapping the front wall of the aquarium is an attitude that many fish owners have. This behavior is not recommended by experts, because it can generate stress if the Betta is surprised. Instead of doing this, you could slide your finger across the wall. See how your Betta fish reacts Do Betta Fish Get Lonely? Betta fish can experience frustration and depression. While most of them can be happy in a tank alone, their environment still needs plenty of enrichment, such as caves, plants, and room to explore. They also experience stress—especially when their fins are picked at by other noncompatible fish placed in the same tank

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Betta Fish Colors. Bettas come in a rainbow of solid colors, from bright reds all the way to the deepest blacks and the purest whites. Of course, many betta fish are not simply one color but show several distinct areas of pigmentation. I cover some of these cases in the patterns section Betta Fish Flaring . Why do betta fish flare their gills? All of the different varieties of betta fish flare in captivity and the behavior is common to both sexes, too.. Flaring is used by betta fish to make themselves appear larger and more threatening to rivals. When your betta flares, he puffs up his gill flaps and extends his pectoral fins as a gesture toward the perceived intruder

Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee Please help! I found my betta with a lump under his front fins and I haven't noticed it before! Help. Close. Vote. Posted by 5 minutes ago. If you are new to betta fish keeping, please check out our caresheet and wiki. If you are posting to find out what is wrong with your betta, please answer the following questions in a reply to this. Is the white only on the fins, or is it on the scales? Is it fuzzy, or more like strings coming off the body? Are the fins receding? Are they eating? Rubbing it's body on the gravel or deco? I can't specifically diagnose a particular problem witho..

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Fin rot and lethargy after water change. My male betta was healthy and active (always building great bubble nests) until a few weeks ago when we did a complete water change in his 2.5 gallon filtered tank. We forgot to rinse the filter before putting in a new one, so the tank was cloudy for awhile, but he didn't seem to mind Wild Betta Fish: The Beautiful, and Rear | All you need to know. The wild Betta fish is a stunning fish in its own right, with its dark body and fancy red and iridescent fins. I have seen wild bettas described as 'drab,' 'dull', and 'nondescript' in so many other fish books, and I have to say that I completely disagree my betta fish started acting very weird yesterday. He doesnt swim like he use to doesnt eat and either sits at the bottom of the tank or floats at the top. He still has all his colors. He seems like he is struggling to swim. his back part doesnt move as well as his front. Sometimes he only uses his right fin Betta Fish are known to be hard and easy to care for fish. However, that does not mean that diseases cannot affect them. If you found your Betta Fish turning white, then there is a high chance of fungal infections. All aquarium fish are more susceptible to fungal infections and the Betta Fish species is not an exception

I've noticed my betta has been resting more than usual in the past few days (usually on the sand) and when looking at him this evening I noticed that his two front fins have become thinner and have white edges. It is strange, though, he swims around for a few minutes then stops. His fins look a little clamped when he 'rests' Tank inhabitants (number, size and type of fish/frogs): 1 betta. New additions/changes to the tank: Nothing. Unusual findings on the fish/frog: large swollen bulge on side of body behind its side fin. It appears to be filled with a clear fluid. Unusual behavior: Some trouble swimming but not much 2. Identify different solid colors on the body and fins. A Betta fish with one solid color on its body and another on its fins is considered bi-colored. Either the body is dark with light fins, or vice versa. There should be a sharp contrast and divide between the two colors

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  1. g fish is fascinating! Betta Fish Tanks. In this section of our guide, we list 29 fish tanks that are suitable for bettas
  2. d when choosing decorations. Decorations for a tank should never take up too much of the tank, pushing the fish to the periphery, Dr. Keller says. Betta fish love to swim around and explore their entire tank. Many decorations also have sharp edges that can easily tear the delicate fins.
  3. Double Tail Betta. The Double Tail Betta is also known as DT or DTM (doubletail male), and DTF (doubletail female). They are a cultivated mutation that gives the fish a dorsal fin equal in length to the anal fin, and two distinct caudal lobes. Often it also produces a thicker-bodied fish with a wider backside, or deformities such as crooked.
  4. Separate the Sick Fish. Remove decorations, other tank mates, or clean/replace the filter system. Put the fish affected by fin rot into a quarantine tank. It is the first and most helpful step in treating a fish with fin rot. Once the fish is in the quarantine tank/hospital tank/sickbay, you will want to prepare a salt bath
  5. Caring for an Old Betta. Based on my experience with my elderly betta, Frederick, here is some advice on taking care of your older fish and keeping them comfortable. 1. Lower the Water. The water level should be low enough so the fish doesn't exert himself to breathe but still high enough for adequate filtration
  6. HI my Betta fish male vail tail has a finrot so i cleaned all tank, i added stress zyme, water conditioner and fin rot treatment but now he is just lying at the bottom of the tank not movin. when i gently tap him with a fish net he will mkove a little bbut freeze again. By your description, it could be fin rot and a bacterial infection

