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Browse Our Wide Selection Of Beautiful Accent Trees, Flowering Shrubs, & Perennials. America's Largest Online Plant Nursery. Shop Trees, Shrubs, Bulbs & More Great Prices on Star Magnolia. Shop Now and Save! Plenty of Star Magnolia to Choose From. Fast Shipping and Orders $35+ Ship Free Little gem is recognized for its prolific flowering that lasts 6-months of the year. Magnolia makes a great specimen tree. Reaches only 20 ft. to 25 ft. with a spread of 8 ft. to 12 ft. and has a slow growth-rate. Hardy in USDA zones 7-10. Tree shipped in a 3 Gal. container with a minimum tree height of 2 ft

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The Little Gem Magnolia is a beautiful small version of the familiar southern magnolia, with the same beautiful pure-white perfumed flowers throughout the summer. It makes the perfect evergreen tree across all the milder parts of the country, with its beautiful glossy leaves looking perfect all year round MAGNOLIA little gem 30 gal. $350.00. Availability: In stock. 26 left in stock. SKU. 41070. Qty: Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare The Little Gem Magnolia produces large, fragrant and saucer-shaped flowers that are creamy white white in color and reach a width of 8 inches. It will continue to produce flowers for 6 months every year. This magnolia's leaves are leathery with a deep, glossy green color on top and a bronzy brown, fuzzy underside

Little Gem Magnolia will grow to be about 30 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 15 feet. It has a low canopy with a typical clearance of 3 feet from the ground, and should not be planted underneath power lines. It grows at a medium rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for 70 years or more.This tree does best in full sun. Pixies Gardens (3 Gallon Little Gem Dwarf Magnolia Elegance and Beauty Huge Fragrant White Flowers Blooms for Long Time Good for Smaller Places. 3.7 out of 5 stars 4. Perfect Plants Ann Magnolia Live Plant, 5 Gallon, Includes Care Guide. 4.4 out of 5 stars 24 Little Gem Magnolia. Little Gem Magnolias are a medium or dwarf type of magnolia. They will mature to average heights of 15 to 20 feet tall. 15 Gallon Container Magnolias. Larger size magnolias are available upon request. Next size magnolia trees will be in a ball and burlap container. We have many sizes available upon request The little gem magnolia can be expected to grow in Hardiness Zones 6-10. View Map. Tree Type Mature Size The little gem magnolia grows to a height of 15-20' and a spread of 7-10' at maturity. Growth Rate This tree grows at a slow rate, with height increases of less than 12 per year..

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Little Gem Magnolia. Kay Parris. Cryptomeria Varieties. Yoshino. Globosa Nana. We are now offering Southern Grandiflora Kay Parris. Click here to read an article by Kevin Parris featured in Magnolia: The Journal of the Magnolia Society International, 45/88, 2010, and learn more. Or click here to download a pdf of the article Once your Magnolia is established, it's drought tolerant and will only need water during times of extreme heat or when your area hasn't gotten enough rainfall. 3. Fertilizing: Early every spring, fertilize your Little Gem Magnolia with a well-balanced fertilizer, like formula 10-10-10 or 8-8-8. White creamy flowers will emerge in the spring and. Little Gem Magnolia is recommended for the following landscape applications; Accent; Planting & Growing. Little Gem Magnolia will grow to be about 30 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 15 feet. It has a low canopy with a typical clearance of 3 feet from the ground, and should not be planted underneath power lines The Little Gem Magnolia, (Magnolia grandiflora), is the crown jewel of Magnolias. This is the classic southern Magnolia, with glossy leaves and big, fragrant white blossoms that look good on any landscape. It loves a full sun environment and has a slow growth rate. This little gem can grow a large spread canopy and will provide a good amount of.

Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem' - Little Gem Magnolia. Slow growing upright evergreen tree to 15-20 feet tall and 8-10 feet wide. Blooms fragrant white flowers in summer. Likes full sun and moderate to regular water. Good small tree for use in a lawn or smaller yard Little Gem Dwarf Magnolia, Elegance and Beauty, Huge Fragrant White Flowers,Blooms For Long Time, Good For Smaller Places $99.99 $119.99 LITTLE GEM DWARF Magnolia large flowers (8 inches,white and creamy) Glossy green leaves with reddish underside grows to 15-20 ft tall, 8-10 ft. wide hardy in zones 6-9 small tree,.. July-August 2020 Scientific Name: Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem' Common Name(s): 'Little Gem' Magnolia 30-Gallon Staked, Tree, 6ft HT, 1.5 in Cal iper READY NO Little Gem Magnolia Tree Magnolia grandiflora 'little gem'. Size. Regular price. $99.99. Call 877-345-0146 for Availability and Pricing. Sale price. $99.99. 1 Gallon - Sold Out 1-2 ft. - $99.99 2 Gallon - Sold Out 2-3 ft. - $119.99 3 Gallon - Sold Out 3-4 ft. - $149.99 4-5 ft. - Sold Out 5-6 ft. - Sold Out The Little Gem Magnolia is a dwarf version of the Southern Magnolia. This compact tree boasts fabulous fragrant flowers from spring through summer. Growing to about 25 feet tall and 10 to 15 feet wide this evergreen magnolia tree is a perfect option for those who love the traditional southern magnolia but don't have the space. The Little Gem Magnolia is even pest, disease, and deer resistant.

1. For every 1-inch of trunk diameter, use 2 to 3 gallons of water. 2. For every 1-inch of trunk diameter, water a 1-foot radius from the base of the tree. So, if your Magnolia Tree has a four inch diameter, you will want to use 10 gallons of water three times a week covering an area four feet from the base of the tree in all directions Little Gem Magnoilia Tree // 3 & 15 Gallon Trees for SALE! - $35 (New Caney) SALE! Little Gem Magnolia Tree // 3 Gallon tree plants for SALE! ONLY $35! PICK UP WHILE SUPPLY'S LAST! Magnolias are distinctive in many other ways as well. They are known for their large, showy flowers, which in many species are fragrant, and which grow singly at the. The Little Gem Magnolia growth rate is slower than other semi-deciduous magnolias. The slow growth rate is up to 1-1.5 feet per year. Little Gem magnolia size will grow to around 20 to 25 feet tall over the first 20 years and 10-15 feet wide. If planting Little Gem Magnolia hedge, space the flowering trees at least 10 feet apart Zanthan Gardens History. 2004-01-10. Bought 3-gallon 'Little Gem' magnolia at Floribunda. 2005-01-09. Fed, weeded and mulched with compost. Topped with cuttings from the Christmas tree and put the cover of flat rocks on top. by M Sinclair Stevens. From bill (Dallas)

Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem'. Buy Little Gem Southern Magnolia online. A unique evergreen tree with leaves that are glossy, dark green leathery and rusty brownish orange back. Strong fragrant white flowers are produced in summer. A Magnolia that is distinguished by its natural compact pyramidal habit, a fantastic landscape tree Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem'. A dwarf southern magnolia with smaller dark green foliage and a very compact narrow form. The large, glossy, evergreen leaves have rusty-brown undersides. Very attractive, large, white, fragrant blooms. A naturally small tree or large shrub perfect for small gardens. Truly captivating when trained as espalier. 15 gallon Little Gem Magnolia. 3 gallon Green Shell Ginger. 15 gallon Podocarpus. 3g Blue Diddley dwarf Vitex. 3 gallon Ming Asparagus. 3 gallon Umbrella Plant. 3 gallon Golden Crest Strelitzia. 7 gallon Hope Philodendron. 25 Gallon Italian Cypress. 1 Gallon Dianella. Hope Philodendron. 20150326_141248.jpg

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Illex Gem Box 3 gal. Illex Soft Touch 7 gal. Globosa Nana Cryptomeria 7 gal. Moonlit Lace™ Viburnum 7 gal. Hetzi Midget Arborvitae 3 gal. Raulston Hardy Viburnum 3 gal. Globosa Nana Cryptomeria 7 gal. Dark Fire Loropetalum 7 gal. Little Gem Magnolia in bloom. Drupacea Yew 7 gal. Shoals Creek Vitex . Ogon Dawn Redwood 15 gal. Little Lime. Perfect Plants Little Gem Magnolia Tree, 1 gal. Size, TSC0161 at Tractor Supply Co. Perfect Plants Little Gem Magnolia Tree, 1 gal. Size, TSC0161. Product Rating is 4.8. 4.8 (17) SKU: 142416399. Perfect Plants Little Gem Magnolia Tree, 1 gal. Size, TSC0161 Nelly R Holly 100-Gallon. Live Oak 100-Gallon. Little Gem Magnolia 100-Gallon. Eagleson Holly 100-Gallon. Chinese Pistache 100-Gallon. Shumard Red Oak 65-gallon. Live Oak 65-Gallon. Little Gem Magnolia 65-Gallon. Chinese Pistache 65-Gallon. Cedar Elm 65-Gallon. Bur Oak 65-Gallon. Bald Cypress 65-Gallon. Shumard Red Oak 45-Gallon. Live Oak 45.

