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Interior Book Templates: Easy Manuscript Formatting. Inspired by customer suggestion, we developed a full-service book cover design line. Instead of just offering completion service on the DIY templates, we decided to make a Premium line that would also give buyers exclusive access to the design. A cover as unique as your book To get your KDP Paperback Cover Template, go However, if you didn't create a solid book cover, you'll go to GIMP and use the Color Picker Tool to obtain the background color for your spine by clicking on the back-cover background. To see the Hex Color Code, you'll need to go to Windows at the top, click on Dockable Dialogs, and select. KDP Cover Template Generator Create PDF, PNG, IDML, SLA, and ODG files. This tool creates cover template files in PDF and PNG, and optionally IDML, SLA and ODG formats. The files conform to the KDP cover requirements. PDF is a vector format, PNG is a raster format, IDML is InDesign, SLA is for Scribus, and ODG is for OpenOffice KDP Book Cover Template, Bookcover template,Book cover Design With Canva Template,Free KDP Interior, Commercial Use,Ready To Upload Pdf KDPDesignPrintable Sale Price $6.79 $ 6.79 $ 7.99 Original Price $7.99 (15% off) Add to Favorites Kdp Coloring Book - Funny Farting Animal Coloring Book, PDF Printable Activity Book for Amazon KDP Interior.

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Simple Hack To Design Amazon KDP Paperback Cover Using Template With Canva. 1) Go to the Amazon template site and key in your book specifications such as Trim Size, Page Count and Paper Color to generate the right cover template for paperback book. Then download the template into your computer. 2) After you've downloaded the. KDP Book Cover Template, Bookcover template,Book cover Design With Canva Template,Free KDP Interior,Restaurant Reviews,Ready To Upload Pdf. KDPDesignPrintable. 5 out of 5 stars. (2) $4.99 Creating A Kdp Book Cover With Powerpoint - Amazon KDP Paperback Publishing (Easy)You want to create a template for each size book that you'll be creating Fo.. In this short tutorial, I cover how to create a basic template to use for your book cover by using bookow.com. These are good for KDP paperback.I prefer usin..

Kdp Cover Template Inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world's best designers. View Book cover design. View Childrens book cover kindle ebook cover or kdp paperback cover. Childrens book cover kindle ebook cover or kdp paperback cover. Like. Angle Moni. Like. 5. 1.6k. Sign up paperback cover with any software that will open a .png or PDF file and save a PDF file using our cover... templates. CREATE YOUR OWN COVER Use our cover guide with detailed specifications to create your own All book covers on KDP paperback manuscript file must be sized correctly for bleed to prevent a white border from appearing. Open the appropriate cover template from our KDP PRINT COVER POWERPOINT TEMPLATES These templates step up in increments of 10 pages. According to your page count and choose the appropriate template to use. For an 81 page book as shown in our example the correct template would be 81-90 pages: 5x8_BW_90.pptx 31-40 pages: 5x8_BW_40.ppt KDP Helper to give you the perfect cover and interior dimensions and perfectly sized cover templates, cleanly laid out for you to use with your favorite tools including Adobe, Powerpoint, Keynote and Canva. Listing helper Chrome extension which helps you list books quickly, easily and safely on KDP

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http://www.EliteJournals.com Make a Book Cover with Photoshop for KDP using PDF Template. Are you stumped and at a stopping point with your publishing on Kin.. UPDATE: Canva has changed how it sizes PDFs, so instead of using the pixel dimensions to create your file, use the inches or mm dimensions. KDP has a free co..

KDP Book Cover Template, Botanical Book Cover,Book cover Design Template, KDP Interior(Lined Journal), Commercial Use,Ready To Upload Pdf KDPDesignPrintable Sale Price CA$5.45 CA$ 5.45. CA$ 6.42 Original Price CA$6.42 (15% off) Add to Favourites KDP Book Cover Template, Bookcover template,Book cover Design With Canva Template,Free KDP Interior. Going off of last week's video about using the IngramSpark cover template, today I'm going to show you how to use the KDP cover template for your paperbacks on KDP print. You can probably figure it out without this, but the templates are there, they are free, it makes life so much easier for those who are designing their own covers

