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Guinea pigs need time out of their cage every day. Whether this time is spent stretching their legs and exploring new environments or cuddling in your lap, daily interaction and attention are essential for a guinea pig's well-being. Guinea pigs need to be groomed regularly Four guinea pigs take up 13 square feet (minimum) of the cage; 30″ x 62″ or better, opt for a cage with 30″ x 76″ of size Guinea pigs are active at dawn and dusk, but of course, it's not safe to let them out C&C CAGE - If you don't have the capability to build a DIY cage for your guinea pig, C&C cages are good for customizing cage layouts. Don't buy those premade cages that are way too small. Guinea pigs need at least a Midwest sized cage to live comfortably. FLEECE LINER BEDDING - Fleece Liner Beddings are great for guinea pigs because it is 100% dust-free compared to wood and paper shaving beddings

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Guinea pigs also need time outside of their cages, as they are naturally curious and playful. When you do allow your guinea pigs time outdoors, make sure that you don't let them out in bad weather, and don't let them out for too long in the sun They need time out of their cage, they need interaction, and they need space. Like with most animals, Guinea pigs need a daily routine and an exercise regime. It is recommended that you should take them out approximately an hour a day to make sure they get exercise in a large enclosed space It is slightly larger than the minimum amount of cage space recommended by The Humane Society of the United States. Multiple levels do not count as floor-space. Generally, one guinea pig should have 7.5 square feet (0.69 square meters), and for a second guinea pig, add at least 1.5 sq ft (about 0.14 sq m)

Guinea Pigs are group animals and need room. The biggest common cage available with top wire is about 1,20m x 0,60m / 4ft x 2ft. But this is a area of only 0,72m² / 7 sq ft and this is much too small for two Guinea Pigs. And the biggest seen wire cage available with dimensions of 1,40m / 0,70m may two scratches along Note that guinea pigs are more or less like humans. Their chests and feet are not fury. This means they need a warm and comfortable surface to run around on. The liner you choose for your guinea pig cage will be dependent on the type and size of the guinea pig cage. It should have an absorbent layer in the middle so as to keep your guinea pigs dry

How much exercise do guinea pigs need a day? Guinea pigs need an hour of exercise a day. That should be enough for their daily exercise needs which they require to remain healthy, fit, and for mental stimulation. Keeping guinea pigs in their cage most of the time will lead to a depressed, destructive, and bored pet A big cage is likely to avoid fights. Guinea pigs need plenty of room to explore, forage and stretch their legs. Unlike hamsters and mice, they don't like climbing and don't have the best depth perception either so one large expanse of floor space is preferable to a multi-tiered cage Figuring Out The Pooping Habits Of Your Guinea Pigs. In figuring out the pooping habits of your guinea pigs, there are several factors that you should consider. Firstly, you have to start from the basics. Consider the number of guinea pigs living in one cage as well as each of their size. (please read here how much space do Guinea pig need The all natural Piggies Choice Hay Racks are available finally! https://amzn.to/3iYcPHPAs well as the new Piggies Choice Space House colors https://amzn.to/3..

You can also cover their cage when you have very active guinea pigs. Covering the cage will keep them contained and less anxious, thereby preventing them from trying to get out. Most people have reported having their guinea pigs calm after covering the cages. An alternative would be to avoid opening doors and windows that can let cold air in Guinea Pig Cage Size Guidelines. The minimum size cage for one guinea pig, according to the RSPCA is 7.5 ft squared ( 27 inches x 41 inches), but the preferred size should be 10.5 ft squared (27 inches x 56 inches). Remember though, cavies are social animals and need companionship, so we recommend always having two or more in a cage So if you notice your guinea pigs poop starting to pile up around the cage more often, then you should start cleaning their poop out at least twice per day, every day. There's no need to do it more than once if you notice there's little to no poop to be removed through. On the other hand, this schedule is strictly for cleaning out poop If this is your first time getting a guinea pig, here's everything you need to know about how to properly feed and care for them. How big of a cage do guinea pigs need? When you're choosing a cage for your guinea pig, pick one that is at least 30 x 36 (7.5 square feet) Cavies need at least 70 square centimetres of cage space or 7.5 square feet. This is the minimum requirement that is needed for a cavy. 76cm x 91cm of cage space is preferred to ensure your cavy remains healthy and happy. Male guinea pigs need at least 1 square metre of cage space, to prevent fights over territory