Fin Biting. Another Betta Hendra fish disease is fin bitting. Betta Hendra may swim in a circle and bite its fins when suffering from this illness. Besides, your fish will also lose part of its fin overnight. Fin biting is caused by stress, boredom, or out-of-place aggression. You can start by moving Betta Hendra into a larger tank Dec 2, 2009. #1. Help! My betta is opening and closing his mouth and gills really fast and making a weird clicking noise and small bubbles are coming out of his gills! He's did it twice in 5 minutes and the gill flapping lasts for about 5 seconds. It's like flapping in and out really fast, not flaring. Before this, I fed him a pellet and put a. Betta are not open-water fish; they spend their lives wending in and out of plants which are protection from overhead predators. That's why a majority of open-tank Betta stress and fin-bite. The best Betta tanks are 75% planted with 25% open in the front. The rule of thumb is if you can easily see your Betta you need to add more plants Male betta fish who is swollen just below his head in back of his front fins. He seems to be eating ok but spends a lot of time on the bottom. He was always healthy I just don't know why he looks so swollen Betta with Tumor. Diana has a betta that had a really bad bloating tumor. She said the following on 9/14/06: Hi, I just wanted to share with you what we did for our geriatric Betta Fish Valentine. We got Valentine 4 and 1/2 years ago, so I know he is at the very end of his lifespan

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The females of the betta fish have this tube or spot right under the head, near the bottom fin. Sometimes males can develop this part as well, and it causes confusion, but you should know that this is a rare occurrence, so if you can notice the ovipositor tube, chances are, the fish you are looking at is a female The maximum age that Betta fish achieve is 4 to 5 years. After five years they become lazy and susceptible to diseases. Betta has swim bladder disorder. If the betta fish is lying at the bottom of the tank, and not moving for a long time, it could be that the fish has swim bladder disorder Any Betta tank mates should be larger and able to defend themselves if the Betta acts up. Avoid fish that will nip at the Paradise Betta's luxurious fins and tails. Choose fish that are not brightly colored like the Betta. Bright colors may make the Betta feel like it has to compete, which could lead to conflict Betta fish are great little pets. With few care requirements, flowing fins, and inquisitive personalities, they are a popular choice among experienced fish carers as well as novice ones. When it comes to playing, though, they don't seem to hold a candle to pets like dogs or even cats


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Welcome to the /r/bettafish wiki!. This wiki page will soon tm include information about all things betta, from diseases to tail-types and betta species.. for now, here's what were working on: Basic betta care. The betta care sheet. Setting up a betta tank. So You Impulse Bought a Betta (How to Fish-In Cycle In nature, betta fish eat a diet of insects and larvae that betta's upturned mouths can easily snatch from the water's surface. To replicate this at home, feed your pet a variety of betta fish food, including flakes, pellets, freeze-dried bloodworms and thawed frozen food to ensure they are receiving complete nutrition from their food.. Feeding them twice a day—once in the morning and.

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Betta fish can and do change colors for many reasons. However, one of the most common reasons betta's lose color and vibrancy is stress. Poor conditions in tanks or incorrect water temperature are the primary causes of stress in bettas, so always check the tank temperature, water parameters, and water quality before you do anything else Betta fish tend to prefer being alone and may kill other fish and even invertebrates if added to the tank. Some calm-tempered fish can coexist with peaceful bottom dwellers like snails or corydoras. Shrimp tend to not be suitable tank-mates because bettas see them as food, and fish with bright colors and long tails can be bullied by your betta Step 2. Add the front part of our fish, which looks like a small cone with a smooth taper. The tail begins on the back of the body. So, with the help of smooth lines, we outline the outlines of a wide plate that will become the base of the tail To get our betta fish started, we will first need to draw a large oval shape for his body, along with a small curved line near the front for the gill opening. Step 2 Next, draw a tiny circular eye with a small pupil in the center, and the bottom of the betta's lip near the front of the head Explore Our Large Selection of Aquariums Today. Buy Online or Pickup at a PetSmart® Store. Shop Our Collection of Fish Tanks and Aquariums Online or at a PetSmart® Store Today