This is the simplest and the fastest way to build your book cover using Createspace or kindle paperback cover template.There, you will learn how to build a b.. We'll start with the process of downloading GIMP and finish with using it to design your book cover / book template. You'll also learn how to prepare the files for submission to Kindle KDP, using nothing but GIMP software. At the end of the video, we'll show you how to make a quick Kindle cover as well This printable book cover is fully compatible with CreateSpace or KDP publishing. If you have finished writing a book and looking for a minimal yet beautiful cover design then this 6 x 9 book cover template is created for you.Everything in this book cover design is editable, even if you're a beginner in Ms Word, you can still completely re-brand this cover design easily If you pass the Interior Reviewer, all you need to do is upload your book jacket. For that, give your designer the book's trim size and the total number of pages and he or she will be able to make the jacket the correct size. When you receive your cover, upload it to KDP and allow them to do final checks Book Covers and Templates Designs for KDP. Choose from over 90,000 graphics for your KDP and self-publishing books, including Book Covers. Journal templates, Coloring Book Designs and more! BUY PLAN HERE

712 templates. Create a blank Book Cover. Create blank. Pink, Orange and Red Abstract Young Adult Book Cover. Male Photo Memoir/Inspirational Book Cover. White and Orange Text Thriller/Mystery Book Cover. Tokyo Photo Memoir/Inspirational Book Cover. White and Pink Script Romance/Chick Lit Book Cover KDP Paperback Cover Templates. How to use your template. Open the PDF or PNG file for the Paperback Book Cover Template in your image editing software. Create a new layer in your image editing software. This layer will serve as the design layer. Design your cover in the design layer, using the template PDF or PNG file as the guide layer This digital product is a Canva template for a KDP paperback cover file sized 8.5 x 11 inches with 100 pages. You will receive a PDF with a link to the editable template. This template can be use with a free Canva account or try Canva Pro free for 30 days Category - Book Cover Designs. Customizable Book Cover Template 09, «Rainbow» pack includes paperback cover templates for most common US and UK formats and design resources to create dozen of excellent book covers. Saves time! Great template for Amazon KDP covers

Creating book COVERS for your low or no content books is THE most important aspect of running a KDP business. Just think about it, you could have the best keywords in your listing to make sure your book gets in front of the right audience, but if the cover is not visually appealing, the chances of you making a sale are slim KDP Cover Creator: do's & don'ts if you want to use the app to create a cover for your book. [Note: if you already have a cover, and select the appropriate file to use in the templates.

Here is a template that will help you perfect your 6×9 full-cover design for your paperback book. This is a 2-part overlay: front and back with bleeds and margins, including spine margin and the default barcode size and placement. You can use this overlay to develop a cover that will fulfill the guidelines for Amazon's KDP print books and as. Full Cover Design Dimensions Calculator for Amazon KDP. This online calculator tool will help you arrive at the dimensions your full cover needs to be for Amazon KDP or you can just use it to figure your spine width. Different printers use different paper, which determines the spine width, which is why this calculator is specific to Amazon KDP. 1 Once you find a graphic to start from, just tap or click to open the document in the editor. 2. Remix it to make it your own. There are lots of ways to personalize your book cover templates. Change up the copy and font. Sub out the imagery with your photos. Or browse from thousands of free images right in Adobe Spark

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Create a template for your book cover design, with email instructions, and useful info. Generate Cover. PDF Checklist. Final reminders to make sure your print files are ready for upload. Download Now. EPUB Conversion. Some readers prefer print books and physical retailers, but some prefer ebooks and online retailers, so if your print book isn. Description. This digital product is a Canva template for a KDP paperback cover file sized 6 x 9 inches with 120 pages of white paper. You will receive a PDF with a link to the editable template. This template can be use with a free Canva account or try Canva Pro free for 30 days! Additional information. Editable Files Download Kdp Book Cover Template pdf. Download Kdp Book Cover Template doc. Least six feet from our book cover as well, and click yes, no more help, and using one of our start by selecting the founder and writing. Misconfigured or application, kdp book cover must be submitted to customize you Notebook Cover Template Size - 12.52×9.25 in. Feature : This is great for creating. This file is in high resolutions 300dpi. All graphics are 100% vector. Well organized. shapes and color