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  1. Not as much as the tiny hamsters & gerbils, of course, but they're much more of a companion animal, really entertaining, always talking to you or yelling for you if they hear you in another room. Realistically? I would compare guinea litter to kit..
  2. Guinea pigs can have blankets in their cage. Blankets provide a cozy living space, keep them warm, give them something to hide under, can be used as bedding, and help in maintaining a clean cage. Blankets are convenient to wash too as you can either hand wash or dry clean whichever works for you
  3. ds of so many. How often should the guinea pig cage be cleared? Ideally, the cage has to be cleaned every day to remove the fecal matter. But that is not all, there should be a deeper level of cleaning every 3 to 4 days
  4. They need at least 3-4 hours of exercise time outside of their cage every day to positively affect their health. There are several ways to ensure your guinea pig gets its necessary exercise. If regular exercise and a proper diet do not affect their weight and disposition, it's best to consult your veterinarian
  5. imum of 7.5 square feet, that is 30 x 36, cage size but bigger is better, and choosing 42 x 24 size of the cage will be a wise option. Your guinea pig cage should be at least 12 to 18 inches tall in addition to 7.5 square feet space for your guinea pig to run around in

Food bowl, water bottle, fresh hay. 1 hidey per each guinea pig, plus 1 extra (e.g., 2 pigs = 3 hideys) While your floor time supply list may vary, the focus remains the same: fun, exercise, and interaction. So here are a few things every cavy keepers needs to consider when preparing your guinea pig's floor time area Guinea pigs tend to hide their illnesses, so odd behavior such as crouching with their face to a wall or hiding for long periods of time could indicate a health issue. Owners are advised to offer treats or take the guinea pig out of its cage for a brief period. If the issue still isn't resolved, take it in for a vet visit

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In time, there is a high probability that all guinea pigs will come to accept being picked up for cuddles and play time out of the cage. Begging for food When hungry or anticipating a treat, your pet will start weeking, and as its confidence grows, it will often stand up on its hind legs (like a dog) To discourage your guinea pig from using their bars as a chew toy, you need to make sure that there is no reason for them to do so. Your options include one or more of the following: More chew toys. Varied chew toys. More space. Spreading out their meals. Varying their diet. Removing sources of stress First and foremost guinea pigs need a big enough cage depending on the number of pets that you want to keep. Keep in mind that when it comes to guinea pigs bigger is always better and rectangular-shaped cages work best for them. The cage size recommended for two guinea pigs is 7.5 to 10.5 square feet but I would give them a lot more than that Guinea pigs poop a lot so you'll have to set some time aside every day for how often you'll have to clean your guinea pig's poop out of their cage. So you will mainly be doing this at least a couple of times a day, pretty much every day

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REASON #4: YOUR GUINEA PIG CAGE IS TOO SMALL. A big cage is likely to avoid fights. Guinea pigs need plenty of room to explore, forage and stretch their legs. Unlike hamsters and mice, they don't like climbing and don't have the best depth perception either so one large expanse of floor space is preferable to a multi-tiered cage What we like: The SONGMICS Pet Playpen ULPI02H is the best guinea pig cage in its price range.We wouldn't recommend that you use it as a multi-level cage, but fortunately you can customize the layout any way you want. In this pack you'll get 36 metal wire sheets, but although they look like C&C sheets they're actually made for guinea pigs and other small pets Most adult guinea pigs do not take well to new roommates of the same sex. If the older one is also larger, he or she may attack or even kill a younger guinea pig. Guinea pigs who want to kill each other frequently bite their opponent on the back, right behind the shoulder blades While spending too much time in a cage is bad for any guinea pig, coronets especially need more time out of their cage. But this doesn't need to be a chore. You could try some fun activities with your guinea pig, or simply relax while they scurry around the room. We recommend giving them 1-2 hours out of their cage every day