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These fish get their name after these fins, which can resemble elephant's ears when viewed from the front. Like other extreme fin types, these betta fish need some consideration when setting up a tank. It's also best to go with a Dumbo that has a smaller tail fin so that the fish isn't weighed down too much by the excessive finnage tank temp: 78F. Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): fin clamping and the jerky swimming that comes with it. not eating (a pellet a day). staying ontop of the heater. Volume and Frequency of water changes: between 1/2 and 1/3 every other day Changing his water every day for a week? Sounds like you need to go back to badics. I'm guessing it's a small tank or bowl with no filter? Beta's are often kept like this on the badis that they live in small areas of water. Those small areas have.

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Joined Nov 23, 2015. ·. 2,926 Posts. Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 20, 2017. How do betta's normally hold their ventral fins? I tranferred Monet from a 2.5 gal tank, to a 5 gal tank, and he scared me when I noticed he was holding his ventral fins close to his body. I took some pictures of him thinking something was very wrong, then. Whatever is left comes out through the anus, which you will find in front of its anal fin, and behind its ventral fins. We've already covered what normal betta poop looks like. With that in mind, it won't be hard to notice when something is amiss When a fish has larger fins this can be an issue when water current is a bit strong. The way to easily identify if your water current is too strong is to look at how your fish is swimming. Does it look like the Betta is swimming on an angle or does it look like its rear end is being pushed around to its front

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The Betta Fish' Main Characteristics. Like 95% of fish, the betta fish' body is coated with scales as well as a thin «adipose film» that protects them from external elements.Their fins hold them straight and provide power, speed and direction for swimming.To stay in certain positions, they use a swim bladder located at the back of the head and extends about a third of the body Male Betta Fish Care Sheet Because we care !!! 1250 Upper Front Street, Binghamton, NY 13901 607-723-2666 Congratulations on your new pet. Bettas are known for their bright colors and spectacular fins. They are also known as Siamese fighting fish due to the male betta's extreme aggres-siveness towards other bettas. In their place o The over-half-moon betta has similar fins to the half-moon, although when flared, the caudal fin fans over 180 0 to create a shape that's larger than a half-circle. Rose tail betta. Interbreeding, as a result of the quest to produce the perfectly formed half-moon tail, has produced another variant of betta fish called the rose tail betta If it's been a while since you have done a water change then it is being burned by ammonia in the water, they will get red streaks in their tails, there gills get inflamed then they die. Ammonia is highly toxic and it's because they are swimming i..

Slowly bring the mirror in front of the Betta Fish Do not not leave the mirror in front of the container for more than one minute. Observe the gill area and fins for any changes. Identify the parts of the fish that change and how they change as well. Let the Betta fish rest and then repeat the process again. Part 2: Causes of the Betta Fish. Top Fin Fish Eye View 2 Gallons Aquarium - Perfect for Betta Fish & Gold Fish. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter. 4.2 out of 5 stars 4,177. $11.99 $ 11. 99 $13.99 $13.99. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. In stock soon. More Buying Choices $11.01 (26 used & new offers Tail rot or fin rot •Symptoms: Betta's fins and/or tail seem to be getting shorter and shorter or they seem to be falling apart and dissolving, Black or red along the edge of the betta's fins/tail, Bloody tips, Behavior may not change-Treatment: Conservative: Treat with Aq.Salt at 1 tsp/gal. Increase water changes to 100% daily There can be multiple factors. If you have some sharp decorations in the tank, your betta could've gotten snagged on it or maybe tried to fit in between two pieces and ripped it that way (like a rock and a plant). If there's other fish in the tank.. Betta Care Fish Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites

The Crowntail Betta is a small freshwater fighting fish that has origins back to South Asia. The Crowntail was first bred by Indonesian breeder Achmad Yusuf in 1997 when he named the fish 'Cupang Serit' at an International Betta Congress.. They are known for their aggressive nature and specific fin characteristics; especially their huge caudal fin Keeping betta fish as a pet is a great option as they are naturally playful, intriguing, and intelligent. When male bettas flare their gills and fins, size. To teach your betta how to flare their fins, pick a mirror and a pen with a colored cap. Now place the mirror in front of your betta's tank with the pen right beside it Besides being beautiful, with their large, colorful fins, betta fish are also among the most intelligent types of fish. Teaching a betta a few tricks is time-consuming and requires consistency, but the payoff is hours of fun for you and your betta

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I think now, this little crochet betta fish is proper tribute to my favorite desktop pet. Contruction. This betta fish pattern is fun and fast to work up. The body is worked first, then without breaking the yarn, the fins are worked directly onto the top and bottom of the finished body. The Betta Fish can also be purchased as a Premium Pattern. The easiest way to do this is get a small mirror and hold it in front of your betta fish. Place the mirror in front of your betta fish and when it flares, place a pen next to the mirror. Always use the same pen so your betta fish can recognize it and make sure to remove the mirror shortly after the betta flares with the pen present Betta Fish. This origami betta fish is our adaptation of a goldfish in The World of Origami by Isao Honda. This will be a front fin. 6. Turn the model over and fold the back fin. 7. Fold the corner of the fin up. You are going to reverse-fold it. This is the helper crease. To make the reverse fold even easier, you might want to fold it the.

A healthy Betta fish will have vibrant colorful, flowing fins, a large appetite, and energy. They may engage with you, but will react aggressively to unknown stimuli. A lethargic, dull-looking fish may also show a loss of appetite , a curved tail, and damage on the body.If you have additional questions about the importance of Betta fish care. 'Healthy' Betta fish fading fast, NNS 9/6/06 Hi, <Greetings> I've got a question regarding my puzzling issue with my Siamese fighter. lately I've noticed that his colour is fading from his dorsal fin down on either sides of his body. <I see this> there is no fuzzy growth associated with the faded area. <And this as well> on the colour fading front the scales have a dark granular accumulation. Top fin allure bow front aquarium led lighted lid new only comes with pictured. New Top Fin Fish Eye View Aquarium 2 Gallon - Great for Betta Fish & Goldfish. $40.00. Free shipping. Top Fin Dual Betta Kit Tank Gravel Plastic Plants Home Office Fish Aquarium. $10.47

Betta fish is one of my favorite fish. I love them very much as they are present in many colors, and I have almost 24 betta fishes in my 50-gallon fish tank of different colors that include red, yellow, orange, blue, black, white multi-colored any more. Here is some color specific name you can choose from During breeding season, check the front rays of the pectoral fins. Breeding can be induced by exposing the fish to a period of cold weather followed by a period of warmer weather. 37 Types of Betta Fish: Breeds, Patterns, Colors & Tails. Latest Articles, Guides, and Discount

Starter Fish Tank Kit with Double Divider System Promotes Betta Flaring EZ-Clean System - Skroutz Deals. 3.6 out of 5 stars. 6. $29.99. $29. . 99 ($29.99/Count) FREE Shipping. LifeWithPets 10 Gallon Aquarium Tank Divider You can easily regulate it, adjusting the intensity of flow to make the tank comfortable. Betta fish are used to living in tropical waters in Asia, and so you will need to use a heater to warm the water too. You can use a small fully submersible one. The best water temperature for Betta fish is between 75.2-80.5°F Do not hold the fish in front of a powerful flow of water like a powerhead, as this will tear the gills. You require a gentler flow. In this manner, what happens to betta fish when they die? As we have seen, bettas can die from poor water conditions, overfeeding, cool water temperatures, and a dangerous living situation The better option would be to go to an individual breeder, who will take the time to care for the fish. It may cost more up-front, but the pet owner will feel better in the long-run about the quality of health and lifestyle their fish will have. Of course, betta fish will also range in price depending on the rarity of the breed Don't forget to feed your betta fish. Weekly: Change 20%-40% of the water each week for larger tanks. Change all water for smaller tanks. Once a week, do not feed betta fish for digestive health. Check pH and bacteria levels. You have now come to know all the basics of taking care of betta fish, everything is simple

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