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Uploading your KDP Book Interior. Tangent Templates is awesome and I've used a few of their interiors. But I mainly use their software for the KDP Listing Helper and to get the cover dimensions. Diana. Pingback: Book Bolt's Low Content Book Templates - Second Half Dreams INSTRUCTIONS. Download the correct template for your paperback book size (mine was 6×9). Save a copy of the template named for your book and version. e.g. 2019-10-08-v02-my-book-name-6 x 9 inch (15.24 x 22.86 cm).doc. After you've uploaded your manuscript and reviewed it in the KDP print preview tool, and then discovered how it changes your. I did this successfully with one book, so I know it can be done. This time however, I am having difficulty with getting the right size. I used the KDP template for the cover size, adding .125 to each side as suggested by KDP. See template below. Final dimensions: 9.86 x 14.46. 9.86 = 9.61 + .25. 14.46 = (6.69 x 2) + .83 + .2 How to Use These KDP Interiors In Your Business. At first glance, it would be really easy to simply take these interiors, grab your covers, and upload them the way they are. After all, if you had 1,000 covers, using all of these interiors, you would have 48,000 books up for sale on Amazon! that may not be the best idea though KDP super bundle 2000 ready templates KDP interiors. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings. ( 10 customer reviews) $ 4,000.00 $ 40.00. Delivery Time : 24 Hours. Editable. Original Design. Total Design 2000+. 100% Satisfaction and Refund Guarantee

Here are the steps to write a book in Microsoft Word: #1 - Step 1: Download a Microsoft Word book template (more instructions on this below) #2 - Step 2: Open Microsoft Word on your computer and click File then navigate to Open.Select your book template file. #3 - Step 3: Your book template file will open and appear on the screen. You can now start typing your text directly. Get endless access to free templates, exclusive cover designs and much more. You will also always be the first to get access to beta-tests for future projects. Grow Together. Exchange ideas with our KDP experts and experienced sellers and get important tips and advice for your own business Steps Guides to Book Cover Template Kdp Word Printable Editable Leave Excel Chart Tept Map Now, you will find out the smartest ways to write an Book Cover Template Kdp Word Printable Editable Leave Excel Chart Tept Map. If you see, there will be some steps of sequences that you have to take. Here you go! Step 1: Create an Outlin The files conform to the CreateSpace/KDP cover requirements. Using the Book Bolt Cover and Interior Designer, you can design beautiful books and interior templates with just a few clicks of a button. Choose from over 90,000 graphics for your KDP and self-publishing books, including Book Covers Journal templates, Coloring Book Designs and more! Use a mouse or trackpad to make the necessary.

Book Bolt Cover Design Tool: This is a web browser-based design tool similar to Canva designed exclusively for KDP cover design. There's an in-depth tutorial on how to use it here » * click to expand. Merch Titans PNG to KDP PDF Cover Converter: Covert your Amazon Merch PNG designs to KDP covers in seconds (free) * click to expan FIXED: KDP Cover Made In Canva Is Too Big! If you've seen my video on how to create a KDP cover template in Canva , you probably found that the file was too big when uploaded to KDP. After that video was made, Canva changed how PDF files were saved, ignoring the pixel dimensions used to create the document

Download KDP Book Cover blank - Notebook Cover File instantly. WHAT YOU GET: • 2 digital .jpg files (Cover) • 2 digital .jpg files (Background) • 2 digital .jpg files (Notebook Cover) • 2 digital .pdf files (Notebook Cover) You can use the Design as: Book Cover Any Print Design You can use this in various projects Create Your KDP Cover Template. Create Your IngramSpark Cover Template. Step 6: Upload your book to KDP. Work your way through the upload process for KDP Paperback. KDP has the more straightforward process and it's an easier platform on which to see any errors in your files. There is one very important thing to remember here Custom select Amazon KDP Kindle Direct Publishing low content book ready interiors, covers, templates, blog, and training for your account success and customer