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3. 'Little Gem.' The most widely planted selection, 'Little Gem' is a compact, slow-growing small tree whose leaves and flowers are about half the size of a regular magnolia's. It's not a dwarf, as many people believe, and eventually grows 20 to 25 feet tall. It starts blooming at a younger age than any other magnolia I know Home / Nursery / Trees / LITTLE GEM MAGNOLIA LITTLE GEM MAGNOLIA $ 129.50 - $ 250.00. SKU: N/A Categories: Nursery, Trees. Description Additional information Wide Range of Soil Types: 15 Gallon, 30 Gallon. Related products. Nursery ABELIA - EDWARD GOUCHER $ 21.50. Nursery RED YUCCA $ 24.00. Nursery NANDINA - FIREPOWER $ 22.50. Nursery. Click the button below to add the Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem' Low Branch - 24 Box to your wish list. Related Products Mango Kent - 24 Box $799.00 $499.0

'Little Gem' is a much smaller (dwarf) and slower-growing cultivar of the Southern magnolia or Large tree magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) that typically grows as a compact, upright, multi-stemmed shrub or small tree to 20' tall over the first 20 years. Learn more about Magnolia grandiflora. Leaves are glossy green above and bronze-brown. Little Gem Magnolia Tree Care Instructions. Little Gem magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem), a compact evergreen tree, is a slow-grower but can sport flowers when it's only 2 to 3 years old

Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem' Dwarf southern magnolia. Evergreen tree 20′ - 25′. Evergreen tree with pyramidal shape and smaller, dark green foliage with a rusty brown underside. 'Little Gem' has a very compact narrow form, making it useful for smaller gardens. It blooms at a very young age with primary bloom is in late spring. Little Gem Magnolia is an evergreen dwarf tree or shrub known for its large white fragrant blooms and glossy, green evergreen leaves and bronze brown underneath. Unlike its larger southern magnolia cousins , which can grow to 50 feet plus in height, Little Gem Magnolia has a growth rate over 20 feet in height with a width of about 8 to 10 feet Foster Holly 30 Gallon . Emily Bruner Holly 30 Gallon . Mary Nell Holly 15 & 30 Gallon . Nellie R. Stevens Holly 15 & 30 Gallon . Oak Leaf Holly 15 & 30 Gallon . Little Gem Magnolia 30 Gallon 7' - 8' Redbud 30 Gallon 8'-10' Forest Pansy Redbud 30 Gallon 8'-10' Heritage River Birch 30 Gallon 10' Dura Heat River Birch 30 Gallon 10'-12 Little Gem Southern Magnolia Tree - Live Plant - Quart Pot. $23.99. Free shipping. Magnolia grandiflora Southern Magnolia Tree plant. $17.10 to $25.19. Was: $19.00. $10.90 shipping. Saucer Magnolia Tree - 1 Gallon, ~24 Live Potted Plant - Magnolia Soulangeana. $59.95. Free shipping. Magnolia Macrophylla - big leaf magnolia - garden show. The Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem grows to a height of approximately 35 feet. It attains a width of up to 12 feet. A broad-leaved evergreen, the Little Gem produces a symmetrical, dense canopy composed of dark green, leathery leaves that exhibit a furry bronze underside