This guinea pig fleece cage liner also comes with a pocket that lets your guinea pigs hide in it and satisfy their instinct to burrow as much as they need. At the same time, this pocket eliminates the need for wood, paper, or DIY fleece bits which can cause a lot of mess The recommended size for two male guinea pigs (sows) is 12ft 2 which is a 5x2 C&C cage or 175 x 70 cm. Remember that male guinea pigs (boars) need more space than sows to help reduce the risk of fighting. The recommended size for three female guinea pigs is 12ft 2 which is a 5x2 C&C cage or 175 x 70 cm. But if you have the space in your home. An important thing to consider when picking out the right cover for your guinea pigs' cage is the material of the cover. Like all animals, guinea pigs have a tendency to chew on certain materials, much like how a dog chews on their favorite toy How Do You Clean Their Cage. Cleaning your guinea pigs cage only takes a few easy, quick steps. 1. Complete Cage Cleaning. When you are doing a complete cage cleaning, the first thing you need to do is remove your guinea pig and put them in a temporary enclosure. If they have a safe space, this can be the time that you let them roam free

Guinea pigs love to run around at full speed, and need to be able to do so at any time of day, not just during times when you let them out of their cage. The vast majority of these shop-bought cages don't give them enough space to do this, which can leave your guinea pigs unhealthy and unhappy Of course, the right thing to do is make sure that they constantly have some type of nourishment in their cage. But why does my guinea pig eat so much? Living in a tiny body is hard! Just like how we need x amount of calories to support our body systems and energy levels throughout the day, a guinea pig's small body takes more energy to keep. As mentioned earlier, guinea pigs are social creatures. It means they don't thrive when they live alone. So once you get one, look into getting another one to keep each other company. Naturally, guinea pigs need the best environment to thrive. Change might be good for you, but it's stressful for your little friend Your guinea pig's cage should be cleaned up every day to avoid ulcerations on the skin of their foot, due to their strong urine soaking in. The beddings should be cleaned or replaced, hay should be emptied out and fresh one put in and the floors should be wiped and disinfected

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  1. imum. A happy guinea pig is less likely to fall ill
  2. There are few things consistently triggering guinea pigs to popcorn, but cleaning their cage is one of them (another reliable way is to upgrade to a super large guinea pig cage!) Cleaning a C&C cage is not very different from cleaning other types of guinea pig cages. Yet, some features of C and C cages make them much easier to clean
  3. 1) How to Bond with Your Guinea Pigs. 2) Guinea pigs - the cuddly choice. 3) Guinea Pig Cage Designs. 4) Guinea Pig House. Tania. Tania is a full-time writer and pet lover. She is on a mission to help pet owners find the best products for their companion animals
  4. Guinea pigs are soooo cute and lovable, and they all have their own unique, adorable little personalities. But it doesn't take long to figure out that guinea pigs, like all pets, do have a downside. And here it is: Guinea pigs poop and pee a lot. And by a lot, I mean A LOT!

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Introduction. It's important to note that guinea pigs identify their owners. And as we described in the post, Are Guinea Pigs Cuddly, they take time to trust their owners, let alone strangers. This is crucial if you'll be away for more than 48 hours since the sitter's face is the only face they'll see when you're away There are many pet stores selling guinea pigs, and the average price for one is typically anywhere between $10 and $40 USD. If you decide to buy a guinea pig instead of adopting one, it is very important to seek out a reputable and humane breeder or seller. The price of a guinea pig may vary depending on the breeder and the breed of guinea pig. Guinea pigs need to be checked on and removed from their cage at least once a day. Lap time should happen for 10 to 15 minutes a day-if your piggie pal allows it. Lap time should happen for 10 to 15 minutes a day-if your piggie pal allows it Guinea pigs chew on their cage for multiple reasons, the main ones being boredom, lonliness and a way of trimming their teeth. Other factors involved could include a lack of toys to chew, an inadequate feeding schedule, the cage being too small, seeking treats or a lack of time outside the cage

Keep your guinea pig in a cage with a smooth floor rather than a wire floor. Keep the cage clean and dry. Use a soft, non-irritating bedding. Make sure your guinea pig has plenty of room to move around. Feed a well-balanced, nutritious diet. Keep guinea pig's nails trimmed. Consult your vet if your guinea pig is obese or struggles with mobility If it doesn't wick, the majority of your guinea pigs' urine will pool on top of the fabric. Stink city if that happens! 4. Clean the Cage Weekly. It can take anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes to do a deep clean of a guinea pig's cage. This time largely depends on the size of the cage and how many cages you have Norm of water for guinea pig. About 250 ml is enough for one pet. Although, as a rule, there is no certain dose. Each pet eats as much fluid as it needs, depending on age and nutrition. The main thing is that there is not enough. You should put a drinker in the cage, preferably a special ball or rod, which differ in the type of valve Guinea pigs of these types are likely to cost you $10-40 each in a retail store (US). Animals bought directly from a breeder can be found for a similar price of $10-50. Breeders are more likely to have other breeds, as well. Some tend to be more expensive, at up to $80 for pets and more for show-standard guineas However, generally, with good levels of care, it should take a guinea pig between 1 and 2 months to get used to their human. Before this time, they may not recognize their owner individually. For a guinea pig to get used to their owner, we will need to have everything they need