Download a Free MS Word Cover Template. All of our cover templates are set-up with .125 bleed on all four sides. Download the correct template for the correct trim size of your book. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. Template Description. 30+ KDP super bundle ready templates Cheap Price. ULTIMATE Bundle pack of massive 30+ Unique KDP Templates! Category: Blank Sketchbook,Coin Inventory,College Ruled,Combo Journal Sketchbook,Daily Gratitude Unicorn For Kids,Diabetes Log Book,Fishing Log Book,For Mothers Floral Notebook,Graph,Mail Tracker,Meal Weekly Planner,Metal Detector,Mileage Log Book,Monthly Planner,Password. Publishers and authors put them there. Many of the book creators have used Amazon KDP to put their creations on Amazon. Amazon allows you to publish your book on their platform as an eBook or a print book. They'll even print it and send it to whoever buys it. This is all done for a cost. That cost is added to the cost of the book for the buyer

The trim size is the dimensions of the book, such as 8.5″ x 11″, 6″ x 9″, 5″ x 7″, and so on. The page margins separate the text and other elements from the edge of the paper. KDP's recommended margins based on the page count are: Screenshot from this KDP page • Amazon KDP Quality Check Tested. WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE IN THE DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE: • 1 PDF file • 1 Editable PPTX (Powerpoint) file. PLEASE NOTE: • This listing is for the interior ONLY, you will need to design your own cover if using for KDP. EDITING NOTES FOR THE PPTX FILE: • The Powerpoint file contains 4 pages (Pg1 This book. ULTIMATE Bundle pack of massive 1000+ Unique KDP Templates! These 1000+ Templates will help anyone to get started on KDP in no time. These templates were designed for many niches. All templates are ready to be uploaded to KDP! EASY STEPS TO CREATE A PDF FROM POWERPOINT (PPT) FILE: - Open your desired ppt file. - Go to File -> Save As Kdp Helper by tangent templates is a very useful tool to generate print-ready templates for both cover and interiors. All you need is to select the size, no of pages and choose bleed or no bleed and then click on continue

This free book layout template is specifically made for kdp publishing. You can use this template to format any of your 6 x 9 book into a professional layout. You can simply write as much content as you want in this kdp paperback template. This modern kdp template works best for non-fiction works, however, you can also completely modify it as. Cover Template Generator Use this to generate a template for your cover design, complete with support files, email instructions, and more useful info. Once you complete and submit the data below, we will email you back a template and support files to be used to build your cover Downloading your CreateSpace Cover Template. To help you design your paperback book's cover, CreateSpace can automatically generate a template file that is custom-built for your book. That template file shows the required size of your cover image, and shows the areas to avoid putting text or crucial images in. Example template file KDP Tools & Templates. 56 likes · 1 talking about this. Creating Tools and Templates for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Projects. Jump to. * Displays a picture of the cover of your book * The 1 to 5 star rating of every book. * The number of Global ratings each book has received * The date of the Latest review

KDP Interior Comic Cover Template. Graphics / KDP Interiors. $5.00. 5.0 Based on 1 review KDP Tools & Templates. 54 likes. Creating Tools and Templates for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Projects. Jump to. Sections of this page. * Displays a picture of the cover of your book * The 1 to 5 star rating of every book. * The number of Global ratings each book has received * The date of the Latest review Beautiful 120 Pages 6x9 Templates for KDP - Floral Template Upload Ready - Kindle Direct Publishing, Low Content Books. This low content planner journal template is ready to be printed or uploaded to KDP. Features: •120 Content Pages •Beautiful 1st Page (This book belongs to _____) •Clean PDF File ready for Printing and Uploading with. KDP Tools & Templates posted a video to playlist KDP Tools. Compare and analyze the rankings in the different categories, keep track of the ratings and read the latest reviews ! This Excel tool automatically collects the latest data from your KDP book publications on the Amazon website. It can show information of 25 books at a time It allows you to enter the number of pages and choose your paper type. The spine calculator is the best aid for authors and also being familiar with the Createspace cover template, CreateSpace book sizes template and CreateSpace spine calculator is going to allow the authors to sell their books in vast numbers. It is ideal for self-publishers

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  1. utes. 1. Canva. Canva is a great all-rounder graphic designing suite of tools for things such as gift certificates, brochures, headers, or business cards
  2. • A cover template to design your cover on photoshop or canva. FEATURES: • Ready-to-upload PDF interior does NOT include the copyright page • Pdf file has all 110 pages included • High-resolution file at 300 dpi • Trim size 7.5 X 9.25 inches • 110 pages • Bleed • File has been tested on Amazon KDP for qualit
  3. Download a KDP Cover Template. Our free KDP Cover Guide tool allows you to create a blank cover for any of the KDP trim sizes. The blank cover will consist of a transparent png file that includes guide lines to indicate the trim area as well as the safe print area. In addition to the full sized cover, Pro-Members can download a guide for the.