Little Gem Magnolia. availability: Call For Availability. In Stock. $29.99. A compact and dense evergreen tree of a narrowly, columnar habit. Small in size but has very attractive foliage with white flowers. A popular ornamental choice narrow enough to fit in modern landscapes. Size: 3 gal All the charm of a southern magnolia in a smaller size, the little gem magnolia is a popular ornamental choice for people living in hardiness zones 6 through 10. It is often used as a standout landscape specimen, to add evergreen beauty near decks and patios, as a floral screen or hedge, and in large containers BETTY MAGNOLIA TREE- Gorgeous Tree with Purple Flowers-8 flowers that are deep purple-red on the outside and cream colored on the inside. TR153G1P. $39.99 $47.99. Hurry up! Only 39 Items left in stock. Size. 1 Gallon 2 Gallon 3 Gallon. 1 Gallon 2 Gallon 3 Gallon. Size The Little Gem Magnolia features smaller dark green foliage and very compact narrow form and grows much slower than its other Magnolia relatives. The leaves of this evergreen shrub are a waxy dark green on top and rusty-brown on the undersides

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Dwarf Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem') 'Little Gem' Magnolia is an evergreen variety that can grow to about 4 metres (13 feet) tall. It blooms during spring and summer and has white or cream colored flowers. Lily Magnolia (Magnolia lilliflora) Lily magnolias can grow 8 to 12 feet (2.4 to 3.6 metres) tall and wide Bed 5 - 3 Gal Flowering Deciduous Shrubs Home › Magnolia Little Gem (15gal) Magnolia Little Gem (15gal) $175 00 $175.00. 'Little Gem' is a much smaller and slower growing cultivar that typically grows as a compact upright multi-stemmed shrub or small tree to 20' tall over the first 20 years. It features glossy green leaves. The Little Gem Magnolia, Scientific Name Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem', tree is perfect for smaller gardens, only growing to about 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide. This tree is a slower growing deciduous shrub/small tree. This southern magnolia boasts large white incredibly fragrant blooms Perfect for smaller gardens, Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem' (Southern Magnolia) is a dense and compact evergreen tree of narrowly columnar habit. Lightly scented, white flowers, 4 in. across (10 cm), appear at the tips of thick, tough stems in late spring to mid summer. The evergreen foliage of smooth, leathery, oblong-elliptic leaves, 5 in. long (12 cm), is shiny dark green above and brown. Magnolia 95 gal. 30gal Japanese Maple Oshi Benny. 65gal Cathedral oaks. Japanese yew. Juniper Bluepoint- Spiral 65gal Eagleston holly. 30gal DD Blanchard. 30gal Little gem magnolia. 30gal Claudia magnolia. Southern Magnolia. Red Maple. 95gal Camphor tree. 30gal Eagleston holly. Savannah Holly. 95gal Savanah holly. 65gal Red oak. 45gal.

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We have smaller sized trees such as the Little Gem Magnolia or Ann and Jane Magnolias a part of the Little Girl series of Japanese Magnolias that stay less than 20 feet tall. The evergreen magnolias that thrive in the south get much larger! The Bracken's Brown can get 30-40 feet tall while the DD Blanchard can grow up to 50 feet tall We purchased 3, 15 gallon Queen Palm trees from Liberty Landscape, Patrick assisted us. They were delivered and planted by Jeremy, who did a fantastic job. We thought we knew where we wanted to put them until they arrived. Jeremy was willing to move them around until we got just the right view Magnolia Grandiflora 'Little Gem' is a fast growing tree that can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5A through 9B. It matures to an average height of 20 feet to 30 feet and an average width of 8 feet to 10 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors. It prefers growing in a location that provides full sun, shade, morning sun with afternoon shade, morning shade with. Magnolia Tree Lifespan. Magnolias are medium to rapid growers —a cucumber tree (Magnolia acuminate), hardy from USDA zones 3 through 8, can grow over 25 feet tall in 10 years —about as fast as. Couple installs today, planted 1 15 gallon little gem magnolia and 3 7 gallon velma crape myrtle at 1 location and 1 15 gallon Florida flame maple at another. Free estimates. Give us a call or stop by