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  1. Guinea pigs are herd animals and do much better in pairs or several groups where they can play and speak to one another. even small pets like guinea pigs require a daily time commitment.
  2. Guinea Pigs love chomping down on their favorite hay blends, and can do so for several hours a day! this is going to be one of the biggest ongoing costs other than food. We have compiled a guide on the best hay for your guinea pig , which has all the facts and information you will need, as well as reviews of some of the leading brands available.
  3. There are a number of reasons why your guinea pigs may smell. In fact, many owners of guinea pigs have different reasons for what their animals' odor could mean. As it turns out, the reason why guinea pigs are so prone to smell can be attributed to a number of things. 1). Litter boxes. First of all, guinea pigs do not naturally smell
  4. Its common knowledge that guinea pigs need holding, feeding, and their cage or hutch cleaning, but very little information is given out about hosting indoor or outdoor playtime (also known as floor time.) Whether your guinea pig lives inside or outside, play time is still essential to having happy, healthy little piggies! We recommend indoor.
  5. Date: January 25, 2021. Guinea pigs may need to be cleaned once every three to four months. Opinions on how often you should bathe a guinea pig differ among experts. Some people believe that guinea pigs do not need bathing at all, and others think that it is important to bathe them at least once every three to four months

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Guinea pigs need a lot of space to roam around in, and their environment needs to accommodate this. A single guinea pig needs at least 7.5 square feet of space - 30 x 26 is a good-sized hutch. Two guinea pigs need at least 7.5 square to 10.5 square feet of space, such as a 30 x 50 hutch But the tiny cages sold as starter kits aren't sufficient. For a pair of male guinea pigs, 10.5 square feet at least is recommended. When it comes to guinea pig cage size, bigger is always better. A big living area isn't a luxury for guinea pigs - it's a necessity. Here are our top 3 reasons to upgrade your guinea pigs cage Ideally, that means a 2x6 grid cage (requiring a 7.5-8-foot long table) with a common grid wall divider to provide the minimum cage space of 2x3 grids (or 7.5 square feet) per guinea pig. A 15 square foot cage is large, so many people will compromise on cage space in these instances, or try to compensate with additional floor time

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  1. Guinea pigs love exercise, so they need to spend time in their run each day. If your guinea pig hutch has a run attached, like the Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch, simply open the door to the run when you bring your guinea pigs their food in the morning. If your hutch doesn't have a run attached, then it's a good idea to give your guinea pigs an.
  2. D, in people or in guinea pigs. There is no set requirement for the amount of Vita
  3. The guinea pigs won't need to make a nest to give birth. Even still, it's important to keep a very clean cage or hutch. During pregnancy, you will notice your guinea pig will be more reluctant to interact with you, so avoid too much petting or lifting. In the case of any anomalies or worry, you should contact the vet
  4. At 85 degrees or higher, your guinea pig is likely to die from heat stroke. A typical garage is more than 85 degrees during summer. If it's too hot or cold for you, it's too hot or cold for a guinea pig. 4. Low Humidity. Don't house a guinea pig in a room with high humidity or fluctuations in humidity
  5. If you decide to get a pet store cage for your guinea pig, you'll have to spend a lot of money to get one in a decent size. You might even need to get two and join them using things like tunnels. Just make sure attaching two cages together actually gives your guinea pig room to run rather than two small cages to go back and forth between
  6. A Solitary guinea pig has a high chance of dying because guinea pigs are social animals. Considering that guinea pigs live 4-8 years we recommend you take this seriously so that you give your piggy the best time possible. Small, cute, furry, pet-able, and fit-able in a shirt pocket, this describes the wonderful creature that is a Guinea Pig
  7. No, I would not suggest you use cat litter in a Guinea Pig litter box. Cats go into their litterbox to do their business and they leave. Guinea Pigs are going to spend a considerable amount of time sitting and standing in their litterbox to eat and drink. Not only that, cat litter is very dusty and Guinea Pigs have very sensitive lungs