Download Word Kindle Book Template. Like the cover too! Suitable for those who want to make a Kindle Book and sold it on Amazon KDP. I've bought two products generated from her because I know she produced high quality and easy to understand. I will certainly make a purchase more products from Kay Franklin Create a book on KDP. Upload your final and complete text. That will open up the menu where you can select trim size and paper type, and at that point KDP will give you an option to download a template that will be correctly proportioned for the t..

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Create a Cover for Your Journal. Before I show you how to create a cover for your journal, you MUST have your manuscript ready or a definite number of pages in mind. The reason for this is that we need to get our cover template from KDP and we'll be entering the number of pages our book will have Design Guide Bundle. Download the bundle in the book size you need and get interior and cover templates for Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Also includes our Book Creation Guide and PDF export settings. Select Your Page Size 8,170 Resources. Abstract colorful minimal covers pattern design. Abstract cover design. Corporate book cover design template in a4. Corporate book cover design template. Abstract vector modern flyers brochure bookow.com takes the pain out of formatting books for self-publishers.. Let bookow.com typeset and format your books for you, so you can concentrate on writing.. We create files for KDP and other print-on-demand services, and Kindle and other e-book files too Nobody ever sees the back cover of a book online! Amazon.com now allows customers to view the back of paperback books. I don't need a back cover to create a print book! KDP Print and IngramSpark require you to upload a front cover, spine, and back cover. Then there's the biggest myth of all: nobody pays attention to the back of a book

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  1. Cover Templates. Download the specific Cover Template needed, as seen below. Please refer to the Spine Chart at the top of this page to correctly design your book.Cover templates are basically the same size as your book with .125 bleed on all trim sides for all binding styles except hardcovers which require, .5 bleed for cover wrap
  2. Download book cover editable vector graphics for every design project. In AI, SVG, PNG, JPG and PSD. Design. Vectors. Premium. Kids Writing Book Cover Design. Save. Kids Writing Book Cover Design. Editable Template
  3. The ideal size of your eBook cover art is a height/width ratio of 1.6:1. This means that for every 1,000 pixels in width, the image should be 1,600 pixels in height. To ensure the best quality for your image, particularly on high definition devices, the height of the image should be at least 2,500 pixels. Ideal dimensions for cover files are.
  4. Book Design Simplified Gone are the days of struggling to get your book just right and up to Amazon's high printing standards. Using the Book Bolt Cover and Interior Designer, you can design beautiful books and interior templates with just a few clicks of a button