Jan 27, 2019 - Explore Jackie Gilbertson's board Magnolia little gem on Pinterest. See more ideas about magnolia little gem, magnolia tree landscaping, magnolia trees The Great Big Greenhouse and Nursery is a family owned retail garden center serving the greater Richmond, Virginia Metropolitan area, committed to providing a superior selection of quality plants, plant products, and plant services at value prices 065 gal. 10 - 11' 3.5 - 4' 2.75 - 3 Ready: 100 gal. 12 - 12.5' 4 - 4.5' 3.5 - 4 Ready: Bracken Brown Beauty: 015 gal. 5 - 6' 2' Ready: 030 gal. 7.5 - 8.5' 3.5 - 4' Ready: 065 gal. 8 - 8.5' 3' 2.5 - 2.75 Ready: 100 gal. 10.5 - 11' 4' 3.5 - 3.75 Ready: 200 gal. 11 - 13' 5 - 6' 4 - 4.25 Ready: Little Gem: 015 gal. 3 - 4' 1 - 2' Limited Qty.

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Container grown trees allow instant impact to your tree projects for corporate landscapes, roadways and large tree projects. Containers ship on trucks directly to landscape job sites so your landscape contractors can get right to work. We have a large selection of container trees as well as a large inventory in the popular tree styles Teddy Bear Magnolia Trees for Sale Online. The Teddy Bear Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora 'Southern Charm') is a very compact, upright grower that produces fragrant white flowers in the early summer that are accented by glossy, dark green leaves.The underbellies of these 6 inch long leaves are reddish-brown and fuzzy creating the contrast magnolias are famous for Little Gem Magnolia is a true dwarf magnolia only reaching up to 20 to 25 feet tall. It has large evergreen leaves which have a rusty-brown underside. Little Gem can be trained to espalier against a wall or fence for an attractive look The main difference is that Magnolia Little Gem is higher and narrower than Magnolia Teddy Bear. This means that Magnolia Teddy Bear creates a lower and wider canopy while Little Gem is more pyramidal. The amount of water should be at least 1 gallon. In severe drought conditions, the amount of water should be increased to 2 or even 3 gallons

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This cultivar of the native Southern Magnolia flowers at a very early age. Trees three-years-old in three gallon containers often bear a number of flowers. dense hedge or screen; `Lanceolata' has a narrow pyramidal form, narrower leaves with rusty undersides; `Little Gem' has a dwarf upright form, probably to 30 feet tall, small leaves and. Amend the soil with compost, and, if desired, add a little peat moss or sand to keep the right moisture balance. Also, leave 2 to 4 inches at the top of the pot for wood chips or another type of mulch. Because the magnolia's roots are close to the soil surface, this organic top layer is important for retaining moisture Brighten up your yard with this elegant magnolia tree that boasts fragrant white blossoms that bloom in the summer. Dark, waxy green leaves exude natural beauty and flowers eventually turn to conical, fruiting clusters. Shipping note: This item will ship by July 23rd. Does not ship to AK, HI, AZ or CA 2. Watering: Water your Jane Magnolia once a week during the summer. Jane Magnolia Trees will only require extra water during times of drought and extreme heat. For container-planted Jane Magnolias, check your soil about 3 inches down for dryness. When the soil is dry here, water until you see it flowing from the drainage holes. 3

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  3. SALE!Frostproof Gardenia // 3 Gallon shrub plants for SALE! ONLY $24 FOR A 3 GALLON! PICK UP WHILE SUPPLY'S LAST! Japanese Blueberry Japanese boxwood Lantana Live Oak Magnolia Little Gem Magnolia Little Gem Magnolia Little Gem Mexican Heather Mexican Heather Mondo Grass Mondo Grass Nandina Needle Point Holly Persian Shield Petunia (Multi.
  4. Beautiful, Healthy, Hand Picked, Trees, Plants, Shrubs and Ground Co... ver at Affordable Prices! 7 Gallon Lil Gem Magnolia $50 (Blooms all year) 3 Gallon Leyland Cypress 3' $13.00 15 Gallon Leyland Cypress 6-7' $85.00 5 Gallon Carolina Sapphire 4' $40.00 7 Gallon Carolina Sapphire 5' $60.00 3 Gallon Green Giant Arborvitae 3-4' $20.00 1 Gallon Blue Rug - Ground Cover $5.00 1 Gallon.