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Guinea pigs need large cages and housing for 2 guinea pigs (or even a single guinea pig) needs to be at least 120 x 60cm (4ft x 2ft). If you have more guinea pigs you will need an even larger cage. Guinea pigs need a large cage or hutch. You will also need a run (preferably outdoors in good weather) so they have a larger space to exercise The new surroundings take a toll; your guinea pig will need some time getting used to the concept of floor time just as much as you do. Set up hiding places (such as pigloos). If a guinea pig can hide and feels safe, s/he will be more comfortable with the floor time-space and get used to it faster Avoid using a dish for water; guinea pigs may push bedding into it or spill it. Damp bedding can lead to foot problems, so it's best to use a hanging water bottle. Guinea pig's water will need to be changed daily, says Dr. Welle. Guinea pigs are funny, and they like to spit food up the tube of their water bottle

A hutch for one guinea pig should be at least 90cm long by 70cm wide, whereas for two should be at least 1.2m long by 70cm wide. The hutch needs to be a minimum of 0.7sq meter for up to two animals, but 1sq meter is preferred if you have the space to spare. Despite their small size, guinea pigs need a lot of space to run around in For example, if your guinea pigs spill their feeding dish, go ahead and clean up the mess - don't simply allow the food to remain on the cage floor until your next scheduled complete cleaning. Similarly, if your pets spill their water dish, go ahead and change out the wet bedding before it can become contaminated with bacteria The general answer is NO. Guinea pigs are not climbers or jumpers or escape artists. It is not in their nature. However, there are always exceptions. Here is a list of conditions that warrant a cover for your cage: When you are housing MALES right next to FEMALES. Especially with young males, they will do pretty much anything to get over a grid.

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As a starter size for a single guinea pig, you'll need 7.5 square feet, which is a cage that measures 30 x 36 inches in all. For two pigs, this cage should be 30 x 50 inches (7-5 to 10-5 square feet), and 30 x 62 inches for three guinea pigs. In general, it's always a good idea to add one square foot of space per guinea pig Three weeks after birth is the best time to separate baby guinea pigs from their mothers. You can wait up to four weeks, but that is the maximum amount of time to wait. Males must be separated after 21 days, but females can stay with their mothers Follow the minimum cage size standards of .7 or 1 square meter and you will see your own guinea pig's behavior improve significantly. Enjoy the new antics of your happier, healthier, and perkier guinea pigs in their proper environment. *Note: Most panels (or cubes or grids) are 35.5 centimenters square; the grid dimensions quoted also allow for.

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Play Time for Guinea Pigs. Because guinea pigs are more sedate and less likely to run away than other rodents, they do really well during play time outside their cage—but that doesn't mean they can be left unsupervised. Ours watch TV with my wife, Becky, and Audrey in the morning, along with our English Bulldog Lulu, says Kovacs Another factor is the number of guinea pigs. Obviously, if there are more pets inside, you need to clean more often. And if the guinea pig is aged, then it also means you need to run the cleaning session regularly than in the case of a young pet. That's because aged guinea pigs leave more waste than the younger ones. The Cleaning Proces Generally, there is no specific time or pattern for their pooping as the animals follow their urges when performing the action. Reasons Guinea Pigs Poop A Lot A healthy guinea pig is expected to poop between 100 - 150 times per day

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Do guinea pigs need a light at night? No, they don't need a night light. Having an intense light on during the night might confuse their body clock that it's still day time which can be bad for their health. However, many people leave a small light on in their room, but certainly, it is not required However, guinea pigs are an exception to this rule. They in fact do not need a wheel inside their cage. Wheels were once previously used as a means of exercise for guinea pigs, however after time went on, veterinarians saw a huge rise in damage to guinea pigs back, and this is thought to be because of the running wheel Start by focusing on having ample amounts of high quality, high fiber hay in your rabbit or guinea pig's cage at all times. One thing we don't often think or talk about is that your pet will not only eat this hay, but they will also use it for bedding, burrowing, bathroom time, and more