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  1. Best free printable book templates. In our printable book templates, margins, paper-size, bleed, gutter and table of contents are styled with proper typesetting. You would be amazed by using these clean and professional book writing templates in Microsoft Word. Our Word book manuscript templates are perfect for every self-publisher
  2. $ 100.00 Sold By : M.Y. Cover Design Add to cart; New Horizons $ 69.00 Sold By : warrendesign Add to cart; The Bride Sale! $ 130.00 $ 110.00 Sold By : Oasis Book Covers Add to cart; Assassin's Promise Sale! $ 160.00 $ 125.00 Sold By : Oasis Book Covers Add to cart; The Manor House Sale! $ 155.00 $ 120.00 Sold By : Oasis Book Covers Add to.
  3. This is a service to take your existing book cover design and prepare it as a PDF on the right template for your chosen printer like Amazon KDP, Ingram Spark or WzW Publishing. why you need it In order to have a cover accepted by your printer it must be prepared to all the right specifications
  4. A note on your book cover design: If you haven't had a professional cover created, you can make use of the Cover Creator tool in KDP. Since having a professional, quality book cover is extremely important, especially as a self-published author, you should seriously consider hiring a professional book cover designer
  5. Whether you need a KDP cover template, covers for Wattpad, Kobo, iBook, Nook or Smashwords, our pre-set dimensions will allow you to design for your publishing platform. Multiple FileTypes Our software allows you to download in .png, .jpeg, .pdf, and even more file types, so no matter what platform you're uploading to, you can use the file.
  6. Your writing style should be simple and easy to understand. You can also see the coupon book template. Remember, your book will have to please parents and teachers just as much as children. You may also take a look at our PSD book cover designs. Step 4: Important Elements. It is very important to add elements in your book
  7. I make both the internal and product cover 600 x 800 pixels. For the Internal Book cover 127 K size is from the KDP specs, so I would use it as your guide. The largest element of almost any Kindle book will be the image content. Inside your book file, the Kindle book format supports JPEG and GIF images up to 127KB in size
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Book Brush — Unlike Canva, Book Brush is designed with authors in mind. Boasting unique templates and 3D image capability, Book Brush shines as a book cover graphic designer specifically for authors. Canva — This is a free, easy-to-use graphic design tool with tons of design options and book cover templates.It's very easy to use but limited in what you can create PicMonkey's textures and graphics take it over the top with urban flair. Or start with a colored background and add summery graphics for a cleaner, brighter look. Or, use a template to make a cover for an e-book. Browse all templates ULTIMATE Bundle pack of massive 500+ Unique KDP Templates! These 500+ Templates will help anyone to get started on KDP in no time. These templates were designed for many niches. All templates are ready to be uploaded to KDP! EASY STEPS TO CREATE A PDF FROM POWERPOINT (PPT) FILE: - Open your desired ppt file. - Go to File -> Save As Select your book cover design template. On the left of the screen are all the pre-made templates for you to choose from. Scroll down the list to find a design that you would like to use to start creating your cover. 3. Edit your book cover text. When you click on your selection, it appears on the design screen

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  1. Kindle Kids' Book Creator is a free tool for authors and publishers to turn their illustrated children's books into great-looking Kindle books. Kindle Kids' Book Creator makes it easy for authors and publishers to import artwork, add text to pages, and preview how their book will look on Kindle devices. With the click of a button, authors.
  2. Below you can preview the book template, download the InDesign file and find a bunch of helpful tips on how to edit templates in InDesign. Download this book cover template for free (your download will include an INDD file for InDesign CS6 and an IDML version for InDesign CS4, CS5 and CC)
  3. This SUPER BUNDLE Template Pack with HUGE 150 KDP Ready Templates are perfect for KDP (or another POD business) There are 120 ready-to-use PowerPoint Templates files which can be edited (add extra pages or add your own little touch). and 30 Sudoku (pdf only) all 150 Templates are ready to be uploaded to KDP

The second box is going to ask you for a book title and sub title. The book title MUST match what the cover of your book has on it. If it does not, the KDP reviewers will deny the book. Match up the book title exactly, and then add in a subtitle that is SIMPLE and to the point (do not keyword stuff anything here) Not more than 250MB. MOV, GIF, MP4, MPEG, MKV, or WEBM file format. Less than 1GB in size: Canva Free users will be asked to compress the file if it's between 250MB to 1GB. Apple Intermediate. ProRes 4444 (ProRes 422 Supported) HDV 720p60. Go2Meeting3 (G2M3 Before we delve into designing our paperback cover for War & Peace, here are a few top tips for creating book covers in Adobe InDesign:. It's always best to design the front of your cover only first, before you create a full cover, with spine and back.This will allow you to visualise the arrangement of type and images, and judge how well elements are centered on the page Template features. Editable book template - Free. File format: Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF. Paper: 5×8 with bleeds. Fonts used: Book Antiqua, Futura Bk BT. Proper margins, sections, headers/footers, drop-caps, gutter etc. Perfect styling and automatic TOC. Fully adjustable and customizable. Its FREE Aug 27, 2020 - Explore Richy Bunny's board KDP Interior Template on Pinterest. See more ideas about kdp, handwriting sheets, graphing

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  1. KDP Interior Template: Monster Coloring Book for Kids & Toddlers • commercial use • 8.5×8.5 inches with bleed Please - KDP Interior Template - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - PDF FORMAT. NOTE: the interior is with BLEED. Cover Guide - 1 Page * 3rd: License Certificate - 1 Page
  2. Using professional photography ensures your cover looks its best at an affordable price. For a more personal design, you can also upload your own images onto the site to use on your book cover! Once they are stored in your library, you can use them as many times as you like. Keep things simple, and be your own Wattpad cover designer
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