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One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Clothing Sets. Uniform Magnolia Little Gem Tree Call Springtime Farms for Availability. Palm Trees. 7 Gallon; 15 Gallon; 25 Gallon; Flowering Trees; Shrubs. 3 Gallon Plants; 7 Gallon; 15 Gallon; Bougainvillea Bush; Bougainvillea Trees; Bougainvillea Trellis; Adventure Park. Contact Us. More. Open Monday - Sunday 9am-4pm . Largest Selection of Plants in Florida.

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The Little Gem Magnolia is pest, disease, and deer resistant as well as salt and pollution tolerant. The Little Gem Magnolia is a lovely and fragrant addition to any landscape. This tree shines as a single specimen or focal tree. Design your landscape around this magnificent Magnolia! Try groups of 3 or 5 for a striking look your neighbors are. Little Gem Magnolia : Alternative Views: Sizes Available: One gallon. Please call for larger product availablilty Liner Sales: Liners grown in 3 pots, Limited Availibilty. Product Code: 3307. WHOLESALE PURCHASES ONLY Description Little gem Magnolia is a compact evergreen tree. Also known as the dwarf Southern Magnolia Little Gem magnolia is a dwarf, evergreen, deer resistant tree . Adorned with dark, glossy, leathery leaves. Fragrant, medium, white flowers appear in spring. Makes a good accent, lawn or border tree grows well in Auburn, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Rocklin, Roseville and Sacramento. Broad canopy attracts birds Magnolia - Little Gem Magnolia - Little Gem $ 59.95 - $ 129.95. Attribute: Clear: Magnolia - Little Gem quantity SKU: N/A Category: TREES AND SHRUBS - ONLINE ONLY. Additional information Additional information. Attribute: 7 Gallon, 15 Gallon. Related products. Select options. Soft Touch Holly $ 24.95 - $ 59.95. Compare. Select. Learning more about magnolia planting and care is a great way to (3 gallon) LITTLE GEM DWARF Magnolia, elegance and beauty, HUGE Fragrant White Flowers,BLOOMS FOR LONG TIME, good for smaller places Little Gem Southern Magnolia (Grandiflora) for sale online. Free shipping over $99, Ships fast

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30 Gallon $175.00 : Magnolia 3 Varieties Bracken D.D. Blanchard Little Gem 8-10 ft. 30 Gallon $175.00. Paspallum Crown Grass. 3 Gallon 10.00. Red Sister 3 Gallon $10.00. Variegated Ginger 3 Gallon $12.00. Croton 3 Gallon $10.00 7 Gallon $25.00. Nandina 3 Gallon $10.00. Plumbago 3 Gallon $10.00. Agapanthus 3 Gallon $10.00 Azalea 8 Varieties 3. Magnolia 'Betty' (Pink) 15g 17′ x 12′ S DR Magnolia 'Little Gem' 15g 20′ x 13′ S DR DT, ST Magnolia 'Little Gem' 30g 20′ x 13′ S Maple 'October Glory' 15g 25′ x 12′ S Maple 'Standard Red' 15g 25′ x 10′ S Maple Jap. 'Bloodgood' 10g 15′ x 15′ AS Maple Jap. 'Tamukeyama' (Red Weeping) 10g 4-8′ x. Little Gem Magnolia This compact, upright, evergreen shrub is one of the smallest of the magnolias. The lustrous dark green leaves are covered with a bronzy brown pubescence below. With creamy-white flowers bloom from midsummer to fall. An excellent flowering shrub for smaller places with partial shade; also makes a good medium sized screen or. 'Little Gem' is a much smaller and slower growing cultivar that typically grows as a compact upright multi-stemmed shrub or small tree to 20' tall over the first 20 years. It features glossy green leaves (to 5 long) that are bronze-brown underneath. Leaves typically drop to the ground in spring as new foliage emerges

Red Maple, Drummond. 15g - $100 30g - $260 45g - $570 100g - $1,09 Magnolia, Little Gem 30 gal. $302.00. Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem' · Item # 99992284 · New arrival The Teddy Bear Magnolia differs from the Little Gem Magnolia in the following characteristics: Teddy Bear Magnolias have more compact and narrower canopies, they have stronger and more upright lateral branches, they produce fewer flowers, their leaves are wider, and they grow slower than Little Gems Center Hill Nursery Ph. 615-597-1888 Fax. 615-597-1889 Hours: Monday - Friday 7 AM - 4 PM CS