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Your pet may be insecure or depressed if the guinea pig cage is too small or too large or lacks necessary items such as toys, food bowls, and other items. The ideal cage size for one guinea pig is 7.5 square feet, while two guinea pigs will do well in a 10.5 square feet cage So, to prevent unwanted litters of guinea pigs it is important that they are desexed before they can reproduce, at around 3-4 months of age. Before that time, undesexed male and female guinea pigs should not be kept together from 3 weeks old (males must be removed and weaned from their mothers at 3 weeks of age) Best Guinea Pig Cage Reviews. If you want to look for a good indoor & outdoor cage, here are some of our guinea pig cage reviews: 1. Living World Deluxe Habitat. We chose this cage for your guinea pig because of its spacious dimensions of 30.7 x 18.9 x 19.7 inches, which can fit most sizes of your small pet

Why do Guinea Pigs eat their own poop? To understand this, you need to know that Guinea pigs/Cavies excrete two kinds of poops - One is the poo that we all know, dark brown solid ones and have seen around their cage. The other ones are soft and squishy called cecotropes 1.Guinea Pigs Hate Loud Noises. Due to the fact that they are prey animals, every loud noise is a kind of threat to them. So guinea pigs are scared of loud noises and hate them. This doesn't mean that you need to whisper in your own house and never listen a music or TV-out loud. Not all guinea pigs are the same Dec 21, 2014. #2. Blood in the cage is usually a sign of either a urinary tract infection or a stone/bladder sludge; they are some of the most common problems with guinea pigs due to their naturally rather alcaline pee. Please book in both boys; a vet should be able to express some urine and test it for traces of blood and a higher level of.

Hairless guinea pigs also need to things in their cage to keep them stimulated. You should put in things for them to climb on and play with. Your pet's mental health can have a profound impact on their overall well-being. These guinea pigs tend to be quite noisy, so you should keep their cage in an area of your home that is far from the bedrooms Here are some useful guidelines to determine the space required for guinea pigs: One guinea pig: 7.5 square feet cage (bare-minimum), but more is better. 30″ x 36″ is a good size. Two guinea pigs: 7.5 square feet (minimum), but experts prefer 10.5 square feet. 30″ x 50″ is a good size There is, of course, so much to learn and do to make sure that your guinea pig lives a long and happy life. But this section will give you a great starting point. CAGE - The first thing about owning a guinea, is proper cage set up (this guinea pig cage is a favorite on Amazon). We mentioned before that guinea pigs need a larger space than. 8. LANGXUN Storage Cubes Organizer Cage. If you are looking to create a safe and comfortable haven for your guinea pigs, then you need to invest in a high-quality cage. One of the options you are most likely to come across when browsing for such a model is the LANGXUN DIY Small Animal Cage Bonding Method Part 4: Interactive Floor Time. Like all furry pets, guinea pigs need exercise, and floor time provides an excellent opportunity to bond with you guinea pig. The best way to provide floor time is to ensure guinea pigs have access to soft flooring - which could be a carpet or rug

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A guinea pig requires a minimum size accommodation of a 7.5 square feet cage, however the bigger the cage the better for the guinea pig and so generally 30″ x 36″ is a good size. Guinea pigs are also very social animals and do prefer living with other guinea pigs which will increase the need for a larger cage as well Agitation signals. When a guinea pig starts chattering their teeth, it usually means that they are angry or annoyed. They'll often do it when meeting a new guinea pig. The chattering notifies other guinea pigs to respect their territory and stay at a distance. Chattering can be a precursor to two guinea pigs fighting 1. Guinea pigs sleep every day, but not for very long. Any time you walk by your guinea pig's cage, your guinea pig probably seems to be awake, eating, chewing, or playing. This is a big contrast to other small animal pets, like hamsters and rats, which can often be seen dozing during the course of the day. Just like any other animal, guinea. Unlike humans, guinea pigs' teeth grow constantly, and without a way to keep them short, they can grow too big for their mouth, making eating difficult and painful. Hay has numeroous health benefits, so make it a priority to include it in your guinea pigs' cage. Image by FreeNaturePhotos. Guinea pigs also like to use hay as a bedding material See graph below for cage size requirements: Benefits of large housing Increase/Adequate Exercise: Guinea pigs regularly like to run and exercise according to their own body clock. Even with time outside of their cage a cavy will need to exercise in its own time. A large cage ensures this is possible, and your cavy will remain fit and healthy